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Friday, October 17, 2014

Rain Water Management will Save our Detroit Sewer System from being Overloaded

By Richard Clement

"Rain Water and Solar Power will create a lot of green jobs"
  - A District 2 resident daydreaming in Science Class at Mumford High School

Water Use is Critical 
In the not too distant future, City of Detroit homeowners will be required to remove the downspout that connects gutters to the sewer line by law.  Failure to comply may result in a fine as a last resort measure. However there will be opportunity to come into compliance with a one-time credit of $100 on a residential water bill.  All of this is very preliminary and will be based on public input on how to help residents to comply with these necessary changes to their home.

Currently when a large amount of rain falls on the Southeastern Region (Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties) the rain water from homes combines with sewage and overflows the system. To reduce the volume of water going into the Sewer, citizens are encouraged disconnect their downspouts and redirect the water into rain barrels, and gardens.  For every square foot of your roof, equals 1 gallon of water. Doing this separates the rain water from the raw sewage system easing the load on the system.

As a part of Greening the Detroit neighborhoods, the Detroit Chapter of the Sierra Club(click here) is selling 55 gallon rain barrel kits made from bio-degradable plastic.  The water captured from a homeowner’s roof is collected into the barrels until filled. Some setups have TWO barrels because of their purpose for the water that is being collected.  An additional barrel can be connected by a 2 ft hose for overflow purposes.   Reports have it that these barrels fill quickly and people have used the water to wash their cars with.

Fire Up Detroit

When an ordinance is developed to compel change, great care and deference will be given to the citizens first. If you would like to have some input on how to compel residents to make the necessary changes, please share them with City Council and the Mayor’s office.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Obama Impeachment Hearings and Electorial College Changes are on the table in 2015. Vote Early!

by Friends of Cushingberry

"You must remember in November what a Lame Duck did in December - Vote Straight Democratic" 
      - District 2 resident at the 1917 Bistro on Livernois Avenue of Fashion -

Mayor Duggan says:
Give Schauer the Power and,
Vote Straight "D" for prosperity!
Impeachment hearings for President Obama?  Changing the Electoral College in 2016 for the purpose of awarding a state to a candidate by US congressional districts instead of a statewide popular vote?  Under this plan, it would have been Presdent's McCain and Romney. This is in the plan when everyone stays home and does not vote.  If the GOP remains in charge of State Executive Offices, Water Authorities, Pension Boards, US House of Representatives, and US Senate, etc, the process of Government will come to a grinding halt.  Instead of allocating money for fixing and upgrading infrastructure assets like Roads, the Electrical Grid, Water and Sewers, money will be diverted for countless impeachment hearings. If the current leadership in Lansing is successful, the tax credit for healthcare will be eliminated. This means that your monthly premium will increase from $0.08 to over $400 per month.

By voting straight for Democratic, you will allow President Obama to continue to lower gas prices in the middle of the conflict with ISIL to defund their ability to pay for their weapons of mass destruction. You will allow the President to create jobs through investment into public projects to fix and build new transportation assets like bridges and regional rail. You will allow funding for projects like commercial air service at City Airport.  These and many other benefits are in jeopardy before the President leaves office on Friday, January 20th 2017 at 12:00pm. 

If you don’t vote, come December the lame duck will get pumped up on Viagra and Steroids, and become a Mighty Duck. By changing the laws on a December morning in 2012 at 4:20am, additional right to work laws, emergency managers, and the elimination of early voting will become law. Prisoners will continue to be fed Maggots by private prison companies with no accountability and protection from prosecution. Roads like the Davidson Freeway Service Drive will continue to be a shining example of how not to maintain one. This road is very close to being un-drivable because of the large craters in the road.

Your vote counts and by being a registered voter, a citizen has the ability to change the law through a ballot initiative. When the Governor and the Legislature refuse to act in the interest of the people, registered voters can get enough valid signatures on an initiative petition to force a vote in the next upcoming election. If the voters approve in the majority, the petition becomes a law. Laws like a statewide flat rate insurance, 30 year road construction standards, and other initiatives can be successful through a ballot initiative.  

To protect the law you must start voting from the bottom and get to the top. Judges to protect the law are very important, State Supreme Court candidates like Debra Thomas, Richard Bernstine, and Wayne County Probate Court Candidate Rohn Mitchell will make decisions that will protect the basic human dignity and rights of individuals who deserve fairness. Therefore it is your obligation and duty to register AND vote in this and every election early by absentee. Early voting starts on October 6th, 2014 and ends on Nov 3rd 4:30pm from 8am to 4pm at the Detroit Elections Bureau 2978 W. Grand Boulevard Detroit MI 48202 for a new direction, and protection for the people. - Good Stuff on the Internet