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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Would You Go To An Attorney to Fill Your Prescription from Your Doctor? The DEA Says Yes!


This past Saturday, October 12, 2019, I was on the Campus of Florida A&M University celebrating the homegoing of one of the greatest Professors of Pharmacy known throughout the world  Leonard Inge.  A simple poor  kid,  youngest of 13 siblings, from Pritchard Al., who served as President of The National Pharmacist Association, 12 years Florida Board of Pharmacy, 34 years Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy (and I could go on and on an never complete this e-mail)  where his specialty was teaching Pharmacy Law and Compounding. 

I was trained by one of the greatest Professors and Iv’e been  practicing pharmacy the same way, using the same concepts, methodology, the same procedures and techniques in Pharmaceutical Compounding as taught to me at Florida A&M University for over 45 years.  Our continuing education on  Compounding Pharmaceuticals (from various sources) mirrors that which was taught to me at Florida A&M by Leonard Inge and other Professors.

So I asked my self what has changed?? The answer points to one very questionable and dangerous practice LAW ENFORCEMENT has intruded into defining medical procedures and protocols.  We see this in the so-called Opioid Crisis, the idea OPIOID medications. are cannot be use for chronic pain are simply not true and is misleading. Further the idea these medications are not to be used in combination with other medications such those use to relieve anxiety (benzodiazopines) , mood disorders or sleep are further in error. 
Opioid medications when prescribed and used for long term chronic pain will result in dependency, therefore it becomes the role of the Pharmacist to ensure the patient who is being treated for chronic pain on how to use of this class medications correctly to ensure their safety. 

For example, Oxycodone is a very effective medication for treating chronic pain when used and taken at a therapeutic dose. Oxycodone, is effective against most chronic pain generated from the central nervous system. However as with any medication used to treat a chronic condition in order to sustain life the patient may become permanently dependent on theses classes of drug for the rest of their life. 

 These medications are safe when used correctly and like any medications control or non control when taken beyond their therapeutic doses are dangerous and may result in death. The literature more than clearly show death due to drug toxicity will likely occur when prescription opioid are taken beyond its therapeutic amounts or commitant  use with alcohol, other, substances meds. Most importantly, to this date unless in the case of extreme anaphylaxis, there is no case in the literature when any individual has succumbed to death when given a therapeutic dose of a medically prescribed Opioid. 

However, Law Enforcement (DEA, United States Attorney DOJ) in order to seek greater power or authority "stigmatized the disease and traumatizes the afflicted" (e.g. Sangu Delle) they have used heavy handed techniques to target Physicians, Pharmacists, Nurses, Drug wholesalers particular African America and other minorities in this manufactured medical Opioid Crisis Epidemic to promote their funding. In fact DEA is the single most government agency who tactics have the increase cost of medication and healthcare all across America by mis-interpreting purpose and roles of medications needed to treat acute, chronic, neuropathic and psychological, pain. Law Enforcement (DEA, United States Attorney DOJ) have engaged campaign of disinformation to sway the public to a point of that these medications are in deed drugs, dangerous drugs who dosages are red flags indicating abuse and trafficking contributing to the Opiod crisis around America.

When, I was on my way back to the United States leaving Johannesburg  on Air France flying to Paris, and I came across lectures  and became fascinated, enthralled specifically with the lecture of a Nigerian Professor Sangu Delle concerning Mental health in-which he says “…when it comes to mental illness our ignorance eviscerates  our empathy,”  Professor Delle elaborated, Dans Une etude realisee par Arbole Flores ( in a study done by Arboleda-Flores), when directly  asking people about the causes of mental illness the result were staggeringly sad;

  1. 34%  Cited drug misuse

  2. 19%  Cited divine raft of will of God

  3. 12%  Cited witchcraft and spiritual possession

Professor Delle summarizes, mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and our social well being most people simply ignore or fail to understand causes of Mental illness which include, genetics, Social economics status, Wars and conflicts, or the loss of a loved one. Professor Delle emphasizes, “we must stop stigmatizing the disease and traumatize the afflicted.”

Dr. Norman Clement Sr.

by Norman J Clement RPH, DDS, and Walter R. Clement , Prof., Law Enforcement.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Obituary of Mrs. L. Bennett, THEE Urban Farmer of Detroit Michigan 1923-2019

Obituary for Mrs. Luella Bennett 

Luella (Johnson) Bennet was born on January 8, 1923 in Uniontown Alabama to Jule and Aran (Dickens) Johnson. Luella professed her faith in Jesus Christ at an early age with the teachings of her beloved grandmother, Elvira Johnson. Luella attended Perry County Training School in Uniontown Alabama.

Her nickname was “Sis” and along with her big brother David and her baby brother Tucker, they would hunt fish and play in their little corner of Uniontown knows as “Johnson Quarters”.

Luella met and married Joe Cleveland Bennett of Uniontown in 1943. They were introduced by her future sister-in-law, Gertrude. They would move to Highland Park, Michigan in 1944 where she took a job at the Chrysler plant installing brake shoes.

Luella decided to leave Chrysler to focus on raising her children. Joe and Luella settle in Detroit on San Juan Dr. in 1960, where they raised their six children.

Luella attended New Providence Baptist Church in Detroit under the leadership Rev. Solomon and sang in the Gospel Choir. She loved her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and she would often say…. “I bought with me from Alabama my Jesus and southern hospitality”.
Luella was a devoted wife and mother. She took pride in whatever she did, whether it was her vegetable garden or the flowers she planted.

She was “Thee Original Urban Farmer” and was a self-taught seamstress and was also known for her down-home cooking (fried chicken). Luella and Joe passed on their work ethics to their children.

Luella quietly departed this life the night of Wednesday, August 21, 2019 at Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit. She was preceded in death by her husband Joe, (1979), daughter Eula, her firstborn (1943), brother Tucker (1942) and brother, David (1999).

Richard Bennett and Associates

Luella leaves to cherish and carry on her legacy children Joanne, Richard (Teri), Gregory, Flora, Betty and John; Grandchildren Garret and Joane; nieces and nephews in Detroit, Huntsville, and Seattle. Cousins in Middletown, Uniontown, and Fort Wayne.
Luella’s influence will forever remain in the lives of all who knew her.

"I am the resurrection, and the life; he that believeth in me, thought he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosever liveth and believeth in me shall never die”
-John 11:25 – 26

Friends of Cushingberry Statement:

We mourn the passing of Mrs. Luella Bennett of Detroit Michigan on Wednesday August 21st, 2019. She was 96 years old and a  8 Mile legend of urban farming.


Richard Twice is Double Nice....
Richard Clement and Richard Bennett....
She was known around the neighborhood as the original urban farmer of Detroit Michigan. Mrs. Bennett could put a whupping on ANY agribusiness, farmer, or anybody else who thought they could grow anything! She had the best farm in the city protected by a dog name Duke since 1962. She had no need to go to a grocery store for anything but milk, meat and, washing detergent.  She will be missed and the ancestors have gained another urban farmer. 

Sunday, July 28, 2019

GITCHO Vote On in August and November 2019 to Get Ready in 2020

By Friends of Cushingberry 

"2019 Elections in Highland Park, Warren, Lansing and, Hamtramck are serving as benchmarks for the 2020 Primary and General election."

On Tuesday, August 6th, 2017 and, Tuesday November 5th, 2017, local elections will be held in many cities in the State of Michigan. Cities such as Highland Park, Lansing, Hamtramck, and others will be hosting primary elections for positions of Mayor, City Clerk, and Council seats.This is also the first election where same day voting rights are in full effect.

Therefore if you want vote on Tuesday, you are required to go to the Secretary of State's office FIRST, then drive back to your precinct to cast your ballot. By requiring a person to drive to a Secretary of State's office may be construed as a form of voter suppression.  SOS branch offices may have to have ballots at the branch to accommodate same day voters or, voters need to have the ability to register to vote at the precinct then cast their ballot.

Lt. Gov Gilcrest says
There will be no hidden figures in Voting or Census 2020 counting. 

To solve this problem City, and County clerks must have tablets at voting precincts to allow people to register and cast their ballots, instead of travelling to a Secretary of State's office that closes at 8pm. In November of 2018 the voters wanted government that worked FOR the people. The people elected Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to make government more responsive to the people..

Under the leadership of Lt. Governor Garlin Gilcrest this small detail in the same day voter registration process will be addressed and solved with the use of technology. Lt. Gov Gilcrest currently serves as the highest ranking Information Technology professional in State Government. Innovations in voter registration and coordinating 2020 census data collection will have the backing of the executive office and legal protection by Attorney General Dana Nessel.  

No Voter Left Behind!
Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says let my people vote!

If your city is holding an election on August 6th, get your ballot now from your City Clerk or, be a test case for same day voting on primary and general election days in 2019. Now you really don't have an excuse NOT to vote. If you believe in a cause and want your voice to be heard, just show up and vote.  Foreign and domestic voting influencing is in full effect from Russia to Lansing and it will not stop. Facial recognition and deep-fake technology will be out to confuse the voters. The only way to combat this is to read and research a candidate and find out who is backing them, what are they priority issues, and prior performance. You can't be a person that was against Marijuana legalization and, show up months later to say that you support it. 

This goes for D.I.N.O. Democrats(Democrats In Name Only) and others who have betrayed the public trust. Change is needed in the City of Lansing and the person to get the job done is Scott Hughes in Ward 1.  The City of Highland Park has the opportunity to opt-into Marijuana legalization on their ballot. A YES vote will allow the city to fix roads, open schools, and pay for a public school systems that was ravaged by looters and con men in the form of Emergency Management.

Yes people, 2019 is one year away from 2020 and, the time to practice your voting power is NOW!  


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Answering the Question on the 2020 Census is a Multiple Choice One

By Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.

The fight over adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census has a solution. Any person answering the census must be given a choice. The right to refuse to answer a question for fear of retaliation is a valid one. The bureau is required to count all responses by law. If an executive order from President Donald Trump is given to place the question on the form, the bureau is required to give a person the following answer choices.

  1. Question:  Are you a Citizen of the United States of America? 
  2. Answer:   (1)Yes    (2)No   (3)Choose not to answer.

The census is a count of people and, all responses(1,2, and 3) must be counted. This includes people incarcerated in any local, state, or federal prison. Legislative districts are drawn by the number of people in a geographic area regardless of citizenship. The question then becomes another column on a spreadsheet. 

The hope is that elected leaders like Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilcrest and others like him could be better utilized to end the confusion of the census and, get people working on real issues, like printing the correct address of the Detroit Regional Office on the Census Bureau website instead of being obstructionists. 

Lt. Gov Garlin Gilcrest
There Will be NO hidden figures in the 2020 Census

Since the inception of the census in 1990 former census employees like Herman Hollerith often quit these jobs and form their own company like IBM.  Counting people and predicting population shifts has become easier through the use of technology.  For instance, using the number of new service requests from utility companies, tax filings, and other data, large increases or decreases in population are monitored for use. The counting of people has evolved from counting them with punch cards to near real time counting of all citizens. 

Wikipedia: Herman Hollerith - Gov Employee to Founder of IBM

Therefore, the entire citizenship question is a jobs program for information technology professionals and, a complete waste of Private, State and Federal Government Attorney’s time, talent, and abilities. We are glad that leaders like Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel getting the Attorneys out of the Information Technology business. 

Dana Nessel
Michigan Attorney General 

Others Attorneys at the Federal Level need to take her lead in this effort serve, not hinder the people with the under-utilization of legal professionals and the abuse of Judges hearing case arguments to do the same.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

2020 United States Census - Show up and be Counted. #NoFakeNews

By The Friends of Cushingberry

The US Census office is putting out erroneous information that needs to be corrected. We hope that it is not a plot to under count the citizens of Detroit and, we are strongly encouraging concerned citizens to show up and be counted. However, a mistake by the Census Bureau may be a blessing in disguise.

Just recently, we went to the internet to look for the Detroit Office of the bureau.  The address given was 15250 Grand River Detroit, MI 48227. While this appears to be false, this may be a good way to get people counted.  With a partnership between the Census Bureau  and Footlocker, people can come to the store, get counted and purchase a new pair of NIKE shoes.  This is a win, win situation for everyone and, this may be a novel idea who's time has come. 

Address of the Detroit Office of the Census Bureau as of June 20th, 2019

While politicians in Washington DC fight over placing a citizenship question on the census form, time is available to form these shoe counting partnerships. This is a prime opportunity to help cities with the historic under-counting by the Bureau. There is a 10% - 15% margin of error in the counting of people by the bureau and anything to help the situation will be greatly appreciated.

Show up and be counted by every means necessary.... 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Should Zoning Ordinances Be Used to Regulate the Number Of Charter Schools in a City?

By Friends of Cushingberry

The growth of charter schools have created a wild wild west for venture capitalists and financial managers who manage them at the expense of the community. The result of the grand experiment of alternative education with public funds is neighborhood blight and marginal educational results.

Case in point is the Benton Harbor School District which was presented with a form letter from the Michigan Department of Treasury to cease and desist being a high school or, the school district will be dissolved. In Benton Harbor and most cities in Michigan, there are more charter schools than kids in a neighborhood. Schools of choice allows the Department of Treasury to move the children to different school districts in Michigan. It allows wealthier districts to select the athletes and top students from other districts and leave the others to rot. What you end up with is a lot of empty buildings and money wasted with the same educational results. 

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer
State of Michigan

As of June 4th, Gov. Whitmer ordered that the high school and district remain intact.

The use of zoning laws to limit the number of schools that use public funds in a city would allow for better management of educational resources and, assist in bringing accountability to education.  The successful use of State zoning laws allowed cities like Detroit to limit the number of Marijuana provisioning centers in the city.  If you feel like a law like this would help contact State Senator Adam Holler or any member of the legislature to express your concerns. Especially State Rep Isaac Robertson (D-Detroit) who loves to hear from his constituents.

Website: State Rep Isaac Robinson (D4-Detroit) District 4

Website: State Senator Adam Hollier (D2-Detroit) 

The damage of emergency management by State appointed to public schools can be reversed one step at a time through zoning.  Our children are worth more than $7500 a piece or $8500 if your child is eligible for special education. 

Laws can be changed by changing your elected officials. Some cities in Michigan are having elections in August and November of 2019.  New and progressive candidates like Scott Hughes who is running for City Council Ward 1 in Lansing Michigan is a person who will make that change. 

Website: Scott Hughes For Lansing City Council Ward 1  

Ask those questions of the candidates for office and make sure to show up and vote in person or by absentee/early ballot.  


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Statement of Support for Mr. L. Brooks Patterson

Dear Mr. Patterson,

L. Brooks Patterson - Oakland County Executive
We support you in your fight against cancer and will fight with you together everyday. Yes you were different but you do not deserve to go out like this. George Cushingberry Jr and you have fought some good fights together and, is willing to fight another one with you. Cancer is taking too many of our family and friends away from us. We hope that you fight this disease by every means necessary using current and alternative methods to aggressively fight the fight of your life! 

Please contact George at any time by texting (313) 384-7420 or, on his Facebook Page (Cush's Corner) if you need anything.

Sincerely, The  Friends of George Cushingberry Jr. - Good Stuff on the Internet