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Monday, October 18, 2010

10/20/10 - Vote in Person on October 20, 2010 and let your voice be heard...

The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.
October 18, 2010

Make October 20th the VIP day for all compassionate care providers, Medical Marijuana patents, and caregivers. VIP stands for Vote in Person which is a project of the Ingham County Chapter of Michigan NORML and associated compassion clubs in the City of Lansing. On this day the cannabis community has pledged to show up in person on the 9th floor of City Hall and vote absentee.Low voter turnout is an issue that must be addressed for the future and direction of all of us regarding Medical Marijuana, Health Care, and Financial Banking reform. During the primary race in August, volunteers like myself and Griffin Rivers walked door to door for Rep. Cushingberry’s unsuccessful bid for State Senate. A number of them were medicating as we walked up to the door in the hot sun. They told us that they would go out and vote however, we saw the result of their words.

There is time to rectify that error and we are calling on all of you contact members of your churches, compassion clubs, bars, fraternities, sororities, to mobilize on October 20th and Vote In Person at the City Clerk’s Office in Lansing MI. Maybe Chris Swope will move operations to the Washington Ave facility if it gets too crowded but, will work with the 9th floor for now. Concerned medical patients statewide are mobilizing to support candidates who are supportive of Michigan Medical Marijuana law that the voters passed overwhelmingly in 2008.

David Leyton is the best choice in the Attorney General’s race to replace Republican Mike Cox. Bill Schuttee the republican is a throwback from the Bush and Cheney years supporting secret prisons in Michigan and jailing ANY medical marijuana user in the State. In the Secretary of State race Jennifer Benson would get an edge because her office could take over the processing of Michigan Medical Marijuana cards eliminating the 120 day backlog.

In the State Supreme Court race it is Alton Davis and Denise Lankford Morris to replace Robert Young, a known enemy of the people when it comes to insurance and consumer protection. In-Justice Young was the one who said that ANY amount of marijuana in your system constitutes impaired operation of a vehicle. This decision was properly overruled by Justice Diane Hathaway in powerful decision.

As for the Governor’s race it is important to know that Lansing has over 14 compassion clubs operating within the City. Mayor Benero has been very tolerant of these businesses as they do pay property tax and, more people are moving into the city because of the new law. Mr. Snyder directly refuses to engage and does not have a direct answer for the issue. Furthermore he would promote people like Mike Bouchard and Gene Wrigglesworth to be Department Directors in the Michigan State Police. These men would harass and arrest Michigan Citizens for petty marijuana use for the purpose of charging room and board.

This election is very important for the future of Michigan’s Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers. This is no time to sit on the sidelines depending on someone else to do your voting for you. Take your bud to the ballot box and vote. Vote In Person and if you need a ride our cannabis warriors will pick you up and take you to the City Clerk’s office. If you don’t someone else is putting someone in charge that will have an adverse and detrimental impact on you and the community.

Vote Early and be done with it. - Good Stuff on the Internet