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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Save the Date Feb. 27th 2018 - Voter Education and Registration Drive

By George Cushingberry Jr. - Executive Director  NW. Detroit Leadership Council

Tribute to Autoworkers
Elks Club
50 Manchester
Highland Park MI 48203
Tuesday, February 27, 2018 @ 5:30pm

Quoting George Cushingberry 
"I am proud of my family, friends, and freedom fighters that have given our area great roots in manufacturing."

George Cushingberry Jr. Executive director of NORTHWEST DETROIT LEADERSHIP COUNCIL has announced a voter registration and education program  to honor Black pioneers in he Automobile industry.  Anyone who worked in the Highland Park Plant are especially welcome to attend.  Free dinner for senior citizens will be available 

Highland Park Michigan was the epicenter of the Automobile Industry and modern transportation.  The first paved road in America evolved because of work that was done here. Ford Motor Company  would  not exist today because of the Model-T manufacturing. George and friends will be there to film testimony for the record. The old Ford Building is a historical gem that must be preserved and re-purposed for 21st century use.

Voting is Power, Register AND Vote  

George Cushingberry Jr. and friends are reminding everyone to register and vote because when you have the right information, your vote is a decision on the direction of the quality of life, health, and pursuit of happiness in our community  

Sponsored by the Northwest Detroit Leadership Council    
16211 LaSalle   
Detroit MI 48221
Phone (313) 307-8733               

Donations welcome

Monday, January 22, 2018

The Sage of Detroit Speaks! Cush's Corner on WFDF 910AM Detroit MI

By Richard C. Clement

Former Detroit City Council member and Sage of Detroit, George Cushingberry Jr. will be a regular host on WFDF 910AM Detroit Superstation Weeknights from 6 to 7pm Monday through Friday.   He will be there to comment and take questions on issues such as, giving back to our children through education and, letting them dare to dream big.  This is a vision for the start of repairing the damage to public education in the City of Detroit.

On Tuesday, January 23, at 6pm will have Citizens for Sensible Cannabis Reform representatives to talk about the current state of the recently enacted Marijuana facilities ordinance in the City of Detroit.  Additionally, we will discuss some of the uses of the male marijuana plant to manufacture and maintain municipal services like fuel for vehicles. Or making clothes and concrete from the plant.

Website Definition of 'Sage'

During the week of the North American International Auto Show from Monday 1/22 to Friday 1/26 he will be broadcasting live and taking questions from the general public. Otherwise, the show will originate from the studio.  Taking questions online and by phone, the call in numbers are (313) 209-9000 or (313) 778-7600.  

Alongside of George is yours truly, Richard C. Clement a lifelong warrior for marijuana reform, and owner of C-Systems Technology Consultants specializing in technology needs of customers. He is responsible for creating jobs and opportunity for many people by being an active resource for knowledge and interacting with State and local governments. In 2007 Mr. Clement gathered over 4000 signatures, along with many other people to place Medical Marijuana on the ballot.  The measure won by %63 of the vote in 2008.

On Fridays from 5-7pm,  Richard will be co-hosting the popular show 5xl Large and In Charge on with Edward "T-Money" Green the bass master of Detroit on Detroit's Dankest Internet Radio Station.  A Pasteur School alumnus, he has played for the Dramatics and Death Row Records.  His bassline is a signature on many songs for artists like Snoop Dogg, Ron Banks and others

Richard "Free The Weed" Clement

Stay tuned to George weekdays from 6-7pm on 910 AM, your online and on-time radio station.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Starting A Marijuana Business in the City Of Detroit - Green Jobs and Opportunity for All

By  Richard C. Clement  - Marijuana Policy Consultant  - CSystems

With a loud voice from the community, the City of Detroit will begin taking applications from the City Marijuana Facilities Website as soon as possible.  Under the leadership of Chief Information Officer Beth Niblock, the task will be accomplished promptly. Until then potential applicants shall immediately file with the State of Michigan for a License to Operate.  For a $6000 filing fee, you will be assured a spot in line for the City of Detroit Opt-In process.

Until then, concerned citizens and potential business owners are cordially encouraged to contact the Office of Mayor Mike Duggan and, the nine members of the Detroit City Council to support their Information Technology department staff to get it done much earlier than June 15th.

The City law department does not have any legal grounds to impede this process because, Judge Robert Colombo vacated the restraining order from VK Holdings LLC on January 4th, 2018. This lawsuit is a failed attempt to wait on the announcement from Attorney General Jeff Sessions to restart the war on weed. The old ordinance was created by a few special interest groups who want to squeeze other applicants out by outrageous rules and regulations. 
To save the taxpayers of Detroit time and money in legal fees and, re-direct some of the funding for technology support,  the Board Of Zoning Appeals and BSEED will go through the list of addresses that were rejected under the new ordinance and provide leave of appeal to affected business owners under the new ordinance.

Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey will work for weed.

If you are desiring to get into the Marijuana business in Detroit this is what you need to do:

We want to thank Attorney Michael D. Stein (Website for his due diligence on the legal side of this effort and, if you have an attorney now,  they need to get to work on your behalf. As of this writing, at least 15 current and potential owners have filed a lawsuit against the City of Detroit Law and Information Technology department in Wayne County Circuit Court for insubordination.  One hour of time spent by a computer programmer analyst on the website will save the taxpayers lots of money and help generate jobs.

Call the City of Detroit Today!

Contact Website of Information: - Good Stuff on the Internet