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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Highland Park and Hamtramck Opting Into State Marijuana Laws

By Richard C. Clement - Marijuana Policy Analyst - Csystems Technologies

There is an effort currently underway to allow the voting citizens of Highland Park Michigan to allow Marijuana businesses in their community.  A group of concerned citizens is circulating a petition to create an ordinance to regulate the number of businesses within the City limits.  1000 valid signatures from registered voters in Highland Park Michigan are needed to place the issue on the ballot. If enacted by a citizen vote, the ordinance will be implemented to manage the growing Marijuana industry within City limits.

City of Highland Park Michigan - Register and Vote Today!

Out of all of the candidates running for State Senate in District 2, George Cushingberry Jr is the only one who is running that has consistently supported citizen efforts by enacting legislation as a Michigan State Representative and a Detroit City Council member.  The Highland Park legislation will be nothing like the restrictive Detroit ordinance and, will voted on by the people instead of a mayor and city council by themselves with no public input.

Signatures are due by Monday July 30th, 2018 4 pm to the Highland Park MI City Clerk's office. For more information please contact Marcelus Brice at (313) 778-6282.

City of Hamtramck MI

In other news, the City of Hamtramck Michigan is currently reviewing their legislative policies for opting into state law. From the last public hearing held in early June, city leaders were very receptive to citizens opting into state law. The mayor and city council listened to their citizens speak about the benefits of the Marijuana business in helping to create jobs, and support the quality of life for citizens especially city employees, retirees, and schools.  As of this date, the City of Hamtramck is currently weighing all options.

On or before Tuesday August 7th, cast your vote for George Cushingberry Jr, State Senator the man for you in District 2 because he gets the job done!!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Why #WeToo are Voting For George Cushingberry as State Senator

The Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr. State Senator District 2. Press Release.

The Man For You In District 2

The August Primary election is a very important election to participate in. As in all elections the direction of your community and the quality of life is at stake. We are experiencing now the game plan of the opposition as we pursue your vote and trust to send us to Lansing to get the job done. The insurance companies have contributed to the downfall of Michigan through outrageous rates and price fixing. This is the main reason people are running from accidents to avoid prosecution. We have City of Detroit leadership wanting to build more buildings on the grounds of Detroit City Airport shutting it down while there are massive amounts of buildings available to do what he wants.  We have people endorsing candidates who have aided and abetted in the creation of the Educational Achievement authority that was raided by the Federal Government for fraud.

When George Cushingberry Jr. gets to Lansing MI, this is what he will do.

  • Implement Common Sense Insurance Rates
  • Restoring Accountability in Public Education with caps on the creation of charter schools
  • Re-Investing in the Mt. Elliot Development Project that includes a working Detroit City Airport for General, Educational, and Commercial use.
  • Taxation, Regulation of Marijuana including expunging ALL convictions in Michigan.

For example, as a State Representative, George Cushingberry sponsored a bill for good times credit for non violent offenders. As a Detroit City Council member, he was responsible for the upgrade of Livernois Avenue through implementing grants for streetlights, sidewalks, and supporting local businesses on the Avenue of Fashion.

The Sexual Harassment and the manipulation of the #MeToo movement is the new strategy to sabotage political campaigns. Just like the Ebola crisis that disappeared after the 2014 election, the sexual harassment and other negative "news", we are fully expecting this play call from the opposition. Sexual Harassment is gender neutral and all legitimate claims should be investigated. We feel that the timing of the filing was to get maximum damage from the City of Detroit and to derail the Cushingberry campaign.  When you examine the record of the other candidates, George Cushngberry has the documented proof of getting the job done.

Bear Bryant was quoted once as saying "In order to catch a fast negro running the ball, you have to hire another one to catch them" because he finally acknowledged the fact that you needed to include the black players he did not want on his team.  Distraction politics is only going to carry you so far and blitzing the campaign with charges and innuendo will not work. 

Therefore do not be confused by watching Fox News, just screen out their blitz with your vote for George Cushingberry Jr.


  • George Cushingberry Jr. still has his law license
  • The traffic stop was deemed to be unprofessionally handled by two patrol officers who wisely deleted the tape of their misconduct. 
    • We chose not to press charges against filing a false police report because we respect the men and women of the Detroit Police Department, especially the retirees. 
    • We want an apology written to Sgt. Smith by media reporters for promoting insubordination because of race.
  • The City's finances are no longer under the control of a State Appointed Manager under the direction of George Cushingberry Jr as the chairman of the Budget Audit Finance Committee.
  • George Cushingberry Jr. is the ONLY candidate on the ballot who has supported the legalization of marijuana and has history and evidence to prove it.
  • Will take on President Trump and Bill Schuette and scold them on their brand of exclusionary racist politics.

Don't get blinded by the blitz of bad news coming from media outlets like Fox and other haters.  Screen them out with your vote!

From now until, Tuesday August 7th, and again in November 6th, Elect George Cushingberry Jr, the man for you in District 2.

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