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Friday, July 30, 2010

House Passes Cushingberry's Plan to Increase Donations to Red Cross

Lawmaker's plan will create income tax check-off box for easy donations
July, 2010

LANSING – The Michigan House of Representatives today passed a plan sponsored by State Representative George C. Cushingberry Jr. (D-Detroit) to help increase donations for the American Red Cross by creating an easy and convenient check-off box for taxpayers on their income tax returns.

"Worthwhile organizations like the American Red Cross are doing great things here in Detroit and across Michigan every single day,"
said Cushingberry Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.
"By creating this check-off program we can help increase donations to an organization that helps people in their time of need. I applaud my colleagues for coming together to help support the Red Cross, which comes to the rescue all across the world when disaster strikes."
In addition to creating the check-off box, Cushingberry's plan also establishes a fund specifically for these donations to ensure every dollar contributed supports the American Red Cross, which is not a government agency and relies on donations to do its work.

For the 2009 tax year, Michigan provided check-off boxes for the following funds: Amanda's Fund for Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment, Animal Welfare Fund, Children's Hospital of Michigan Fund, Children's Miracle Network Fund, Foster Care Trust Fund, Michigan Council for the Arts Fund, Michigan Housing and Community Development Fund, Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument Fund, Prostate Cancer Research Fund, Renewable Fuels Fund, and the United Way Fund.

(Source Document House of Represenatives George Cushingberry Jr. Page)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Tribute to The Chairman from Michigan’s Medical Marijuana community raises voter awareness and cash on reform efforts in Lansing.

The Friends of Cushingberry
by Richard C. Clement
July 28, 2010

A tribute to our friend George for his support in Lansing of Michigan’s Medical Marijuana law was held at Mr. Mapp's Lounge at 1627 E. 7 Mile in Detroit Michigan. The event was sponsored by the Green Trees Detroit Compassion Club, Attorney Michael Kormon and the Midtown Detroit Compassion Club. The event was well attended by representatives from the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, Michigan NORML, Cannibis Paitents United, and SaferMichigan.

Citizens under the age of 35 never realized it but our friend Cush has been pushing for over 30 years. When they see Mr. Cushingberry with his “I Push for Cush” t-shirt, it is like a walking history lesson in the neighborhoods of the City of Detroit. Neighbors and colleagues of George are familiar with his literature that has been Pushing Cushingberry since the 1970’s. It is a coincidence and divine intervention that the movement could not have a better friend in Lansing to push for Marijuana reform in Michigan than George Cushingberry Jr. He is 100% behind the movement and, is proudly representing the will of the people in the City of Detroit and State of Michigan.

The Marijuana Industry in Michigan is one of the fastest growing manufacturing sectors in the State creating jobs and new business opportunities for young and old venture capitalists. Given the financial condition of the state, we need the spirit of small business development and improved legal guidance at the Attorney General position in Lansing to improve the situation. The compassion clubs in Detroit and Michigan should be forever grateful for the efforts Mr. Cushingberry has put forth for them on their behalf, especially the ones in Senate District #4.

The Chairman gave an informative speech on the history of Marijuana from a legal perspective and how it has impacted on all of our citizens especially the people of color. He also expressed support of Industrial Hemp and the greening of Detroit by supporting agriculture programs again like Mayor Coleman Young did. Mayor Young encouraged urban farming in the city by having the Department of Parks and Recreation distribute seeds at recreation centers in the city. Mr. Cushingberry has been a true friend to the Marijuana reform movement since the 1970’s when he was a student at Wayne State University.

From the medical community Dr. Carl Fowler represented the City well as more medical professionals are starting to reap the benefits. Dr. Fowler is an avid supporter of the law and one of the first African American doctors who supported the law. He is one of a growing number of doctors in the City of Detroit that process Medical Marijuana registrations.

Guest speakers from other compassion clubs and political campaigns gave brief introductions. Hans Christopher Barbie candidate for the 2nd Senate District and Owner of the Phoenix Café 24918 John R. Hazel Park, Mi 48030 spoke on why people should elect him. He also talked about the benefits of having a storefront compassion club located in the heart of the community. His business location is refurbished building on John R and 10 mile and is a prototype for what can be done in the City of Detroit. View his website here at (

Rohn H. Mitchell a candidate for Judge of the 36 District Court gave an impassioned speech and the reason to vote for him. People who support the use of Medical Marijuana would be served well by Mr. Mitchell on the bench. Mr. Mitchell supports the law enacted by the people and would like to see it decriminalized. View his website here at

Mr. Cushingberry’s effort to support the will of the people is unmatched and unchallenged by his colleagues in Lansing. One of the major bottlenecks of the process is the time it takes to process an application for a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card. How is it that California can process their cards in 7 business days and the State of Michigan is taking 120 days? Mr. Cushingberry is aggressively pushing for a solution to this problem through the use of Information Technology from the private sector. Patient owned technology companies are encouraged to bid on the process once it becomes public. By electing our friend George to the State Senate on August 3rd, this illegal time delay will be eliminated by every means necessary.

The master of ceremonies MDCC owner Maurice Cheatam served us well as an ambassador to all of our visitors to Detroit and made them feel welcome to our city. He also helped raise over $3000 to donate to Mr. Cushingberry campaign for State Senate. Much gratitude and respect go to the owner of the Lounge Mr. Mapps, who provided the guests with a medication tent for people who needed to medicate. The employees of the lounge were very gracious, courteous, and served as hosts to our visitors who came from out of town.

Mr. Mapps has been in business in Detroit for over 30 years. Talking with Mr. Mapp you will find out that he is a very informative and a historian on the development of the City from 1950’s. Inspired by the leadership and influence of the Mayor Coleman Young, Mr. Mapp is a prime example of what is good about the City of Detroit. He is a true inspiration to young and upcoming business owners who want to work in the neighborhoods of the city. Club owners like Mr. Mapp and the owner of the Palms are African American businesses that are successful and committed to the continued health, history and legacy of the City. These men are the types of leaders and businesspeople that we all need to learn from in running a successful business.

Michigan’s Medical Marijuana community must go to the polls and elect candidates who support the Medical Marijuana Law. This issue is one of the best examples of bi-partisanship and got more votes than President Obama in the 2008 election. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, conservatives and liberals all came together and voted as one. The law could use some improvements and by electing our friend George to the State Senate, we know that he will have our backs in Lansing. We know that the current policy of letting individual county prosecutors arrest and harass patients and caregivers will change once Mr. Cushingberry gets to the Senate. With a new Attorney General in place and Judges on the bench like Rohn H. Mitchell, the State of Michigan will continue to turn the corner to greatness once again.

We don’t need to elect and send people to Lansing that will ignore the will and the votes of the people. We cannot go back to the ways of the previous leaders who currently endorse Law Enforcement tactics such as raiding homes, seizing property, and draining citizens for their money in expensive legal procedures. Some of these victims are senior citizens with no criminal record that uses Marijuana as a replacement for all of their medicine.

To speak for the weak we must participate in the voting process to prevent these bush-league rouges from taking office and, elect people who support Marijuana Reform and the rights of patients and caregivers in our Great Lake State.

Let your vote be heard,
on August 3rd,
get rid of the bush,
and PUSH for CUSH!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Day in the Life of The Chairman

A Day in the Life of Chairman George Cushingberry Jr.
by Griffin Rivers
July 27, 2010

Twenty-four hours in a day is never enough for the Chairperson of the Michigan State Appropriations Committee, State Representative George Cushingberry. He manages to push 48 hours or more into one day seemingly never running out of energy, enthusiasm or love of life. In just one day starting at 4:00 a.m., he is up and visiting the dairy farm at Michigan State University for 5:00 a.m. His thirst for knowledge is broad and unceasing. Leaving the farm, he heads home to tend his own garden of vegetables before dressing for work. At 8:00 a.m. he is leading a prayer breakfast at a local church to address budget issues. Leaving there he rushes to the office for committee meetings and house votes while planting and replanting flowers in the office, greeting school children who have brought him their hand-painted flowerpot, reading several newspapers, state, local (Lansing and Detroit) and national and talking to citizens, lobbyists, other legislators and the governor.

Leaving the office he travels to his home area of representation, Detroit, to explain budget issues to his constituency to convince them of the need for more funding for schools, roads and other important areas of need for the state. He also stops to teach a course at Madonna, MaryGrove, University of Detroit and Finlandia that is offered to all via internet and IPhone. After the course a local restaurant and club provides an opportunity to meet more constituents to listen to their concerns and problems. He leaves Detroit only to return to a late dinner that he is preparing for staff and friends. Planting flowers and vegetables, traveling across the state to explain budget issues while climbing waterfalls and learning Michigan History to working all night on appropriation compromises are just a few of the interesting aspects of working with George Cushingberry. Never knowing what he will do next is part of the excitement of the job as well as the stress. The years have been busy to say the least but terribly interesting. Mr. Chairman is a non-stop “Ever-Ready Bunny!” He just keeps going and going.

He has energy beyond comparison to most normal humans. He has stories to tell that must be documented or we will forever lose a great part of Michigan legislative history. He is compelled to tell the truth and get the message to every citizen of the state. He is dedicated to the task of bringing Michigan back to one of the leading states in the nation and putting our economy on top with jobs, education, insurance, homes and medical assistance for all. Above all, State Representative George Cushingberry is concerned about people and doing good for them. He is a tremendous humanitarian. Even though trying to keep pace with him is exhausting, my job is extremely rewarding by knowing and working with such a great intellectual and caring person.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

What it takes to make a great city? Re-Investment into all intermodal transportation methods in the region.

The Friends of Cushingberry
July 25, 2010
by Richard Clement TFOC

Intermodal is defined in this article as using air, train, bus, boats, trucks, and cars. And for all of these entities to work they need steel, fuel, concrete, asphalt, and people to manage them. Intermodal Transportation used effectively will deliver goods and services between Detroit, Canada, Mexico, and the rest of the world. An investment in this area would create income and revenue to be reinvested into Detroit and the surrounding communities. One example is the creation of a longer runway at Coleman Young International Airport. A longer runway at the airport will allow Detroit to be a major part of the reinvestment into the tri-county region. By constructing a new runway over I-94 and running it along Grand River would be in compliance with the law regarding the graveyards on each end of the existing runway. This would allow for mid-sized aircraft to transport passengers and goods much cheaper. This would also save on fuel costs for residents in Detroit and the surrounding areas of Gross Point Woods, Oakland and Macomb counties.

The property surrounding the runway is in need of a massive upgrade to facilities. The reinvestment into the city will generate jobs by having more access to rental cars, and a gateway for small manufacturing operations and business visitors. Allowing the expansion of commercial international flights from Coleman Young International will bring much needed revenue to the City of Detroit. The result would accomplish the following, equalizing the trade imbalance with our neighbors across the river in Canada and, would allow the City of Detroit to become a major hub in intermodal air transportation business

We currently have a %82-%18 trade imbalance with Canada on bridge traffic in the form of goods and services. Along with the auto industry, the next hard hit group of people is the agriculture community. There are a large number of Michigan farmers that are extremely upset about importing agriculture products such as industrial hemp into Michigan from Canada, while they themselves are not allowed by federal law to do the same thing. Exporting goods and products between Canada and Mexico by air, rail, and truck would bring enhanced revenue to the City in the form of duty taxes and fair trade.

On the water, Detroit is one among many ports within the St. Lawrence Seaway water system (click here). Just like a train, there are some products that are better shipped by large boats. The only requirement for the boats is that they will fit inside of the locks within the system including Niagara Falls and Sault Ste Marie. The St Lawrence Seway is the waterway gateway to Michigan. Michigan is a final point on the waterway or the beginning of the road from Lake Superior or from Chicago and Lake Michigan. Detroit is positioned right in the path of boat traffic coming back and forth from around the world with goods and services. What about taking a high speed boat from Detroit to Cleveland, Buffalo and back? The travel distance would be much shorter and with a nominal fee, boat transportation would be competitive with Air, Bus, and automobile forms of transportation. Getting access to places in Cleveland and amusement parks like Cedar Point would revitalize the entire region. Plus it would be a good summer ride for vacation places along the Great Lakes especially some of these ports in Michigan like Traverse City.

An investment into Amtrak high speed passenger rail between Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, would be a positive enhancement to our city. Fans of the Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals and other sports teams could come to games at Ford Field in the morning and be home by that evening. That would be a nice day trip for football fans on a Sunday in the fall. College football fans would have a field day travelling between Columbus Ohio to Ann Arbor. No one has to drive and you can party all day on the way to the game. Investment would include a tie-in with the Detroit People Mover system. Between the two large amounts of people and goods can be moved back and forth between destinations.

Our friend George understands the importance of intermodal transportation and it relevance to the re-vitalization of Detroit. He will make sure that local residents are hired for these projects because it always seems that when construction jobs come here, the companies are always bringing in their own work force or outsourcing it to a third and forth party outside the City. Employment and entrepreneurship is a must for Detroit area to restore the revenue that was whittled away when banks and investors started to move businesses out of the City and the Country.

We must have free and fair trade in the air, on the water, on the road, and across the International bridges in Windsor, Port Huron, and Sault Ste. Marie. And the way to do it is to appropriate funds for projects like these and our Federal representatives to get the ball rolling by introducing legislation to get the job done. The Friends of Cushingberry feel that there is so much talent among us in the city that it are our duty to harness and direct this knowledge base for the good of the people. We have enough talent in Detroit Public Schools that could design a new Cobo Hall as a class project for middle and high school. The best design team gets a full four year ride to a college or university of their choice. If they do not finish then they are to reimburse the Investors for funds spent. If they graduate then they must work for the community for 2years and, their loan gets waived. We must educate to stimulate the young minds that are walking around the streets of our city.

After all we have 9 year olds doing Google Searches looking for their favorite music.

No excuses.

Monday, July 12, 2010

What it takes to make a great city: Practicing Q.F.W.O.P.S. a formula for civic pride and respect of each other.

The Friends of Cushingberry
July 12, 2010
by Richard C. Clement TFOC

An important element of a good city is to respect other peoples properly and person. A visitor to our city should not have to worry about their car and property being in the same place when they come out of Motor City Soul Food restaurant one of the largest African American owned restaurants on 7 mile and Fenkel. A resident of our city should not have to worry about their property being there when they turn their back. A family from Virginia should be in good hands and not have to worry about being harmed in our city. What is Q.F.W.O.P.S? To find out TFOC Blogger Richard Clement asked the chairman about this while we were at Grandfathers Place on McNichols and Greenlawn talking to constituents.

TFOC: Mr. Chairman what is Q.F.W.O.P.S?

George: It is defined as Quit Fooling with Other People’s Stuff.

TFOC: What kind of message does that send to the children and the youth? Please Explain.

George: Visitors from other cities, states, and country should be able to come to Detroit without fear. By practicing respect for other people and their property, Detroit will prosper again. With a spirit of civic responsibility and a feeling of community, neighborhoods once blighted will prosper making the entire city a better place to live. Youth and small children will grow up respecting their elders and start to learn from them.

TFOC: Can you give us an example Mr. Chairman?

George: For instance, Visitors from around the world could search for Soul Food on 7 Mile in Detroit MI using Google and Bing and be directed to any fine facility in the neighborhood. There are two basic rules to follow

1.Respect other people’s property
2.Respect other peoples person (personal space)

Property and person are the two main categories for felonies and other crimes. Was it a crime against the person or their property? Some brazen hoodlum breaking into someone’s home on a bright sunshiny day during school hours is a crime against property. The same hoodlum that starts beating on you is committing a crime against person. A lot of times they cause just enough damage so that you have to come out of your pocket to cover expenses because you do not want your insurance rates to go any higher. This type of crime tends to destroy neighborhoods and is the ultimate form of urban decay.

TFOC: How can we assist each other especially citizens under 35 to carry on the path to civic pride.

George: Using Q.F.W.O.P.S. theory the depressing feelings tend to go away which is healthier in the long run. The greatness of Detroit is in the diverse activity of its residents. Walking down any street in Detroit and each home has a unique part of history to the city. Each resident participated in keeping up their property and looked out for the interests of the neighborhood. Before Facebook, they met in block clubs at recreation centers and shared ideas to make their individual block a viable part of the community. Neighborhoods that had block clubs seemed to be much cleaner and safer than those who did not. Now with the Internet entire neighborhoods can be connected virtually in addition to the traditional brick and mortar block club.

TFOC: Searching for Soul Food restaurants in our neighborhood would be an interesting thing to do for promoting Detroit small businesses. Do you know of any at the top of your head?

George: Well Richard I got to try out one of these I phones with Internet access and let’s do this now. However we have some wonderful restaurants in our district. This is an incomplete list due to me having to go meet a constituent, but here it goes. I have entered into a Google search engine these words “Soul Food Restaurant in Detroit MI 7 Mile Road” and this is what I came up with:

1.Motor City Soul Food 12700 W 7 Mile Rd. Detroit, MI 48235 (313) 863-7685
2.Tony's Soul Food 12944 E 7 Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48235
3.Binky's Soul Food 15137 W 7 Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48235 (313) 270-4260
4.Hamlin's Soul Food 17602 W 7 Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48235 (313) 412-2475

Others include:
5.Miley and Miley Shrimp Shack 17171 Livernois Avenue, Detroit MI 48235
6.Lee's Texas Style Bar-B-Q 14001 Fenkell Street, Detroit, MI 48227-3212 (313) 836-0001

And many more businesses in the city that people should be able to come to and return to for more business. My district has some of the most viable small businesses and the owners work hard to maintain them without some person or persons trying to get something for nothing. By following these two rules and practicing them will make Detroit a much better city and will attract tourists who want Soul Food on 7 mile road. You, friends, and visitors should be able to come on any mile road in the City of Detroit (McNichols included, 6 mile for Detroit residents) and get the best cooking for their money.

TFOC: Gee Mr. Chairman that is a long list and it is making me hungry, I can’t wait to go to some of them and check them out!

George: Well Richard I hope that you do get some time and money and visit one of these fine establishments. We want visitors and residents to feel comfortable and welcome in the city limits and I am doing everything I can possible for them in Lansing. The people of the district are some of the most dynamic and talented individuals walking and I am so proud to represent them.

TFOC: Thank you for your time Mr. Chairman

George: Thank you Mr. Clement

If you would like to go on a neighborhood tour please let our office know so that we can make arrangements for you to visit. If you take the time to Google Detroit for more information on what type of businesses we have here you may be pleasantly surprised. Using search engines like, Google, Yahoo, and Bing may save you some money and time on businesses in the City of Detroit.

Friday, July 2, 2010

What does it take to make a Great City? Detroit Public School students studying Math, Science, and Swimming

The Friends of Cushingberry
July 2,2010
By TFOC Blogger Richard Clement

Summer is here and it’s that time of year again to hit the pool for cool swim. The young adults and children are out of school and enjoying their time off. Myself and the chairman were driving by a closed down Johnson Center in the City of Detroit and we started to wonder where all of the children are going for recreation. Seeing my former place of employment made us pretty sad because we all learned how to swim in City of Detroit pools with classes taught by us lifeguards.

When we worked there the Gym was always crowded and the pool was relatively quiet. There was an un-written law in the neighborhood that everyone (especially the males) played basketball and if they happened to go to the pool, the deep end was out of the question. On occasion we would have to jump in and grab a non-swimmer out of the deep end of the pool.

What does this have to do with the 3R’s of education (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic)? Perhaps there should be an S added on the end of that statement for swimming. In order to sustain a great city, the citizens should have equal access academic tools and public swimming pools as a part of the educational process. Detroiters by the droves are being disadvantaged by the lack of facilities and the dwindling resources in the neighborhoods. When the park and recreation department starts laying off employees and closing pools, the youths start beating up the senior citizens and doing other stupid things.

Studying math and Science is very important but too many smart African American kids end up as organ donors being scooped up off the bottom of pool floors and lake beds because of the lack of knowledge of water safety. Studies show that 80% of African American children do not have access to a swimming pool. That same number is steady when you look for African American children studying math and science. Why is this? Everyone can’t be a rapper, singer, or athlete. Numerous statistics point out that less than one half of %1 of all children who play high school sports EVER make a living at professional sports. The energy and time spent to practice throwing the ball, shooting the ball, and running has to be multi-tasked with an educational commitment. Looking at others who have decided to study these disciplines from the community is necessary to show the youth that yes you can be anything that you want to be.

The fear of failing a class and having an inflated GPA by taking courses that are not as challenging is a big barrier and a hindrance to the full development of young children. Children must be encouraged and pushed at young ages to study math, science, and swimming. This would include swimming as a graduation requirement for high school and middle school children. We can no longer allow this situation to continue because we will lose a number of extremely talented students to failure and drowning. Out of concern and looking for a solution, I interviewed our friend George as he was exiting the House Chambers one Thursday morning about what can we do as citizens of Detroit to correct this situation.

TFOC: Why should students study Math, Science, and Swimming?

George: For far too long African American boys and girls avoid these subjects like the plague. And far too often the kids do not realize what they have avoided until much later in life. In the case of swimming the usual reasons are, not wanting to get their hair wet and, perceiving swimming as a “white man’s sport”. Some of them end up becoming organ donors because they did not give themselves a chance to swim or there was no one there to lead them to the pools. In a majority of cases, the parent can’t swim either.

TFOC: What can we do to interest young minds into science, math, and swimming and how will that benefit the community they live in?

George: By studying these areas of skill students will be setting themselves up for careers that will translate into sustainable income. Organizations such as the US Navy, Detroit Police Detroit Police and Michigan State Police recruited former Detroit Public School graduates for jobs. Our youth will be better in all ways because I fully believe in the each one reach one to teach one concept. I want to “impart” and share some of the knowledge and skills that we have with young. Once we retire we are hoping that the people that come behind us don’t make the same mistakes that we and others did regarding math, science and swimming.

TFOC: Regarding Math and Science our urban children seem to struggle with these subjects. And by listening to the news about Detroit Public Schools, it gives the impression that NO one is learning anything. I don’t believe that and I hope you don’t either. What can we do to highlight the good in the Detroit Public Schools and the neighborhoods?

George: We have some excellent young people in the City of Detroit. They are as smart and capable to handle complex tasks and make something of the opportunities available. Now Richard I understand that you teach sometimes and you tell the students to take the hardest classes in high school now because you will see them again when you go to college. This is a good thing because our children need to be exposed to these opportunities. If they fail and they have the desire to succeed, they will take that class over again until they get it right. Failure is not an option!

TFOC: What is the benefit of learning research techniques?

George: Our young people need to study research because an educated mind is a key to the survival of a civilization. A researcher is a person who is consumed with finding the facts behind the causes and effects of different things. Just look at the study of stem cell research and all of the benefits of taking unused stem cells and using them to cure various diseases such as Parkinson’s, sickle cell anemia, and others uses of the cells. Research techniques include listening to the pros and cons of a situation and determining the best possible procedure to take for the best outcome. Some of the reasons that stem cells were not researched were because of religious reasons. Richard you know that I am a true man of GOD and raised in the church. There are biblical reasons that stem cells would benefit people if used wisely. The main argument that people use against stem cell is that it can be used for cloning humans. This is not true because the cells being used for research are already dead an unused from the mother’s placenta. The ability to determine right from wrong is essential to a person making wise choices that are free from prejudice and manipulation.

TFOC: What are some of the qualities of a good researcher?

George: A good researcher is someone who likes to look for solutions to problems. A lazy person has good research skills because they are always looking for the easy way out and by doing that, they find out that there is no other way out. Or they find a better way to do things and this takes practice to test the methods being researched to see if it IS the better solution. A good researcher is free of bias and can look at things from both sides to determine a course of action. Having an open mind will allow a researcher to filter out information that is not true or inefficient in the terms of a cost benefit relationship.

TFOC: Thank you for your time Mr. Chairman

George: Thank you Mr. Clement and keep up the work you do in education and politics. We and the citizens of Detroit appreciate your dedication to your causes.

Privatizing the closed Park and Recreation centers may be an option that needs to be explored because we are losing too many of our children in drowning accidents and not taking their education seriously. It is not cool to be a fool and ignore the rules because it will all catch up with you in the end. The people that are drawing on the walls of freeways should be directed into fields such as graphic art and design. A second look at some of the graffiti shows that these people take a lot of time to draw their work. Some of them make excellent use of drop cap shadowing and making sure that their letters are all the same shape and height.

A public school system that can produce Grammy award winning gospel artists, jazz musicians, doctors, lawyers, automobile workers, engineers, educators, and outstanding citizens, shall not be shut down and sold off for the benefit of a few for profit organizations. If you want to support the effort to re-direct the minds of our children, please use our blog to contact us and offer some solutions that we can use.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

House Committee votes to outsource processing of patient applications for Michigan's Medical Marijuana program

The Friends of Cushingberry
by Richard C. Clement
TFOC Blogger

June 28, 2010

The House Intergovernmental and Oversight committee met on Thursday June 24, 2010 to make an executive decision on the status of the Michigan Medical Marijuana program. The goal of the meeting was to take action to address the problem of a 120 day backlog for processing applications to the Michigan Medical Marijuana program. Currently there are over 22,000 new applications that are affected by this dilemma.

The committee unanimously voted to outsource the process of new and renewal applications and place them out to the lowest bidder. This action was taken because participants in the program are being subjected to arrest and persecution because of the delay in processing applications and a lack of technology resources to get the job done. The next move is to appear before the Michigan Senate to start the process of letting bids go out to the public for the job. The date certain for this system to become operational is September 15, 2010 @ 7am.

This action was taken despite the lack of support from the Attorney General Office. For the last 4 or 5 meetings Attorney General Mike Cox or a designated representative did not appear before the committee after being asked to do so. This act of blatant insubordination by the Attorney General’s office was handled by a unanimous vote by the committee members in support of outsourcing the Information Technology. The Attorney General is supposed to be the lawyer for the people and while they were sitting on the sidelines, the appropriations committee outran them to the goal line. If this was a track meet Attorney General Mike Cox would be at the starting line tying his shoes while the rest of the pack has left the starting line and are in a full sprint mode.

The representative from MDCH voiced the department’s objection to outsourcing by saying that things were working fine. The actions of law enforcement agencies give a different picture of how things are working. Since the law has been passed, there have been numerous arrests, seizure of property, and general harassment from local and county law enforcement agencies. In Lansing MI a woman’s home was condemned and property destroyed when she was arrested by the Ingham County Sheriff and Lansing Police Department officials. To make matters worse the City of Lansing decided to condemn the property because of an out of date water heater and pre 1960’s water lines in the home. The home is not a typical slumlord home in a neighborhood, this home is well kept and in great shape by the owner. The neighborhood is a middle class working type of place where people have professional and well paying jobs. These actions by the Law Enforcement Agencies and the City Inspector of Lansing MI are designed to further harass the homeowner and cause financial hardship to her.

This is not the time for the Attorney General to cut and run like a bunch of cowards on the issue of Medical Marijuana. This is no time for administrative treason by the Attorney General to insert their own agenda instead of working for the people. Innocent and law abiding citizens shall not be abused by law enforcement agencies interpreting different rules for Marijuana as opposed to other civil actions. It has taken the leadership of Chairman Cushingberry to provide the leadership and direction that is totally lacking in the Attorney General’s office.

Our friend George is a true servant to the people of his house district and the citizens of the State of Michigan. He spends many hours off the radar fighting for his constituents. Serving the constituents in the 8th district is a 24 hour job, and a job that he loves very much. We would love to see him be successful in the campaign for State Senate. Representative Cushingberry loves to hear from you and, if you have any questions or concerns on this and other matters, please leave them on our blog so that some action can be taken and the incident documented. Finally, if you have been arrested and convicted as a valid Michigan Medical Marijuana patient, please leave your information on our blog so that we can document and if possible, rectify the abuse or refer you to legal resources. - Good Stuff on the Internet