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Friday, April 11, 2014

What Does it Take to Make a Great City: Olympia Entertainment and the City Of Detroit Rebuilding the Neighborhoods

By Richard Clement

"The Red Wings Paying it Forward to the City of Detroit - Go Wings"

The Red Wings are giving back to Detroit citizens in the form of General Contractors supporting On The Job apprentice trade program opportunities for people who want professional credentials. Opportunities for certifications and licenses in areas such as plumbing,  carpentry, electricians, are being discussed by project leaders and City officials.

A vital part of rebuilding the city is to train people to do the job. The Olympia Project and Motown Museum project is a long-term investment into Detroit. The goal is to hire %51 Detroit based contractors. This project is anticipated to have many Sub Contractors working on the project under the General Contractor.  Being a bonded sub-contractor is a plus however, if you company is not bonded, a participating General Contractor will purchase insurance for a non-bonded sub contractor.

The main benefit of this arrangement is that once the project is finished, these people can be hired to do other construction jobs in the neighborhoods. Fixing savable property and building new property will be a re-investment into the neighborhoods by the Olympia Group. This arrangement with Olympia Entertainment and the City of Detroit will help to eradicate the blight that is in our City now.

In other job news, there will be an immediate need for Landscapers for the I-94 project.  The Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC) is committed to hiring %51 Detroit based businesses. If you interested and a licensed landscaper, please do not hesitate to apply. The Project is $35,585 per year for two years and, you will need to put %10 down if you’re interested in doing the job.  If your company is not bonded, opportunities will be made for you to get one.

If you need assistance, please contact Christopher T. Jackson at 313 625 7225 ( or call Councilman Cushingberry's office at 313 224-4535

"No Detroiter left behind without a job!"

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Detroit City Council 90 Day Progress Report, On a Mission of Positive Transition.

By  Richard Clement

 "At the end of the First Quarter 
    City Leadership  10 votes
    Nolan Finley           0 votes"
       - Quote from a Lions Fan -

Mayor Duggan and Council
Detroit City Airport hosting a regional Air Carrier and upgrade of the facility within 2 years is on the agenda of the Detroit City Council.  With Federal Aviation Administration support, City Airport will be upgraded with longer runways and a people friendly terminal. Airport property is located in the 3rd District and Councilman Scott Benson's Office will be the point office for project.  With the airport’s strategic location near Downtown Detroit and neighboring suburbs, people who live in Gross Pointe will not have to drive so far to Metropolitan Airport.  City airport will serve the people similar to Midway Airport in Downtown Chicago.

Our Friend George
The Council and the Mayor are making plans with the Obama Administration to make this a reality before he leaves office in 2016.  The recent interest in the Tuskegee Airmen and their heroic efforts in the service to their country will honor their memory so that our children never forget their sacrifice.  This is a project that will more that prove the cohesive working relationship by the council-members. When the elected leadership of the City of Detroit gets their full opportunity to govern as voted upon, you will witness a sea change in policy. On October 1st, the Detroit Police Department will be under control of the Mayor and the Council by law.  Kevin Orr will be flying back to Washington DC and, will only come to visit when the Washington Redskins football team comes to Detroit to play the Lions.

Within 90 days of taking office, the City Council and Mayor have:
1.       Agreed to reopen closed Recreation Centers in Northwest Detroit.
2.       Appointed board members in areas like the Board of Review
3.       Turned on over 500 lights a week
4.       Improved the communication through the use of technology
a.  E-Mail Mayor Duggan
5.       An ongoing upgrade of abysmal computer technology.
a.     Within 12 months the City Mainframe will be decommissioned and system units upgraded.
6.       Made plans for upcoming funding for festivals and activities in 2014
7.       Partnered with international film makers to support the Detroit Voices segment of the Cinetopiea Film Festival in Ann Arbor and Detroit on June 4 through 8th 2014
a.     Contest for young filmmakers in Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne Counties.    
b.      Film cannot be longer than 30 minutes
c.       Adult prize $5,000  High School Prize $1000
d.      Winners will get their film shown on the big screen at the June 4-8 film festival
                                                              i.      Topics can include Homes for $1, bankruptcy, empty homes, politics, etc.
e.     Submission Deadline is May 1st and if you want more information, please click on this link  High schoolers and young adult filmmakers are encouraged to apply.
                                    i.    Detroit filmmaker Sultan Sharrief who directed 2010 Bilal’s Stand is based in Los Angles, is encouraged by the enthusiasm for filmmaking that Michigan’s film incentives have spurred in local young people. Detroit Voices will be reaching out to local high schools and film collectives to spread the word on the contest.
8.   Lanquage was submitted by Council President Pro Tempore George Cushingberry Jr.  for a City Ordinance requiring municipal regulation of Medical Marijuana Provisioning Centers and Safe Testing Facilities. This City ordinance is a sister law to the State of Michigan House Bills 4271 and 5103 which are awaiting the Governor’s signature.

Sean Davis and Rev. Oscar King
Citizens who live in the districts now have a district manager who is responsible for their needs. These positions are created by law via City Ordinance. Mayor Duggan and Council President Jones have provided the new leadership and dynamic change that residents demanded.   Jobs are coming back to the City because we are looking for a few good men and women to replace the aging workforce. 

Councilmember Sheffield
Municipal monitoring of provisioning centers and testing facilities for Medical Marijuana patients will put a quick and fast end to the smash and grab raids being performed by law enforcement resources of the City, County and State.  With an election coming up in August and November, the citizens of Detroit will be able to have a legitimate say in the future of our City.  You must show up with your ballot in 2014 or, let others continue enforce the current climate of operation. City Council is always open to listen to their constituents and, do not hesitate to contact your City Government if you need to because there is and, never will be an attempt to hide City Business from the residents. 

Please do not hesitate to call or communicate with us with your concerns - Good Stuff on the Internet