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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Voting in Detroit Nov 2010: Detroit Election Commission's decision on Cannibis Reform is guarnteed to reduce voter turnout.

The Friends of Cushingberry
Sept. 9, 2010

The decision by the Bing Administration to revoke the right of the people to vote on the issue of Marijuana reform will cause lower voter turnout in Detroit. This decision gives an advantage to GOP candidates like Bill Schutte. The action taken by the Detroit Election Commission will have a negative effect on the interest of the citizens of Detroit and will affect the outcome of statewide races for Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State and State Supreme court. Furthermore races for board of trustees for State supported institutions like Michigan State, Wayne State, and University of Michigan will be impacted also. With one swoosh of his tush, City Council President Charles Pugh did a better job than Al Quaeda by not allowing the voters to decide if the law was bad or good. Despite their actions, there is still time to correct the error and the administration has two ways to choose from.

1. Issuing an executive order to place the issue on the ballot.
2. Supporting David Leyton for Attorney General.

Choice #1 would allow the people to vote on the issue of Marijuana use on private property. The possession of 1 ounce or less at your home or private property will not subject a person to arrest by Law Enforcement officials. This law is different than the State of Michigan law whereas you are not required to have a card in your possession. Currently a large number of Detroit Police transactions deal with simple marijuana possession arrests. When you start adding legal costs such as lawyers, transportation, and lodging fees, it becomes a hidden tax just like the driver responsibility fee. The City of Detroit Law department and the Detroit Election Commission have the ability ask for a default judgment to the State Supreme Court to reverse their decision and allow the people to vote.

Choice #2 would give the people a lawyer who will issue clear and sound guidelines on the distribution, use and legal procedures for law enforcement to follow. Asset forfeiture will be a thing of the past for all citizens who follow the law of the State of Michigan. Mr. Leyton if elected will not repeal the current law as it stands and supports the choice of the citizens. Marijuana possession will be the lowest law enforcement priority in Michigan allowing legal resources to be re-directed toward child molesters, mentally ill criminals, and other more serious crimes. His opponent Bill Schutte supports asset forfeiture and shooting marijuana users if necessary. He supported the Bush Administration action on the Rainbow Farms property in 2001 and other draconian acts that will increase the incarceration rate by %50. These numbers are detrimental to people of color especially African Americans who make up %80 of all marijuana arrests.

The Bing Administration gives the appearance of supporting GOP candidates by proxy when they decided to remove the Marijuana issue from the ballot. While the Democratic candidates Virg Benero and David Leyton support the current Michigan Medical Marijuana Law, the GOP candidates adamantly oppose the law as demonstrated by Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard. Mr. Bouchard will be the next director of the Michigan State Police if Governor Snyder takes office in January. Issues like home foreclosure and community banking needs will never be addressed by the Republican Party in the City of Detroit.

I spoke with the esteemed Griffin Rivers of the Ingham County Democratic party and trusted aide to our friend George. Griff told me that cannabis consumers do not vote. I did not want to believe him but in this primary election in August he was right. The main reasons were the lack of communication along with people not taking their bud to the ballot box.

Lastly this message is for all City of Detroit residents, especially the ones in the 18-30 year old age group. Take your bud to the ballot box and vote! By sitting on the sidelines, the citizens of Detroit will get dogged in Lansing again. With Bill Schutte as your Attorney General, you have a State of Michigan version of George Bush and Dick Cheney rolled into one. So in November I want you all to remember that by voting you will putting out your own W.M.D. which stands for Weed Makes a Difference. - Good Stuff on the Internet