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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stimulating Michigan from Washington – Re-defining Health Polices for our Citizens by re-directing Law Enforcement resources.

Recently U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (click here) announced that he will “cease and desist” all Justice Department actions against marijuana dispensaries in California. This is a strong signal to redefine the Drug Enforcement Agency's (D.E.A.) policy towards Marijuana and, the ramifications that it has for Michigan. With the recent enactment of the Michigan Medical Marijuana law, money and resources that were allocated for prosecuting these crimes can be re-allocated to other priorities like violent crime and sex offenders upon our youth.

Instead of arresting people for possession, Law enforcement’s role will be to insure quality to the people. For instance, how would you like to purchase a rotten jar of peanut butter? If you did purchase the peanut butter, who would you call? What would happen if it was the start of a salmonella outbreak? What does Salmonella have to do with Medical Marijuana?

Do you have an answer?

You would call the county health department who would investigate and take some type of legal action to remedy the situation. The legal action would include steps on correcting the problem. With the Peanut Butter, the F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration) would take action to insure the quality of product. In the case of Marijuana, a standard would be set so that all of the citizens would be assured of a quality product that would not be a health hazard. The D.E.A. would be responsible for making sure that only legitimate marijuana would be produced in the United States of America. This would result in the redirection of funds from the massive Michigan Department of Corrections budget. The amount would be minimal however, at $2Billion dollars a year, minimal would be a lot of money.

To further stimulate the economy in Michigan, American grown Marijuana would be sold at the Duty free shops in Windsor and vice-versa to help stimulate trade and generate revenue between the USA and Canada, with a major impact on the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan.

Michigan’s economy could be revised in 5 years with the revenue and redirection of State of Michigan resources. The Department of Agriculture and County Extension offices would take an advisory role in growing Marijuana and other crops that can help end diseases like Diabetes and other environmentally borne aliments that keep our citizens in poor health.

Keep hope alive by keeping people alive. Health Care is a priority and I agree with President Obama on that. And if any of those State Governors who do not want the stimulus money from Washington, please send it to Michigan because we could use it.

We can only look to the future and work for the best.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Take Back Detroit! - Stimulating Michigan from Washington

While we were watching Rick Santelli (click here to watch) on CNBC start a Chicago Tea Party style “financial riot” (click here) with investors, a thought occurred to me. These people are the same people who managed the banks that owned the mortgages and cars. They should be as upset as the homeowner who re-financed their house based on having a job and getting to work in their car. The unregulated practice of money management has allowed people in the banking industry to decimate neighborhoods by:

1. Holding the notes to the property
2. Setting the bidding and asking prices in the commodities market on precious metals and various supplies.

Precious metals like copper wires, pipes, and lumber were great investment tools because you had an unlimited supply of goods in your inventory and set the prices too. As your former neighbor’s home was stripped for their parts, the scrap yards and commodities market were buzzing while your property value was dropping. This was a great plan if you had a vibrant economy in Michigan building Department of Defense products. Now that we don’t have that going anymore, we need to manufacture the green in America.

Returning to our agricultural roots will help restore the revenue in Michigan and America. Michigan Democrats led by State Representative George Cushingberry Jr. will do just that. On the agenda of the House of appropriations committee is to develop, create, and implement programs that will treat urban farming as a health concern. This is part of his plan for Detroit and Michigan to reduce the level of Diabetes in our communities. This program will help people feed themselves and the raise property values in the neighborhood. We will support the concept of Eastern Market in Detroit and the various fresh and healthy foods that it provides to the people of the State.

On a Statewide basis restoring homes and financial stability in Michigan is a priority. By Manufacturing Green products using industrial hemp, celloustic ethanol, and other Bio-proper goods will restore the revenue to our state. For instance, by growing Hemp products like Hemp Crete (click here),a type of concrete made from Industrial Hemp, every home that is taken down in the neighborhood will be rebuilt using this product. Displaced residents of a city will have the right of first return to their homeland. By establishing this rule, a decimated neighborhood would have the ability to recover from the depression.

For empty lots, neighbors will be encouraged to grow allowable plant projects in a secured and locked manner. Security could range from a dog in the yard to paying kids in the neighborhood to grow and watch the lot. Police and Fire personnel can divert their legal and physical resources to maintain quality products and keep people safe and healthy.

Starting in the farmlands and urban areas of Michigan, this bio-revolution would be a substantial addition to the commodities market just like petroleum, food, clothing, and other products. With the change in leadership in Washington, Michigan will prosper again with help and development in various areas of agriculture and manufacturing. Rep. Cushingberry’s committee will look funding programs that will assist homeowners with the selection of an affordable home, if they cannot afford the one that they are in now.

For people who have a job and income, they will have the ability to petition the court to modify their mortgage so that their home payment does not exceed %31 percent of their income. For lifelong residents of Michigan, a graduated scale for property tax will be created so that if you own a home in Michigan for over 40 years, your property tax will be reduced by %60. If you own your home for 50 years or more your property tax is eliminated and you pay a $25.00 Proud Resident Fee to your county treasurer.

The investors that owned these properties have given the neighborhoods a low rate of return in the form of property devaluation through deflation and benign neglect. The Obama Administration must step in with a stimulus to repair these homes by creating carpentry, and other construction jobs staffed with people who live in the same community. The people will be swinging hammers instead of slinging bullets. If they want to keep their guns then they will be a part of a new Harriet Tubman Firearm Safety Corps in partnership with the NRA and Law Enforcement agencies at the State, County and Local Police Levels.

Teachers will have jobs because students will be attending schools and using City Services that are maintained by the residents who live there. Rep Cushingberry in a bi-partisan effort will be a soldier with a mission to help the community prosper and provide a Stimulus from Lansing. When this happens then and only until then, all of the people will profit from the loss.

I hope the President is listening and reading this too because we need the money…

Friday, February 20, 2009

Click the Vote! Increasing Voter Turnout in Detroit with Online Voting using the City Clerk’s Office website.

One day were walking to an 8 mile Old Timers planning meeting, We were discussing upcoming elections that were coming up in 2009 for Mayor and City Council. We were on the corner of Chippewa and Cherrylawn streets when we ran into two neighborhood legends by the names of Oscar Baker and Wisker Hall. They were very busy but nice enough to stop by Johnson Recreation Center to see what was going on.

Former Representative Dr. Keith B. Stallworth had just got through giving a speech talking about the 4 upcoming elections in City of Detroit and the importance of voting. After we applauded his inspirational speech, Oscar, Wisker, Roscoe and Benjamin Drummer stopped for a minute to talk about the projected low voter turnout for all of the elections. Oscar asked us all a question “How do we get more people to vote?” Dr. Keith looked puzzled and asked Richard Clement his old school football teammate at Mumford High School back in the day about what to do.

“We need to run until we get tired, then get up and walk it off I said to Dr. Keith”

The question was so thought provoking that we agreed to send a text message to our friend Representative Cushingberry who was at Joe Louis Arena watching a Hockey game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs. During the 2nd period a puck flew into the seats. While George ducked along with the fans, a child sitting behind him spilled his drink all over his hair. Instead of getting upset at the child a vision flashed across his head.

There were 16 candidates running for mayor and I was one of them. People were saying that they could not get to the polls on Election Day so, myself and City Clerk Janice Winfrey developed a solution to the problem. We allowed the citizens of the City to cast their vote using the Detroit City Clerk’s website. The online polls would be open for two weeks before Election Day in synchronization with the first day of absentee voting. You could click your vote until 8pm of Election Day and allowed to vote once as long as you were a valid registered voter.

During the candidates debate I was asked to speak by the moderator about online voting program that we developed. The moderator tried to end the debate but the candidate continued to speak. Look people, we can buy cars online, get your credit checked online, find a mate, get a rebate, plan a vacation anywhere in the nation, including making donations on the New Prospect Baptist Church website. And if I was elected to the job, I would help the City Clerk implement an online strategy to increase voter participation in Detroit and, serve as a template for the State of Michigan.

The candidate continued on with the force of James Earl Jones and the smoothness of Prince, mixed in with a little David Ruffin.

If I was elected to the job of Secretary of State, I would implement a statewide online voting system within 12 months. Look at what we have done already on our blog. Currently, I am in a close race with Dave Bing and Ken Cockrell for the job of Mayor of the City. A supporter in the crowd shouted, “It looks like he is taking Bing to the hoops”. The candidate smiled and a few Dave Bing supporters smirked.

Before things went any further Representative Cushingberry shared a fact with the audience regarding an election in Missouri in 2000. He said did you know that a John Ashcroft lost an election to a person on the ballot who had died? It was OK because he ended up getting a job as Attorney General with the Bush Administration. “No unemployment check for him” Cushingberry said and the crowd let out a big laugh.

I responded to my friends and constituents with a text message saying.

I am a candidate for Michigan Secretary of State because I will get more voters to participate!

Let it be and vote for me!

The candidate went on and on and on until the crowd let out a huge, earsplitting roar. George snapped out of the dream because Nick Lidstrom had fired a “one timer” slap-shot into the net from outside the blue line and the people went crazy!

Our friend snapped out of his trance and said to himself that he likes his job serving the people of the State of Michigan in Lansing advancing his constituent's needs. Furthermore, there was a Hockey Game to be addressed and being a big Detroit fan, the Wings needed my undivided attention. He bought the child another drink, the parents a vegetarian pizza and the Red Wings won the game.

Go Wings!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A song by Mr. John Legend inspiring the call for community service to our nation.. (If you're out there)

As President Obama signs the stimulus package, we must all work together to make this country and world a better place to live. Forget the haters and perpetrators and keep our heads up because things will get better.....

Monitor the progress of our money by accessing this site
Enjoy the music and dream for the best....

Monday, February 9, 2009

Restoring the Revenue: Schoolbook Tax Credits for Michigan Residents with children in Public Schools.

One day a few friends of George called the office at 3:00am and left a message. This is the text of the message that was sent to his office and left this message:

“Hey Cush how come we can’t let the parents purchase the school books on Amazon or the Detroit Public School website and have it delivered to their home? This would guarantee that every child has a book. After the term is over, the parents can sell or donate the book to the school for a tax credit. “

The music was kind of loud behind the message too because the message was sent while we were in a different time zone having fun at the moment. However I thought that it deserved an answer because the question was so intriguing.

Parents should be given the option of purchasing books for their children. This would keep books in better condition longer because the parent would want to get the top dollar for the book when they want to sell it. The student would be responsible if they knew they were paying for the book themselves.

There will be a discount for dependents that are sending more than one child to a school district. This would be morally right to educate the children for the future. For each additional child enrolled in a school district, a taxpayer would get a %40 credit on the price on purchased books.

The concept of paperless e-Government would provide accountability and a record of books bought by a person in the school year. The accumulated list could be sent to your accountant and it would make it so simple to track expenses. Common software such as QuickBooks and Excel will allow the parents to download and keep a record for their files. If the book is donated to the school, the parent gets the credit for the entire amount of each book returned as a deduction on their tax return.

Education is so important to me that I may have an Appropriations Sub-Committee look at this concept at one of our meetings in the near future. The days of keeping books in warehouses are over and the children will not be denied. I would assist the Granholm Administration in creating and maintaining a viable accounting system that is user friendly to the residents of Detroit and the Citizens of Michigan. A key part of my committee is to ensure that the Department of Education has the full resources available to implement this plan. State residents will get accountability and measurable results in the area of education.

We were on our way to a meeting at General Motors at the “Ren-Cen”, I was sitting in the passenger seat of my ride. While Malik was driving, I sent a text message to them while we were on Lodge Freeway at 7 mile road. The message said “I will help whoever is elected to Mayor of the City of the Detroit to implement this Stimulus Program from Lansing in partnership with the State of Michigan, Department of Education”. Education is a bi-partisan issue with me and I will not shirk from that responsibility. At the Lodge Freeway and I-94, we sent them a voicemail message telling them to go to bed and get some sleep making all that noise on the other end.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Squat Michigan! - US Representative Marcy Kaptur (D-08 Ohio) is leading a growing revolution in our Cities

US House Rep Marcy Kaptur inspires foreclosed homeowners to tell the banks hell no, do not go. (Click here to see the Keep your Home Video Link)

Myself and my main man Roscoe “Skoe” Thomas were driving down the street when we drove past a family getting evicted from a home on Northlawn Street in my Detroit district. It was so sad to see the court officer directing the bank employees to place all items that were in the home on the street. The former residents of the home watched in tears and pain as the incident unfolded by the second. We were so taken aback by this that we had to stop and give them encouragement and assist them in getting help with a roof over their head.

After getting the information from the family we discovered that these people were active voters in the City of Detroit and were proud citizens of a city they grew up in. They also had 3 children that attended school in Detroit and their educational progress was in extreme jeopardy. I was so moved by this indent that I said this to “Skoe”. The winds of change have swept into Washington DC! And I am tired of seeing my fellow citizens being thrown out of good homes. There are so many homes empty that had children attending schools and purchasing goods from neighborhood establishments that when they leave, the business that depended on the fail also.

I like the ideas of US House Representative Marcy Kaptur (D) (Ohio 8th District) regarding squatting in a home. I believe that the elected leaders see the damage that these banks have done to us. We also see the damage of high fuel prices that did not help the Auto Industry. It was not the Big Three’s fault when the price of fuel went up to $4 and $5 dollars a gallon. We can build fuel efficient cars and SUVs' that run on alternative fuel sources here in Detroit and have jobs for everyone. Ms. Kaptur has a good start in the revolution to tell the banks “Hell No, We won’t go!” It is time that we spank these banks for ruining the lives and the livelihood of our neighbors and friends. Just look at this video link (Click Here to watch the video link) from CNN.COM regarding our neighbors in Toledo!

Maybe we should take our cue from this woman and lead a revolution to revitalize our cities. By letting people stay and creating a group of jobs allowing the residents to beautify parks, fix their roads, and teaching the children, our cities will become a Mecca of re-vitalized hope and prosperity. By letting the people “occupy” the homes on the condition that they; join trade programs and/or take jobs in area such as Recreation department, Police, Fire, public works, this will create a lot of revenue and restore the property values in our cities.

It is high time that we make these banks “lend” us our money back George said to Roscoe. I hope that we can inspire the remaining homeowners to fight foreclosure by legal means to have the bank re-negotiate the loan terms for everyone. Michigan residents can be rest assured that I will introduce bills to have the banks produce online monthly statements for the taxpayers to see with their own eyes. This is necessary and I will run this by a few financial experts and work with my blog-master and other technology consultants to make this thing happen for the good of the State.

We got into our car and drove off knowing that we gave some encouragement to another struggling family in America. I will miss my constituents votes and support and keep them in my prayers George said to Roscoe. As we were driving, we turned the radio on to Mix 92.3 and listened to a song by the Winans Gospel Group. They were signing “It’s time to make a change” and, paraphrasing Pastor Marvin, “We are people who WILL do it”. - Good Stuff on the Internet