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Monday, June 30, 2014

Detroit Recreation Department Swimmers fight Breast Cancer by doing laps around Belle Isle July 9th, 2014

Councilman Cushingberry Supports the Detroit Recreation Department Swim Team in the 15th Annual Motor City Mile race around Belle Isle to fight Breast Cancer

A swimming team based at the Coleman Young Recreation Center will participate in the 15th Annual Motor City Mile sponsored by the Different Strokes Swim Shop in Livonia Michigan. This is a 3.5 mile swim around Belle Isle for the purpose of help fighting Breast Cancer.

The July  9th, 2014 event will feature 6-10 swimmers from the Coleman Young Recreation  Center swim program representing the City of Detroit neighborhoods.  Current City of Detroit lifeguards are strongly urged to participate in this event.  Upon presentation of your credentials (Red Cross Lifeguard Card), all entry fees will be waived.

Registration starts at 7:15am.

The entry fee is $25 to swim and $15 for dinner at the Detroit Yacht Club.

Proceeds will go to fight Breast Cancer.  
If you can donate any monetary support to the team please contact:

Ms. Carolyn Green at (313) 891-3652, (313)450-3650, or Coach Peterson at the Coleman Young Rec Center.

Female team members stated that they could swim across the width of the Detroit River to Canada and back. All of these swimmers are from Detroit and, this is a moment to be proud of them. Team Members have competed against schools like Cass Tech and come in first place without a lot of effort. These students will be able to pursue careers that require water skills like underwater rescue and research.

Your support is greatly appreciated and thank the Detroit Recreation Department  for their good work.

Councilman Cushingberry Supports The Affordable Care Act Tax Credit that lowers monthly rates by as much as %800

Health Care in Detroit 
By Richard C. Clement

Did you know the tax credit is still available under the Affordable Care Act?  If your income falls below the limit based on family size, you may qualify for a significant tax credit for health insurance. This credit may have the ability to lower your monthly payment to under $1.00 per month. 

You still have time to sign up for the plan because having health insurance is now the law.  A lot of insurance companies are offering their own version of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to compete with other insurance companies.  Organizations like Blue Cross, Humana and others offer similar plans because they all will have to comply with the law and, competition is a part of  being in business. 

The Following table is from Health Care Marketplace literature.

Household Size
Income Limit

Unfortunately, Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette has decided to fight this benefit by joining in on a law suit to eliminate it altogether (Detroit Free Press Article – Click Here). If they are successful, your ACA monthly insurance rate will increase over %800 percent.  For a household of one person, your Bronze Insurance plan will go from $0.38 cents to $312 per month. You can still register for ACA coverage by logging onto and sign up.

Finally, if you support this benefit, you must Vote in August and November for a change in U.S. Congress, State Legislature and, the Michigan Attorney General’s Office.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Councilman Cushingberry Supports The Re-Development of the Old Michigan State Fairgrounds.

By Richard C. Clement

Conceptual Design from the Magic Plus Group
Councilman Cushingberry supports the efforts of Mr. Beatty, Mr. Ferguson and, Mr. Johnson to create jobs and revitalize Detroit through the development of the State Fair Property.  Community Input Regarding the State Fair Project by the Magic Plus Group was taken on June 26th, 2014 at the Northwest Activities Center.  Suggestions from the community were collected on cards for review by everyone involved to be incorporated into the final plan.  The Magic plus group has an Amtrak station in the plans that will be a vast improvement over the current AMTRAK station in Midtown Detroit. Currently, the AMTRAK station in Midtown has NO parking available and is a total embarrassment to the City of Detroit.

Preliminary Design Plan

The meeting gave everyone time to present their ideas, like preserving something that was the old State Fair like the Band Shell.  The meeting allowed the leadership to decide what type of housing will be placed there.  The City of Detroit has lots of land and empty homes right now that need to be redeveloped and rehabilitated.  The REDICO/Magic Plus Group is responsible for only 157 acres of the City.

There is no monetary commitment from Michigan Department of Transportation and, the Regional Transportation Authority to enhance the current Transportation situation. This attitude will change when the AMTRAK part of the property is re-designed. This will force the enhancement and upgrade of the current bus and rail situation at the Fairgrounds.

A monetary commitment from the US Department of Transportation will foster the development of a regional transportation hub.  A rail system similar to the City of Miami Florida would tie in Amtrak, DDOT, SMART,  M1, M2, M8, M102, M3, and M5 on a regional rail system funded with Transportation revenue from creating and growing alternative fuel energy.  Solar Panels, Wind Turbines and, growing fuel like Industrial Hemp and other plants will redefine the energy needs for a region and a nation. 

The Obama Administration has two years left to serve and can leave a lasting legacy at the old State Fair property with a construction project to assist in the re-development.  This is possible if the people vote at the ballot box to re-direct the leadership this August and November 2014 in Lansing, Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties. The RTA is an organization with NO funding or public financial support.  The alternate proposal by the META Tech Expo Group is based on the area being bigger than the size of Downtown Royal Oak Michigan.  Detroit is much larger than Royal Oak and, the size issue is a totally insignificant fact. The need for regional rail is clearly demonstrated when you drive the Lodge Northbound at 5:30pm Monday through Friday.  This is an issue that has to be addressed at a State and Federal level.

The next meeting regarding the State Fair Project will be posted in the near future. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

300 Jobs Available at UAW/Ford. Apply by June 26th 2014. Ex-Felons are strongly encouraged to apply.

By Richard Clement

The United Auto Workers and Ford Motor Company has 300 jobs available and, being an ex-felon will not be a factor to be used against you.

Please send in your application by June 26th,2014 to

Tests will be given on July 22,23,24.  If you have a conviction, please state on the application as it will not count toward disqualification for employment.

U, All, are Working = UAW = Jobs and Worker Respect

UAW Website

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Solar Detroit: Student Design Contest

Do you believe in clean renewable solar energy?
Do you believe in the revitalization of Detroit?

If you answered "Yes" to these questions this is the contest for you! Use your creativity to design and present your solution for solar in the D- and be eligible for college scholarship and other prizes!

The Solar Detroit Student Design Contest is a partnership between The City of Detroit and the Detroit Public Schools Go Green Challenge. It is open to all students who attend Detroit Public Schools.

The Contest challenges you to imagine how solar energy can be a part of the revitalization of Detroit. All ideas will be considered, from solar backpacks for charging computers and cell phones to solar LED street lights and even large-scale projects like turning an open field into a solar power plant for the neighborhood, or urban farming applications.

To enter, you must complete and Entry Form.
Your final submission should include the following:
1 page written summary that tells the judges about your project and how it helps in revitalizing the city.
A picture of how your project will look - this could be a drawing, collage, or other graphic representation.
Other information you think is important to share - maximum 3 additional pages.

Submissions must be received by 3pm July 11, 2014 at:
1601 Farnsworth, Building C
Detroit, MI 48211

Mike Duggan, Mayor City of Detroit (or designee)
George Cushingberry, Council President Pro Tempe
Jack Martin, Emergency Manager, Detroit Public Schools (or designee)

Solar PV Energy Lab: Hands-On Design Build:
Put your brain and hands to work while working with solar panels.
Saturday, June 28th- Ben Carson High School, 571 Mack Ave.
**RSVP to: - Good Stuff on the Internet