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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Diversity in the Marijuana Industry to Benefit The Entire Community - Sons of Hemp Position Statement On Their Lawsuit Against the City of Detroit.

Ron J
President Sons Of Hemp 

Why did SOH file the lawsuit? Everyone whats to know.
S.O.H is comprised of a diverse group of Herbalists, Care Givers, & Medical Patients in the Hemp/Cannabis Industry whose sole purpose is to Unity, Educate, Create Opportunities & Support Ownership in every facet of the Hemp & Cannabis Industry.
Our Mission is to ensure the existence of diversity while fighting the systematic drug war injustices we face as Naturopathic Doctors, Healers, Educators, Researchers, Care Givers & Patients of Hemp/Cannabis.
Why did Sons of Hemp & some of its members (13 Provisioning Centers Owners) file a lawsuit against the City of Detroit and its Medical Marijuana Ordinance? This is a question that we hadn’t answered publicly because we didn’t want to get into the specifics of the case or be misquoted. We filed the lawsuit because we saw the indigenous citizens of the Detroit (Black and Brown) being pushed out of an industry that we as a people have been overwhelmingly hit the hardest with the criminalization Cannabis/Hemp and all of its natural health benefits by way of judicial system. The term “being pushed out” is being used across the United States and all over the world when it comes to cannabis/hemp which has been a part of our Roots and Culture throughout history.
For The Citizens of Detroit it’s about Ownership! Ownership! Ownership! As the ordinance is written today the Citizens of Detroit which is 82% Brown and Black would have less than 5% ownership. This industry is completely different than trying to obtain a Casino License or even a liquor license. Everyone involved is at the same level of expertise, research & development, and essentially waiting for the State of MI’s timeline. So why is it so difficult you may ask, when 82% of the citizens look like the 13 Provisioning Center Owners which have also grown up and live in the City of Detroit? The reality is, we don’t have the commercial real-estate, capital, or want to participate in the pay to play politics that we all know exists. The thing is we are being attacked from all angles. From law enforcement/judicial system, City Council, Church Pastors, Big Business, Federal Gov (Latest the DEA classifying CBD as a schedule 1 drug) because of a natural plant that now the powers to be want to control and profit from it. It’s OKAY NOW! Step aside we got this, we still need you as a consumer hence why Sons of Hemp and the Elevated 13 (Provisioning Centers) are fighting so hard.
At the start, Sons of Hemp was and is organized to get as many Citizens of Detroit educated on the process, trained for employment, and to support ownership in every facet of the Hemp & Cannabis industry. As progress was being made the Ordinance came into effect which shifted our focus. We were able to see what the city council and “that law firm” put into place when we were able to log into the zoning web portal. It became very clear we weren’t apart of the plan. On the flip side, yes MI has been labeled the wild wild west of the cannabis industry. A large part of that is because of law enforcement across The State of MI and what is going on in The City of Detroit. With 260 or more Provisioning Centers popping up all over the city like it’s a gold rush of the past it is understood why the city wanted to get things in order, but everyone knows the ordinance will have to be amended as it reads today. When and how it’s amended goes back to politics, pastors, and big business and if they have their way there will only be a few black and brown owned Provisioning Centers.
The augment we always hear is, “well just move”, not so easy when you are invested in property, patients, branding, and picking up and finding new location that works. However we currently do have 13 owners that made an investment, worked hard, and took a lot of risks to get where they are at and filing the lawsuit was the only way to be heard. Carlos Rogers the owner of Peace of Amsterdam for example has been a leading voice and crusader in keeping the lawsuit and the movement alive. They have also have been an example and leader in actual medicinal healing relating to Cannabis and other herbs for their patients as also the other 12 Provisioning Centers. Let’s be clear, we are setting the standard on how Provisioning Centers work, and help patients. It’s not about what type of high you want, but what the patient ailment is and what herbs and or regiments will work for the patient. Remember, this is really about the patient, economic empowerment, and the cannabis community as a whole.
The Patient and Caregiver Rights are now being attacked with the bills going into effect on 12-20-16. It is time we all work together and stop talking about it. - Good Stuff on the Internet