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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Appealing The Board of Zoning Appeals - Medical Marijuana Caregiver Centers in Detroit

By Richard C. Clement - Marijuana Policy Analyst

      Medical Marijuana Business owners who have been denied by the City of Detroit Board of Zoning Appeals are strongly encouraged to go to the next step in the process at the Wayne County Circuit Court. The BZA process has exposed faulty data and overly strict guidelines regarding Caregiver Centers in the City.  Variances have been denied owners who have businesses next to buildings that are abandoned and/or owe taxes to the City because, the land use is defined as a church or religious institution. Additionally, the Drug Free Zone zoning regulations are in conflict of federal law at 500 feet. Currently, only one out of 240 business that have gone through the process of becoming a Caregiver Center has been approved.
Website: Active Count Detroit Medical Marijuana Website
Website:  State of Michigan House of Representatives

Most of the people in opposition to the Marijuana business do not live in the neighborhood where the facilities are located. Some of them live as far at 10 miles away and have the nerve to complain about the traffic. The rigidness of the ordinance allows BZA board members to apply criteria that is well outside the bounds of common sense and reality.

The majority of them are in the approval process or, shut down by court order. To rectify this situation an resolution to opt into the current State law is required. Council President Pro Tempore George Cushingberry Jr. is aware of the situation and working on a new ordinance with Corporation Counsel Butch Hollowell to opt into the current state law to easing the situation and saving the taxpayers in legal fees.  The next option is that the owners and citizens draft a new ordinance for a vote in the next election which is August 8th, 2017. 

A people driven ordinance is the best way to go because the voters will have an actual voice in the process instead of special interests who devised the first ordinance. Things like business hours, drive through service and other things can be put into the local ordinance.  %25 of all revenue from Marijuana sales comes back to the community for investment into projects like Recreation Centers, Schools, and parks. 

Firefighters in Michigan will have their First Responder fund financed from the revenue of marijuana sales to fight Cancer caused by the hazardous working conditions of the job.

If you support this cause then we urge you to call your Detroit City Council members and ask them to support the change to the current Detroit Marijuana Zoning Ordinance or risk losing the revenue that comes from sales to other counties and cities in Michigan.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Reasons to Re-Elect George Cushingberry Jr. In 2017

By The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.

When the people elected George Cushingberry Jr. to City Council, they were looking for the change and leadership needed for the neighborhoods and the entire city. The new district concept has been a huge success because it gets people closer together and, residents have a distinct voice in city policy to make direct change. Mr. Cushingberry has stuck to the plan outlined in 2013 when he was elected to the council. Mr. Cushingberry was recognized by his peers on the council and elected Council President Pro Tempore.  On August 8th, 2017 Mr. Cushingberry is asking for your vote to continue the push for progress and protecting the Citizens of Detroit from harm by fake news from biased tv networks,  adverse groups and individuals who do not have the City of Detroit’s best interest at heart.

Some of his accomplishments are as follows:

As chairman of the Budget/Finance and Audit committee, he is responsible for the increased accountability and transparency of City of Detroit Finances.
a.    Removing State of Michigan Control from City Finances with consistent balanced budgets.
b.    Collection of up to $1 million dollars in new revenue by integrating the City of Detroit Income Tax software code with the State of Michigan Treasury Department. This software change will lead to the elimination of having to file a local tax return, especially if you work one city and live in another city.  Your City of Detroit refund cannot be seized by the State of Michigan regardless if you owe taxes to the state by law.
c.    Upgraded the City’s financial software toward the goal of real time display of the City’s balance sheet on the website.
d.    Driving force for development of an IPhone application that will inform residents on the exact location of your Garbage Truck on collection days.

e.    Continuing to be an advocate for alternative ways to finance the City’s debts using sound fiscal management theory and methods. While working as a State Representative in Lansing, Mr. Cushingberry was the Chairman for the State of Michigan appropriations committee in the House of Representatives from 2008 to 2010. In those years he was responsible for the budgets of 23 state departments and agencies.

f.     Advocate for public transportation by taking the lead in reinvestment into DDOT Busses and personnel.  24 hour bus service that would help City residents get back and forth to needed jobs.  Building a regional rail system is much cheaper and more practical than building a wall in Mexico. Instead of using the cement and materials for wall we could run an enhanced People Mover System to Lansing, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, and anywhere else in Michigan. Especially the Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw, Kent, and Livingston Area.  Sensible use of resources creates more jobs and improves the quality of life.

g.    Blight Removal with Oversight!  Mr. Cushingberry has insisted upon transparency in home demolitions. We welcome oversight to keep things right.  Proper accounting is a priority and under his watch, all dollars are scrutinized.  New home construction can only succeed when people have jobs that can maintain and sustain an improved quality of life. 

h.    No Detroiter without a job!  Reaching out to low to moderate income individuals to help correct their low to moderate income status. Detroit Employment Solutions has been a mainstay for our residents to continue the fight in the War on Poverty. Education is essential in the areas of carpentry, electricians, electronics, truck driving and, auto repair will give our youth something to do and look up to for a future.

i.      Introducing an Ordinance directing that all City of Detroit vehicles be required to run on alternative fuel grown in Michigan albeit Industrial Hemp, Corn and, other organic plants to help our environment and create agriculture jobs opportunities for Detroit Residents.

j.      Continue the work to move Benjamin O. Davis High School back to Airport grounds.

k.    Continue to and work with fellow council members, Marvin Beatty, Dan Gilbert, Mayor Duggan, State and Federal Officials to re-invest into the expansion of Coleman Young International Airport with a new runway and restored commercial Air Service to Toronto Canada, Florida, New York, Cleveland,  Chicago and, any other City as needed.

l.      The land formally known as the Michigan State Fairgrounds will undergo a “magical” transition with the help and philanthropy of Earvin “Magic” Johnson and is development group. This area will become a transportation hub for Inter-modal Bus, Train and, People Mover traffic.  Under the leadership of Mr. Cushingberry, local developers like Marvin Beatty will have a definite voice in the development of the property.  A new community and transportation hub with a revitalized Amtrak rail station so that people do not have to drive to Dearborn to catch a train because of the parking situation.

If you support this effort, Mr. Cushingberry is requesting your vote for Detroit City Council August 8th, 2017 because, we will continue to work hard for you in District 2. - Good Stuff on the Internet