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Monday, October 22, 2018

Why You Need To Show Up and Vote in November 2018 - Stopping Lame Duck Voter Fraud In Advance

by Richard C. Clement  - Policy Analyst C-Systems Tech Group and 
Co host on Break It Down With Cush on Saturdays from 12pm to 12:45pm

If elected Bill Schuette and the current Supreme Court have a plan to change the results of the Voters after the November 6th election.  In the December 2018 lame duck session, the Michigan legislature led by Senator Rick Jones(R) will impose laws that will reverse the results of the votes on all proposals and issue blanket pardons for everyone involved into the Flint Water scandal.

If you needed a reason to vote for change in the legal system a vote for Samuel Bagenstos and Megan Kathleen Cavanaugh in the Michigan Supreme Court will effectively stop them in advance.

On his first day at work Bill Schuette tried and failed to remove 54A District Court Judge Hugh Barrington Clarke from office after being appointed by Gov. Jennifer Granholm to an open Judgeship. All other governmental appointments are just a signature and a rubber stamp process honored by everyone.  Schuette took legal measures to remove Judge Clarke to the Ingham County Circuity Court, the Court of Appeals and, the Michigan Supreme Court where all of them ruled in Judge Clarke’s favor.  In their written decision, the justices all stated that the charges brought by the Attorney General were frivolous and a waste of money.

54A District Court - Lansing MI
 Judge Hugh B. Clarke Keeps His Job Despite
the wishes of Attorney General Bill Schuette

In 2011 Schuette used the vast resources of the Attorney General’s office by to charge a Lansing Michigan resident Shekina Pena for Voter fraud. Ms. Pena owned a marijuana business on Michigan Avenue and presented customers with a slate of candidates for Lansing City Council. A  candidate who was not on the list called Senator Rick Jones who called Bill Schuette to prosecute her.  The case was presented to a Jury of her peers and they found Ms. Pena innocent of all charges. 

Bill Schuette help direct the voter fraud effort to keep the Emergency Managers in place by going to the supreme court winning a legal to insert the manager law as a budget item preventing change through the ballot process. This method of Voter Fraud by legislative means was approved by the current Justices of the Supreme Court in direct contrast to the right to have your vote counted. In 2011 Gov Snyder went to the Supreme Court to impose a tax on retirees pensions to finance projects like the Karagondi/Flint debacle, salaries and, expenses for State appointed employees. Current and Retired first responders and civil service employees financed this with lower health care costs and reduction in services.

All the public servants needed was an Attorney General and Supreme Court Judges that would have taken the employees’ side by defending the state constitution regarding pensions and the will of the people by their vote.  Instead a perfect storm of one party rule along with concurring Supreme Court justices allowed the Michigan legislature to pull off the biggest Ponzi scheme ever inflicted upon public employees.

After spending millions of taxpayer dollars fighting attorneys like Dana Nessel the relentless attacks on Marijuana was so deplorable, petitions to recall him from office for insubordination to patients and falsification of documents in the Flint Water scandal, were approved by the Midland County Election Commission.

Canadian Legalization Day
 October 17th, 2018  - Windsor Canada
Photo by Daniel Mears - Detroit News

To correct these problems a vote for Gretchen Whitmer will unleash hidden figures that will bring transparency and efficiency to State Government. Having a Microsoft Man as a Lt. Governor in Garlin Gilcrest the following changes will happen.

  • The emergency manager will be removed as a line item veto
  • The courts will have pro people justices, 
  • NO marijuana business in Michigan would have to close down because of the reefer madness mentality of an appointed Sgt. Don Bailey and, 
  • Information transparency will be reformed with the honorable use of technology for the people instead of against them.

Therefore from now until November 6th 2018 at 8:00pm you must show up and vote at your City Clerks office or in person at your polling place. Our future is in the balance! - Good Stuff on the Internet