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Monday, July 25, 2011

Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Law under attack from the insurance industry and pharmaceuticals with assistance from Sen. Jones and AG Schuette.

By Richard C. Clement

“In memory of Sal Agro”

Old  Mumford High School
On the legislative front, a series of new bills has been introduced to eliminate Michigan Medical Marijuana law.  If any of these bills become law, the result would be an increase in the number of Michigan citizens subject to arrest by law enforcement and asset forfeiture.  The rationale behind these bills is to benefit the insurance companies and pharmaceutical industry.  One of the most outrageous bills, (Senate Bill 418 of 2011) would effectively invalidate the law by adding one complete paragraph to make the entire law null and void.   The next bill (House Bill 4850) would result in a misdemeanor and a 93 day stretch in jail for passing any amount of medicine to another lawful medical marijuana patient.
Senate Bill 0321 would benefit the insurance industry by allowing a insurance company to deny claims if you test positive for Marijuana.   Senate Bill 506 would increase the amount of paperwork that doctors are required to keep for processing a medical marijuana application.  This bill would increase the cost to participants in the program because, a person would be required to get various second opinions from additional doctors.

The companion pair of bills (Senate Bill 17 and House Bill 4397) is a violation of the US Constitution because they effectively ban the formation, organization, and management of organizations based on marijuana.  Compassion clubs, bars, social gatherings like Hash Bash, Hemp Fest, expos, and conventions that support Marijuana would be deemed an illegal gathering by the State of Michigan.  Participants would be charged with misdemeanors and face up to 93 days in jail and cost of court

New Detroit Compassion
 The Department of Corrections and County Sheriffs would immensely benefit from House Bills 4363 and Senate Bill 505.  These bills will allow Judges and prosecutors to place tethers on citizens and monitor their every move based on the use of Marijuana.  And speaking of drugs in school, House bill 4661 and Senate Bill 0504 are job killing bills that would make owners move their place of business 1000 feet away from a school,  church, or day care center.   The reality of the situation is that school districts are the biggest bunch of drug pushers when it comes to children.  Due to poor upbringing by their parents and legitimate learning disabilities, kids are given drugs at a words notice and agreement with the Childs parents.   Many unnamed teachers and counselors would recommend that some of those children eat an edible brownie as opposed to take some of the big pharmacy drugs they receive now.  Attorney General Schuette says he is protecting the kids. This is laughable when you ask the teacher in the classroom and the social workers how many of their kids take anti-psychotic drugs before they come to class. 

Senate Bill 377 can be amended to reduce the 120 day backlog to less than 20 days as required by law by redirecting resources to improve the information flow, including online registration.  While hating on California, their Medical Marijuana program processes applications in 7 days and, has online verification of their cards(click here).  Michigan currently has excuses like the lack of talent to do the job or some other reason to allow the 880+ applications per day to just pile up.

               The driving force behind all of  these bills are Attorney General Bill Schuette, a host of Republicans,  one Democrat (Mark Meadows – East Lansing), and Senator Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge).   The ultimate goal is to have the State of Michigan and big business grow ALL the marijuana and finance it with asset forfeitures and increased incarceration rates.  The get the Government off the backs of the people crowd now want to have State Employees or Wal-Mart authorized to grow, cultivate, and sell Marijuana.  Incidents in the counties of Midland, Oakland, and Eaton are an example of how the new world would look if they are successful. For “marijuana crimes” convicted criminals will be required to take AA classes, pay for drug testing at $25.00 a pop, attend substance abuse counseling, pay outrageous fines, and lose property in a police auction.

A person with a felony would be banned for life for being a caregiver and forever have another barrier put upon them if they are truly trying to turn it around.  In Oakland County, a 70 year old woman must submit weekly pee drops after being convicted of cultivating marijuana in a private establishment. In the process of this raid where Oakland County deputies used false documents to gain entry, the woman’s 70+ year old husband died.

Mumford High School Class of 1975
At a gathering of Mumford High School alumni members, the recall Rick Snyder petition was being appropriately signed and became a hot item.  I ran into the school health center facilitator at the gathering passing out literature that is normally kept in the office.  It was from the National Resource Center regarding the dangers of marijuana. Protecting the kids is quit feeding them B.S. and to make sure that they are making their assignments are completed on time. If they are not on time then we have to look at correcting the problem to help the young person be a better person. Looking at the progress on the rebuilding on the new Mumford High School the community will not allow a racist Senator hick from the sticks destroy and disrespect our vote.  After having a brief history lesson with a young alumnus, he related the struggles of Medgar Evers and compared it to having the freedom to possess a plant created from the earth. Another young Mumford graduate said that he will call, tweet, and email Senator Rick Jones to tell him quit messing with our law. 

Given the popularity of the program and the exponential revenue that Marijuana has generated, contact your Senator (click here) and House of Representative(click here) member and tell them to vote NO on all of these bills.  If your Senator or Representative is up for recall, then let them know to straighten up or GO! 
As far as Attorney General Schuette this song is for you:
It’s time for Recall,
Down at the City Hall,
To let him know,
Straighten up or Go!

Make it your duty,
To recall Bill Schuette,
cause we all agreed,
to free the weed.

(repeat chours)

On August 1st at 10:00am, a clarity hearing will be conducted to review the language on the petition for the recall of Attorney General Schuette. 806,522 valid signatures needed in 90 days within a 180 day window. A total grass roots effort is in full effect.

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