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Monday, February 2, 2009

Squat Michigan! - US Representative Marcy Kaptur (D-08 Ohio) is leading a growing revolution in our Cities

US House Rep Marcy Kaptur inspires foreclosed homeowners to tell the banks hell no, do not go. (Click here to see the Keep your Home Video Link)

Myself and my main man Roscoe “Skoe” Thomas were driving down the street when we drove past a family getting evicted from a home on Northlawn Street in my Detroit district. It was so sad to see the court officer directing the bank employees to place all items that were in the home on the street. The former residents of the home watched in tears and pain as the incident unfolded by the second. We were so taken aback by this that we had to stop and give them encouragement and assist them in getting help with a roof over their head.

After getting the information from the family we discovered that these people were active voters in the City of Detroit and were proud citizens of a city they grew up in. They also had 3 children that attended school in Detroit and their educational progress was in extreme jeopardy. I was so moved by this indent that I said this to “Skoe”. The winds of change have swept into Washington DC! And I am tired of seeing my fellow citizens being thrown out of good homes. There are so many homes empty that had children attending schools and purchasing goods from neighborhood establishments that when they leave, the business that depended on the fail also.

I like the ideas of US House Representative Marcy Kaptur (D) (Ohio 8th District) regarding squatting in a home. I believe that the elected leaders see the damage that these banks have done to us. We also see the damage of high fuel prices that did not help the Auto Industry. It was not the Big Three’s fault when the price of fuel went up to $4 and $5 dollars a gallon. We can build fuel efficient cars and SUVs' that run on alternative fuel sources here in Detroit and have jobs for everyone. Ms. Kaptur has a good start in the revolution to tell the banks “Hell No, We won’t go!” It is time that we spank these banks for ruining the lives and the livelihood of our neighbors and friends. Just look at this video link (Click Here to watch the video link) from CNN.COM regarding our neighbors in Toledo!

Maybe we should take our cue from this woman and lead a revolution to revitalize our cities. By letting people stay and creating a group of jobs allowing the residents to beautify parks, fix their roads, and teaching the children, our cities will become a Mecca of re-vitalized hope and prosperity. By letting the people “occupy” the homes on the condition that they; join trade programs and/or take jobs in area such as Recreation department, Police, Fire, public works, this will create a lot of revenue and restore the property values in our cities.

It is high time that we make these banks “lend” us our money back George said to Roscoe. I hope that we can inspire the remaining homeowners to fight foreclosure by legal means to have the bank re-negotiate the loan terms for everyone. Michigan residents can be rest assured that I will introduce bills to have the banks produce online monthly statements for the taxpayers to see with their own eyes. This is necessary and I will run this by a few financial experts and work with my blog-master and other technology consultants to make this thing happen for the good of the State.

We got into our car and drove off knowing that we gave some encouragement to another struggling family in America. I will miss my constituents votes and support and keep them in my prayers George said to Roscoe. As we were driving, we turned the radio on to Mix 92.3 and listened to a song by the Winans Gospel Group. They were signing “It’s time to make a change” and, paraphrasing Pastor Marvin, “We are people who WILL do it”.

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