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Monday, October 26, 2015

Field Report: The Protest on Livernois and Outer Drive on Thursday October 22, 2015 @ 9PM

by Richard C. Clement

The protest by the New Era Detroit organization on Livernois and Outer Drive that blocked traffic was handled by the wisdom of the elders in the crowd and the presence of  officers from the Detroit Police 12th precinct. We are extremely glad that things turned out well.  Shout out to Keith Williams, and State Rep Latoya Garrett who appeared and listened to the protesters.  While the message of supporting black businesses  was valid, blocking the street preventing customers from getting to the businesses that the black people own hurt their cause. Places like Kuzzos and Baker Keyboard lost customers because of their street blockage and was counter to the message that they wanted to send. Order was restored when the protesters started to sit down and talk instead of cursing and aggressiveness. 

We hope that some of them changed their mind on the importance of voting and how to deal with the problem of gerrymandering.  It is the gerrymandering of districts that create the voter disenfranchisement and, gives the young an illusion that their vote does not count.  By selecting large tracts of land  a political party winning an election in a Census year can draw new district lines and shape policies for the next 10 years.  The result of this effect is a gridlock situation where nothing gets done and the neighborhoods are not represented fairly in Lansing and Washington. You get laws passed that will only benefit the few at the expense of the majority of the people.

Making a law referendum proof by preventing the voters from deciding what the people want is a form of voter fraud at the legislative level.  Legislative Voter Fraud takes your takes your voice away from making changes in the process against the majority of the people. To change that you have to register to vote, sign a petition, and vote the change into law.  Laws like a declaring a misdemeanor for making a  referendum proof law against the will of the people can be handled by a ballot initiative signed by registered voters asking for their voice with their vote.

In a football game ever play run does not go for an instant touchdown. Therefore this is going to be a ground game all the way to 2020 of voting in every election. You also have to support the ballot initiative for a non-partisan commission to pick the districts at the Congressional, State, Local, and County level to get a true representation of a community.  By voting this into law, you will end the gridlock that goes on in Lansing and Washington and get a true representation of your neighborhood at the State and US Capitol.

Change is coming but it takes time.  Vote anyway.

Notice of Public Meeting 11/10/2015 Michigan State Fairgrounds and The Magic Plan

by Richard C. Clement

This MEETING IS CANCELED as of 11/09/15

Meet the developers and view the plans for the new Michigan State Fairgrounds by Entrepreneur Earvin  “Magic” Johnson and the Magic Plus Group at this meeting that is open to the public. The development of this area will create jobs and opportunity for many Detroiters old and new. This area will have a movie theater, new homes, and a theater complex that will add to the revitalization of our neighborhood.

Site Plan - State Fairground
This area is in a strategic location in the region for a large transit hub that would handle east west transportation via M1 Rail or High speed bus. Directions from Grosse Point to Wixom, Detroit to Pontiac, and Nationwide Amtrak services with connections to New York, Toronto, Chicago, Ohio and other destinations that can be reached from this location.   Group Member Marvin Beatty is a lifelong Detroit resident that is fully committed to the city and is committed to the hiring dedicated Detroit residents who want a job.

 If you want to see positive change and have knowledge in the future of Detroit, please show your support and gratitude for plan by attending this meeting. There is room for public comment of up to 2:00 minutes.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What Does Take to Make a Great City? Home Repair and Restoration Training Programs

by Richard Clement 

Councilmember ProTem Cushingberry is pleased to report that 16 homes in District 2 have been selected to participate in the Detroit Neighborhood Repair Program. Beginning in the Fall of 2015 the Detroit Land Bank will sell these homes to the program using an investment of  $30 million dollars into the program from the AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust Fund. The City of Detroit Housing and Revitilization Department will provide up to $850,000 in start up costs from a special escrow account.

A partnership with the AFL-CIO, Detroit Land Bank, and financial institutions are teaming up to purchase 200 homes in the City of Detroit for restoration and occupation. The target area will be the Bagley Neighborhood in Northwest Detroit.  Then the project will expand to the Grandmont Rosedale neighborhood and other neighborhoods as selected by the program.

The core of a city is its neighborhoods.  Decades of disinvestment and high levels of foreclosures have devastated Detroit's neighborhoods. All neighborhoods are plagued by thousands of vacant and vandalized homes in need of extensive repair.  The net result of these negative actions makes it difficult for potential homeowners to obtain financing.  To reverse this trend, the Detroit Neighborhood Home Repair Program will create a business model with the following:

1.     A sustainable business model to acquire, repair, and finance abandoned homes and properties in the Detroit Land Bank Inventory
2.     Rebuild in three to five years between 250 to 300 abandoned homes using union labor and, employing Detroit residents in the repair program
3.     Securing funding from foundations, governments, and other private sources to bring cutting edge mortgage, finance, home owner counselling and, pre-apprenticeship training into the program.
4.     Create home-ownership opportunities, generate workforce training opportunities, provide union construction jobs and, foster neighborhood stabilization.

Target home buyers are those earning between 80% and 150% Area Median Income (AMI) of $26,325 for the Detroit Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) or a program range between $21,060 and $39,488. Incentives will be given to municipal workers including teaches, firefighters, and police, as well as UAW members, and current and former neighborhood residents. This program is an opportunity for anyone who wants a career in skilled trades. Targeted individuals like homeless veterans who need a second chance the opportunity will be made available also.

The addresses of the properties in District 2 are:

Addr# Street Name Zip NBHD
19205 Greenlawn 48221 Bagley
18689 Ilene 48221 Bagley
17547 Mendota 48221
18087 Mendota 48221
17132 Monica 48221 Bagley
18265 Monte Vista 48221
18220 Ohio 48221 Bagley
18461 Ohio 48221 Bagley
17184 Prarie 48221 Bagley
18964 Prarie 48221 Bagley
18200 San Juan 48221 Bagley
17165 Santa Barbara 48221 Bagley
17527 Stopel 48221
8700 W. Seven Mile 48221 Bagley
17180 Wisconsin 48221 Bagley
18506 Wisconsin 48221 Bagley

These properties have been identified as the show properties for a program that will help create opportunities and restore structurally livable homes with future homeowners. This will be an opportunity for someone to build their own home and learn a skilled trade at the same time. So if  anyone who wants to pursue carpentry, plumbing, cement masonry, bricklaying, or any other skilled trade please contact Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones Office and ask about the skilled trades task force and the Office of Councilmember Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr regarding bank finance information.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Elections Canada 2015 - We Endorse Justin Tredeau for Canada's Next Prime Minister

By Richard Clement

Vote Canada Oct. 19th
On October 19th, our friends across the Detroit River will be selecting a  new Prime Minister and, we hope they select Justin Tredeau. Justin's father was Piere Elliot Tredeau one of Canada's most successful Prime Ministers(wiki definition Click Here). 

In 1969 he commissioned a study to decriminalize Marijuana so that people would not clog a corrections systems with small time drug offenders(click Here for Toronto Star News)

He also was a statesman because he could get along with everybody and treated people with respect. He is a change agent and, will be a good person for the Canadian people because of  his progressive stance on ending the War on Drugs against people.  He will spur better trade between the United States and, Canada through Detroit.  He will solve the differences with the Moroun's on the riverfront and, allow a creative repayment plan for the loan for the bridge by using Industrial Hemp as a commodity to retire the debt. (Click Here On Howe to Pay For A New Bridge)

We hope that the Canadian people  Elect Justin Tredeau, as Canada's next Prime Minister.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

City Charter Bug Fix Review: Barrow's Ballot is in Good Hands - Press Release

Dear Tom,

The next general election is August 2016 and at that time the Barrow plan would be in full effect.  The plan requires that two paper voting receipts be printed at every voting location when the polls close after 8pm.  One with a signature that is taped on the wall at the voting location. The other receipt is sent with the votes to the Elections Bureau for total vote counting.  Both receipts require a signature on them.  If there is a close election then a recount would be required by law otherwise the votes are certified by the clerk.

The question is, how hard is it for a printer to print two sheets of paper?

This concept is very workable before the 2016 August Primary Election. The next question is WHY you want to print the paper in the first place. What is wrong with a voting scoreboard with real time results that you can access on your phone, tablet, laptop, google glass, wristwatch, etc? How about voting online one day? If you must print two tally sheets at the end of the night, then do what you have to do.

It is the position of Councilmember Cushingberry to review this legislation with the Elections Commission and, personnel versed in Information Technology skills like network management, data security, and system design.  Tom Barrow’s work will not be in vain and the initiative to have fair and accurate accounting of votes will be implemented by the next general election. 

The real fix is to the bug in the charter that is forcing Councilmember Janee Ayers to run for office in 2016 and 2017 because of the departure of Saunteel Jenkins. The wording in the charter says that a vacancy has to be filled  by voting in the next general election.  It should read that a vacancy has to be filled when the vacant position is up for election at the end of  it's 4 year term

Fact: Candidate Jenkins was elected for a 4 year job. She left early for a new job so Janee Ayers was appointed to fill out the remaining time. 

Fixing this bug in the charter would save a lot of time and money in the elections bureau and, address both issues at the same time. If Mr. Barrow is interested in taking on this task please set up a meeting, call, or do what you do to get something started. 

Thank you for your service to our community Tom.
Richard Clement - Legislative Aide to Councilmember Pro Tem Cushingberry

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What Does It Take to Make a Great City? 3D Home Printing

by Richard C. Clement

Currently, there are large tracts of land in the City that can support the development of neighborhoods ranging from moderate homes for homeless veterans, all the way to exclusive homes that would rival the ones in Palmer Woods in District 2. 

To help with re-purposing the land, 3D Printer technology may have to be implemented. Using a computer, all someone needs to do is to draw the house on the computer, and once everything is looking good on paper clicks on the OK button. The technology uses basic math with the X, Y, and Z coordinates, connected to a machine with a nozzle at the end.  The pumping mechanism pours the dimensions of the home in layers until completed.  To pour the plumbing, the mixing compound would be changed to make pipe and other parts.

Mixing materials composed from Industrial Hemp byproducts like concrete and other material will be able to create parts for a home like a plastic tube for water and hemp-Crete for sewer pipes. Entire tracts of land would be “reprinted” or, a custom made home printed to specification on a single lot in a neighborhood. Click Here to see a machine in China that can print up to 10 homes a day using 3D Technology.

We have the talent right here in the City as demonstrated by the 3D Musical Artists Onyx Ashanti ( who is rooted in the heart of Detroit. Mr. Ashanti is a prime example of the talent in our City of Detroit. An artist that prints his own musical instruments using 3D technology, he has soundly rejected the ideology of some in Corporate America that cannot find the talent in the urban cities, especially the Detroit Public Schools.


As long as you are outside the walls of a correctional institution and, have no intentions of going back if you have been there, opportunity is available to learn how to do something to add to the overall quality of life in the city. As long as you have an Android or IPhone and can figure out how to use 50% or more of the features on it, you can be trained to do any job in technology.

All it takes is a mentor and opportunity to contribute to the quality of life, entrepreneurship may be the way to go. You may have to work a few jobs to sustain yourself in the beginning, but when you reach your goal of success (as defined by you) your mind will be at peace.

So if you like to draw, a 3D home design may be a career for you to pursue. Work from anywhere at any time as long as you put in your hours at the agreed rate of pay, you will do fine.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Statement on the Flint Michigan Water Crisis

by Friends of  Councilmember Pro-Tem George Cushingberry Jr.

We strongly encouraging US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, US Attorney Barbara McQuade, and Attorney General Bill Schuette to intervene on behalf of the Citizens of Flint Michigan with, a court order to immediately switch the water supply back to the Detroit Water and Sewer Department (DWSD). 

This conduct is an extreme threat to the health and quality of life for the citizens, especially the children.  

The switch to pump water from the Flint River is an act of negligence and, will cost the State of Michigan millions in lawsuit settlements for health reasons. Therefore we are strongly encouraging State and Federal officials to investigate, repair the water quality, and prosecute possible wrongdoing on the people of Flint Michigan.

Friday, October 2, 2015

How to Comply with New Voter Photo ID Laws with your Selfie Stick and Cell Phone

by The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.

With your cell phone, you can make your vote count if you do not have proper ID. All you need is your Cell Phone, Selfie Stick, and a ballot to cast.  As soon as you are denied the right to vote because of lack of proper id, you then demand to vote with a provisional ballot.  Ask to take a selfie with the precinct captain with your ballot in hand, shoot picture and cast your vote. You may want to shoot a picture of the ballot while you cast it if you feel like it.  When court action is necessary to have your vote counted because of your identity is being challenged, you have video evidence to present to dispute the claim.  Voter fraud must be stopped and, this method will aid in your voting right being protected by law, and your vote being counted. - Good Stuff on the Internet