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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Stimulating Michigan from Washington – Re-defining Health Polices for our Citizens by re-directing Law Enforcement resources.

Recently U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (click here) announced that he will “cease and desist” all Justice Department actions against marijuana dispensaries in California. This is a strong signal to redefine the Drug Enforcement Agency's (D.E.A.) policy towards Marijuana and, the ramifications that it has for Michigan. With the recent enactment of the Michigan Medical Marijuana law, money and resources that were allocated for prosecuting these crimes can be re-allocated to other priorities like violent crime and sex offenders upon our youth.

Instead of arresting people for possession, Law enforcement’s role will be to insure quality to the people. For instance, how would you like to purchase a rotten jar of peanut butter? If you did purchase the peanut butter, who would you call? What would happen if it was the start of a salmonella outbreak? What does Salmonella have to do with Medical Marijuana?

Do you have an answer?

You would call the county health department who would investigate and take some type of legal action to remedy the situation. The legal action would include steps on correcting the problem. With the Peanut Butter, the F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration) would take action to insure the quality of product. In the case of Marijuana, a standard would be set so that all of the citizens would be assured of a quality product that would not be a health hazard. The D.E.A. would be responsible for making sure that only legitimate marijuana would be produced in the United States of America. This would result in the redirection of funds from the massive Michigan Department of Corrections budget. The amount would be minimal however, at $2Billion dollars a year, minimal would be a lot of money.

To further stimulate the economy in Michigan, American grown Marijuana would be sold at the Duty free shops in Windsor and vice-versa to help stimulate trade and generate revenue between the USA and Canada, with a major impact on the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan.

Michigan’s economy could be revised in 5 years with the revenue and redirection of State of Michigan resources. The Department of Agriculture and County Extension offices would take an advisory role in growing Marijuana and other crops that can help end diseases like Diabetes and other environmentally borne aliments that keep our citizens in poor health.

Keep hope alive by keeping people alive. Health Care is a priority and I agree with President Obama on that. And if any of those State Governors who do not want the stimulus money from Washington, please send it to Michigan because we could use it.

We can only look to the future and work for the best.

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tRANIS said...

Personally, I would like to see Gov. Granholm's green biofuels running off of industrial hemp rather than from wood pulp. Leave trees for construction. There is no doubt that Cannabis in general could produce vast tax captures in Michigan alone. Cut out the black market and start making that money ourselves so it stays here and doesn't get exported to Mexico. - Good Stuff on the Internet