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Thursday, June 20, 2019

2020 United States Census - Show up and be Counted. #NoFakeNews

By The Friends of Cushingberry

The US Census office is putting out erroneous information that needs to be corrected. We hope that it is not a plot to under count the citizens of Detroit and, we are strongly encouraging concerned citizens to show up and be counted. However, a mistake by the Census Bureau may be a blessing in disguise.

Just recently, we went to the internet to look for the Detroit Office of the bureau.  The address given was 15250 Grand River Detroit, MI 48227. While this appears to be false, this may be a good way to get people counted.  With a partnership between the Census Bureau  and Footlocker, people can come to the store, get counted and purchase a new pair of NIKE shoes.  This is a win, win situation for everyone and, this may be a novel idea who's time has come. 

Address of the Detroit Office of the Census Bureau as of June 20th, 2019

While politicians in Washington DC fight over placing a citizenship question on the census form, time is available to form these shoe counting partnerships. This is a prime opportunity to help cities with the historic under-counting by the Bureau. There is a 10% - 15% margin of error in the counting of people by the bureau and anything to help the situation will be greatly appreciated.

Show up and be counted by every means necessary.... 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Should Zoning Ordinances Be Used to Regulate the Number Of Charter Schools in a City?

By Friends of Cushingberry

The growth of charter schools have created a wild wild west for venture capitalists and financial managers who manage them at the expense of the community. The result of the grand experiment of alternative education with public funds is neighborhood blight and marginal educational results.

Case in point is the Benton Harbor School District which was presented with a form letter from the Michigan Department of Treasury to cease and desist being a high school or, the school district will be dissolved. In Benton Harbor and most cities in Michigan, there are more charter schools than kids in a neighborhood. Schools of choice allows the Department of Treasury to move the children to different school districts in Michigan. It allows wealthier districts to select the athletes and top students from other districts and leave the others to rot. What you end up with is a lot of empty buildings and money wasted with the same educational results. 

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer
State of Michigan

As of June 4th, Gov. Whitmer ordered that the high school and district remain intact.

The use of zoning laws to limit the number of schools that use public funds in a city would allow for better management of educational resources and, assist in bringing accountability to education.  The successful use of State zoning laws allowed cities like Detroit to limit the number of Marijuana provisioning centers in the city.  If you feel like a law like this would help contact State Senator Adam Holler or any member of the legislature to express your concerns. Especially State Rep Isaac Robertson (D-Detroit) who loves to hear from his constituents.

Website: State Rep Isaac Robinson (D4-Detroit) District 4

Website: State Senator Adam Hollier (D2-Detroit) 

The damage of emergency management by State appointed to public schools can be reversed one step at a time through zoning.  Our children are worth more than $7500 a piece or $8500 if your child is eligible for special education. 

Laws can be changed by changing your elected officials. Some cities in Michigan are having elections in August and November of 2019.  New and progressive candidates like Scott Hughes who is running for City Council Ward 1 in Lansing Michigan is a person who will make that change. 

Website: Scott Hughes For Lansing City Council Ward 1  

Ask those questions of the candidates for office and make sure to show up and vote in person or by absentee/early ballot.  


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Statement of Support for Mr. L. Brooks Patterson

Dear Mr. Patterson,

L. Brooks Patterson - Oakland County Executive
We support you in your fight against cancer and will fight with you together everyday. Yes you were different but you do not deserve to go out like this. George Cushingberry Jr and you have fought some good fights together and, is willing to fight another one with you. Cancer is taking too many of our family and friends away from us. We hope that you fight this disease by every means necessary using current and alternative methods to aggressively fight the fight of your life! 

Please contact George at any time by texting (313) 384-7420 or, on his Facebook Page (Cush's Corner) if you need anything.

Sincerely, The  Friends of George Cushingberry Jr. - Good Stuff on the Internet