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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Restoring the Revenue: Stopping the Financial Coup De Tant upon Detroit Retirees and Current Employees

by The Friends of  Cushingberry

"We will rise from the ashes..."  - City of Detroit

The result of a bad bet on Wall St.
        The State of Michigan through Manager Kevin Orr filed and official bankruptcy request with the United States Bankruptcy Court.  According to the State through Mr. Orr, there has been mismanagement in Detroit for 60 years going back to 1953. Retired and Current Detroit Fire Department members are calling total feces on the entire proceedings.   The Detroit Pension fund is %96.1 funded by its stellar accounting staff who have served them while they gave their lives for their fellow human beings. Since the takeover, firefighter deaths have risen %264 percent due to the reduction in fire houses and layoffs. The result is that you have more abandoned property with valuable metals such as copper and aluminum that is money managed by Goldman Sachs in the commodities market.  This is also good for the Jones Day Law-Firm receiving $1.6 million dollars for 6 weeks of services that would have paid for 16 firefighters with full benefits and pension for one year. Detroit insurance rates will always be high due to lack of personnel and longer arrival times. In two to four minutes a home can go up in flames so hot that you have to stand across the street because of the heat.

The true purpose of the Bankruptcy filing is to accomplish these things:

1.       Dissolving the Public Unions in lieu of temporary contract workers
2.       Lowering Wages and Health benefits for Current Employees
3.       Restructuring the City Charter to override the law voted for by the Citizens.
4.       Using pension funds like poker chips on Wall Street to fund risky investments without constitutional protection from losses, fraud and mismanagement.


Through the use of politically motivated accounting, Detroiters and their retirees will get the short shaft regarding benefits. If you are a City Employee or retiree between the ages of 46 to 65, this means you! Privatization usually means at will employment at a lower wage scale.  The company that has the contract operates as an at will employer that can terminate a contract on the spot for any reason with no recourse. Using the bankruptcy to change the City charter is another clear example of usurping the will of the voters through legislative voting fraud. On the WDIV-TV 4 website, Kevin Orr said that he will attempt to change the city charter with the help of a federal bankruptcy judge. 

This bankruptcy filing may be a good opportunity for the people to remove an illegally appointed Emergency Manager through the Federal Voters Rights act.  The people will get the opportunity to file a complaint that the appointment of this person was illegal because the people voted against this type of position’s job duties.  The bankruptcy judge could invalidate the filing on a technicality.  The current council and previous mayors after Coleman Young signed bad deals with the State of Michigan or mismanaged money in a scandalous manner that hurt every Detroiter.

Hope is on the way!   Detroiters will get up work together and walk it off to relieve the stress. The City of Detroit will come back by every means necessary.  It will take the creation of jobs to maintain and rebuild the infrastructure of the city roads, and sewers.   It will take an investment into a citywide light rail system combined with a federal investment into Hi-Speed Rail between Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Cleveland and Cincinnati OH.  Intermodal transportation is an investment that will restructure an entire region.   Driving on the Lodge northbound at 4:30-6:00 pm, the area begs for a light rail transport system.  There are so many cars leaving Detroit after 5:00 pm and coming into Detroit for events that a rail system running along the route of the freeway is a no brainer.

These are the types of infrastructure jobs that Government creates and invests in for the public good.  Did you know that the computer industry was funded and promoted by Government?  The industry was funded heavily by the Defense Department with Admiral Grace Hopper who invented the COBOL programming language that is still used today. So when you hear these people talk about we don’t need government, ask them who the Government is?  The answer is looking at that person in the mirror.  Government of, by, for and maintained by the people. 

Our city needs an elected City Council with brains instead of, or in addition to the beauty. We need City leadership that is knowledgeable and have the people best interest at heart. Right now and up until August 5th at 5pm, I want you to Vote today, in Person at: Wayne County Community College and the Detroit Election Commission. Find my name and please vote for George Cushingberry Jr. for City Council, the man for YOU, in District two.


Vote in person at the following locations until Aug 5:

Wayne County Community College Campus 8200 W. Outer Drive or 5901 Conner 9am to 5pm
Detroit Department of Elections 2978 W. Grand Blvd.  9am to 5pm
Support the Fire Department:






Monday, July 8, 2013

George Cushingberry's 3 Point Solution to Crime with Love in the City of Detroit and the State of Michigan

Dear Potential Voters and Supporters,

This is what I would like to see happen for the Citizens of the State of Michigan, especially the ones located in the 2nd District of the City of Detroit.  We need to have our Detroit Citizens employed fixing the potholes in streets instead of being in Jail or, having a new one built for them. In order to accomplish this we need to employ people at all levels of the project.  We scream about giving people second chances, now it is time to step up to the plate and get the job done.

1.      There needs to be a change in the expungement law to allow a judge after 30 years to expunge any number of crimes in the interest of justice and economics. Possession of heroin and cocaine were felonies as well as marijuana possession of more than 100 plants or more. We have more guns and badges in Detroit now just not Detroit cops. They are now deputized officers employed with Wayne St. U, University of Detroit, and Detroit Public Schools. When you add in the rent a cops, parking officers, State Police, Federal Homeland Security it is too bad they can’t answer runs to assist Detroit like in years past.

2.      Once people serve their time we should try to give them every opportunity especially when they are productive citizens.  Citizens who are currently serving time (including probation) would get their sentences commuted and expunged for any Federal crime involving marijuana possession. This language would include an immediate cease and desist order to stop all asset forfeiture where property is taken and sold without the benefit of a trial. This would work well in Michigan for citizens Ryan Bashore, Dennis Forseberg, and 5 others representing the Lansing 7, caregivers who were given 3 year jail terms and, sent to Morgantown West Virginia for having more than 100 marijuana plants on their property.  Attorney General Eric Holder must reissue a stronger memo to all Federal Prosecutors in the United States of America to cease and desist all asset forfeiture, arrests, and prosecution of  citizens who possesses, consume, and manufacture Cannabis. President Obama must take action to remove Marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act because of the negative economic impact on local, State, and Federal budgets.

3.     I will actively pursue US Congress members Peters, Rogers, Dingell, Conyers, Levin, and Stabenow to introduce the bill and, get it to the President for his signature. The language will include a matrix which matches the crimes to the employment and prohibit employers from asking have you ever been convicted. (A child abuser or pedophile shouldn’t be a teacher) A model city ordinance and state law after Connecticut’s law is appropriate. Finally with passage of the Farm Bill to include the production of Industrial Hemp, the partnership between Michigan State University’s agriculture extension programs and the City of Detroit will create jobs and create prosperity here. The neighborhoods, especially the ones in District 2, will be green and looking right again. (no pun intended)

If I am elected to represent the Second District in the City of Detroit, I will assure you the citizen that I will work for the betterment of the City to help silence the violence. If you would like to help me in this effort then please remember to mark my name on your ballot. If you would like to donate please click the donation link here or, on my site


The Community to Elect George Cushingberry Jr. to Detroit City Council, District #2


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