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Monday, September 28, 2009

Notice of Hearing Dept. of Corrections Sentencing Reform - October 6th 2009 in Lansing Michigan

Press Release From the Chairman of the
House of Representatives Appropriations Committee

Event Date:
October 6th - 10:30am
State Capitol Bldg
Lansing, MI 48933
House Appropriations Room #352

HB4497, HB 4498, and HB 4499 Good Time Credits Bills
For Department of Corrections.

Introduced by State Rep. George Cushingberry Jr. (D-08) Detroit

Rep. Cushingberry is inviting all interested citizens and organizations to appear in person at this important hearing to show support for these bills. These bills are all “tied together” meaning that they all dependent upon each other to be approved to become law. Adoption of this legislation will remove non-violent criminals from the Correction’s system and will give an incentive for prisoners to reform their ways to become productive citizens. Additionally, young offenders will not be mixed into the general population of adult prisoners who will totally abuse the youthful offenders.

Oral and written testimony will be heard and documented for the record. Many of you have called about this matter and now that time has come. Now is the time to either show up or shut up if you are truly interested. The time to speak up or send written comments for the record is NOW. Mr. Cushingberry is term limited and, if you want these bills to get out of the appropriations committee and come to a full vote on the House floor, please show up and testify on October 6th 2009 @ 10:30am.

A brief summary of each bill is listed below. A full text reading can be viewed by clicking on the bill number:

HB4497 Establishes a youth correctional facility which shall house only prisoners committed to the jurisdiction of the department who are 19 years of age or less.

HB4498 A record of all major misconduct charges for which a prisoner has been found guilty shall be maintained and given to the parole board as part of the parole eligibility report. This record will allow parole board members apply time reduction for good behavior and redemption while in the Corrections System.

HB4499 If a person has been convicted of any combination of 3 or more felonies or attempts to commit felonies, whether the convictions occurred in this state or would have been for felonies or attempts to commit felonies in this state if obtained in this state, and that person commits a subsequent felony within this state, the person shall be punished upon conviction of the subsequent felony and sentencing under section 13 of this chapter

For contact information please contact Representative Cushingberry at the number or e-mail address below. If you would like to leave a written comment for the record please send your correspondence by October 5th @ 5:00pm to:

State Rep. George Cushingberry Jr.
Call 517 373-2276

Please include your name, organization, and other contact information in your correspondence.
Thank you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ending the Civil War at the Riverfront: Neighborhood Health Care Reform and the new Ambassador Bridge span working together to make a difference

The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.
September 1st, 2009

One of the primary objections to the new span is the increased traffic and health care concerns of the residents. This is a valid point and a concern to everyone concerned including our friend George. He is a big supporter of health care reform and the well being of his fellow citizens. And through the effort of friends and colleagues opportunity is at hand for health care reform through the expansion of the Ambassador Bridge.

While everyone is rioting at these town hall meetings about health care, our friend George is working to have free health clinics for the neighborhood surrounding the bridge. Rep. Cushingberry and Rep. Tliab do not like to hear about people getting sick and would like to do something about it. Most of the people who are really acting up at those meetings already have paid health care through the Government or their jobs. None of those people live in the affected communities that they are rioting against. A good example of the ethnic and economic differences can be reviewed by looking at this report filed by HBO Real Time with Bill Maher Reporter Dana Gould (Click Here to View Video of Health Care in America)

We the friends would like to have one of those free health care clinics on the Detroit Side of the bridge in the neighborhood that the bridge will affect. This will be a perfect statement to the commitment of equal opportunity health care for all citizens. And since the bridge company did not get permits in advance, let them build the bridge and fund the repair of Riverfront Park to the south of the bridge. This entire area is in need of investments and investors to restore the revenue and dignity to the neighborhood.

This brings us to the US Coast Guard’s opposition of the new span based on questionable research and studies. Please review the imagery of the new bride by clicking this link to a video of the proposed span. (Click here to view a “fly over” of the new span) After reviewing this video you can clearly see that the Coast Guard doesn’t have a boat to float in with their lame excuse of a navigational hazard. And the trucks will not have to travel into neighborhoods because they will have direct access to Interstate 75.

Rep. Cushingberry asked TFOC Investigator/blogger Richard Clement to ask the customers of Riverfront Park how they felt about it. The ones that Richard spoke to in the park vehemently agreed that changes need to be made and in a hurry. One gentleman said that his car was damaged from the neglect of the City to pave the lot. Another resident of the community told Richard that “Stevie Wonder with a blood alcohol count of 2.0 driving a freighter could get under that new bridge. They must have been under a PTSD attack when they came up with that one”. Richard reminded the commenter that driving drunk is not cool and, the Coast Guard needed some love and understanding before they get told off for trying pitch that sorry behind excuse.

The DIBC would be willing to assist and develop the park for use in a partnership with the City of Detroit. As far as the bait shop on the American Side at 23rd street goes the settlement amount will vary between 1.7 million and 20 million. Both sides will have to work on that or a Judge will decide an amount that will please no one but the lawyers and the IRS with the bait shop owner getting the difference. The owner of the bait shop cannot logically conduct business at the present location and be serious about it. The bait shop needs to be closer to the bait and that can be done by relocating the bait shop to Riverfront Park where the fisher-persons are. (Women fish too!)

The old span will have to be retired soon and time waits on nobody. Our friend George is working with everyone concerned to solve the problem for everyone’s benefit. He would like to hear from you and discuss the bridge issues of trucking jobs, health care, and economic growth.

Feel free to contact Rep. Cushingberry at his office or by e-mail

Video of of the Proposed New Amassador Bridge Span

Contact for Rep. George Cushingberry Jr.
Phone: 888 347 8008

What it takes to make a great city: Declaring Historic Fort Wayne in Detroit a US Historical Landmark.

The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.
Detroit Michigan
September 1, 2009

We the Friends of George Cushingberry Jr. support our friend George in his efforts to have Historic Fort Wayne declared a National Historic Landmark by the U.S. Forrest Service. Fort Wayne in southwest Detroit has been a long neglected landmark in the City of Detroit. Its prominence in history is un-disputable and the impact upon the history of America has been undisputed. As far as getting the respect and funding it deserves, the effort has been an abysmal failure and a victim of benign neglect.

Fort Wayne is one of two facilities in the State of Michigan that played a significant role in the defense of America. The other fort is Fort Michilmacinac in located in Mackinaw City MI. The primary difference in the two facilities is that Fort Michilmacinac is recognized as a National Park by the US Forest Service in 1960. The entire facility has federal funding which supports the upkeep and maintenance of the facility and, pumps money into the local economy. State, County, and local entities are relieved by taking the burden of managing the park from their responsibility. The only thing any of these agencies have to provide is local police and fire protection.

On the other hand, the facilities at Historic Fort Wayne are crumbling and some of the historic buildings look like some of the abandoned homes in the city. The current residents of the property do a fine job with what they have to work with.

The management of the property belongs to a consortium of organizations with City of Detroit Recreation Department, Friends of Fort Wayne, Colonial Dames in the State of Michigan, the Detroit Historical Society, Tuskegee Airmen and other groups. While these group of organizations provide support and maintenance through volunteerism and pride, they have limited resources and can only do so much.

City of Detroit and Wayne County residents were assessed a millage specifically to maintain the parks. Now it is time to put the people’s money to work for them. Upgraded facilities for residents to use in the form of a fishing pier, water park, Interpreting Center and upgrades to the National Tuskegee Airmen Museum.

Historic Fort Wayne should be elevated to a US National Park, just like Isle Royale and Fort Michimacinac. Federal recognition as a National Park will allow a conglomerate of Federal law enforcement agencies such as the US Border Patrol and Park Rangers to patrol the area. Fort Wayne is in a perfect position because of its closeness to Canada and the ability to house federal agencies at that location.

If you would like to help our friend George in Lansing make these things happen please contact him at his office.

Contact for Rep. George Cushingberry Jr.
Phone: 888 347 8008
Email George Cushingberry Jr.

Additionally, if you would like to help Historic Fort Wayne to maintain, please visit their website at - Good Stuff on the Internet