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Thursday, July 1, 2010

House Committee votes to outsource processing of patient applications for Michigan's Medical Marijuana program

The Friends of Cushingberry
by Richard C. Clement
TFOC Blogger

June 28, 2010

The House Intergovernmental and Oversight committee met on Thursday June 24, 2010 to make an executive decision on the status of the Michigan Medical Marijuana program. The goal of the meeting was to take action to address the problem of a 120 day backlog for processing applications to the Michigan Medical Marijuana program. Currently there are over 22,000 new applications that are affected by this dilemma.

The committee unanimously voted to outsource the process of new and renewal applications and place them out to the lowest bidder. This action was taken because participants in the program are being subjected to arrest and persecution because of the delay in processing applications and a lack of technology resources to get the job done. The next move is to appear before the Michigan Senate to start the process of letting bids go out to the public for the job. The date certain for this system to become operational is September 15, 2010 @ 7am.

This action was taken despite the lack of support from the Attorney General Office. For the last 4 or 5 meetings Attorney General Mike Cox or a designated representative did not appear before the committee after being asked to do so. This act of blatant insubordination by the Attorney General’s office was handled by a unanimous vote by the committee members in support of outsourcing the Information Technology. The Attorney General is supposed to be the lawyer for the people and while they were sitting on the sidelines, the appropriations committee outran them to the goal line. If this was a track meet Attorney General Mike Cox would be at the starting line tying his shoes while the rest of the pack has left the starting line and are in a full sprint mode.

The representative from MDCH voiced the department’s objection to outsourcing by saying that things were working fine. The actions of law enforcement agencies give a different picture of how things are working. Since the law has been passed, there have been numerous arrests, seizure of property, and general harassment from local and county law enforcement agencies. In Lansing MI a woman’s home was condemned and property destroyed when she was arrested by the Ingham County Sheriff and Lansing Police Department officials. To make matters worse the City of Lansing decided to condemn the property because of an out of date water heater and pre 1960’s water lines in the home. The home is not a typical slumlord home in a neighborhood, this home is well kept and in great shape by the owner. The neighborhood is a middle class working type of place where people have professional and well paying jobs. These actions by the Law Enforcement Agencies and the City Inspector of Lansing MI are designed to further harass the homeowner and cause financial hardship to her.

This is not the time for the Attorney General to cut and run like a bunch of cowards on the issue of Medical Marijuana. This is no time for administrative treason by the Attorney General to insert their own agenda instead of working for the people. Innocent and law abiding citizens shall not be abused by law enforcement agencies interpreting different rules for Marijuana as opposed to other civil actions. It has taken the leadership of Chairman Cushingberry to provide the leadership and direction that is totally lacking in the Attorney General’s office.

Our friend George is a true servant to the people of his house district and the citizens of the State of Michigan. He spends many hours off the radar fighting for his constituents. Serving the constituents in the 8th district is a 24 hour job, and a job that he loves very much. We would love to see him be successful in the campaign for State Senate. Representative Cushingberry loves to hear from you and, if you have any questions or concerns on this and other matters, please leave them on our blog so that some action can be taken and the incident documented. Finally, if you have been arrested and convicted as a valid Michigan Medical Marijuana patient, please leave your information on our blog so that we can document and if possible, rectify the abuse or refer you to legal resources.


Anonymous said...

I would like to ask why must this job be outsourced to the "highest bidder" instead of looking for a Co. w/in MI to do this. We are hurting here and it sure makes sense to me to give the job to a MI based Co. and keep our hard earned dollars in our State. Prop 1 should create MI jobs. If MI taxpayers actually are paying for the MDCH already, why isn't the program better funded in the 1st. place anyway and then we would not have to consider outsourcing at all.

Friends of George Cushingberry said...

Dear I,
We changed it to the LOWEST bidder which was an oversight. We really want a Michigan company to get the bid and, we are encoraging all Michigan based companies to pur their bid in.

We belive that Prop 1 IS creating opportunities for Michigan residents to prosper. Lastly we want the farmers to really do well because Michigan farmers know how to grow ANYTHING, especially industrial hemp and Marijuana.

Please keep up with the movement because we need your input and others to make this happen.

Thank you for your support
The friends of Cushingberry.

The Urban Farmer said...

Well done! For the representative of MDCH to say that things are working just fine is an insult to not just those that are forced to have to wait up to four entire months for their cards, but most especially, to those citizens of Michigan that have been subjected to various forms of harassment and victimization wrought upon them by hostile local police agencies. For the AG not to even appear, let alone act on behalf of the many law-abiding citizens that have become victims, is an affront to justice itself.
Kudos for standing up for the many ill patients being caught up in this totally unnecessary drama caused by bureaucrats and heartless politicians.

Anonymous said...

I was arrested for owi, even though I'm in the medical program. I'm currently awaiting trial. I was not medicated at the time, but I'm sure it was in my blood. Any help would be appreciated.

Mike McMillan

Friends of George Cushingberry said...


We have forwarded your complaint to legal representation. You need to provide more detail to legal counsel. Vote no on Justice Robert Young in November. He is the one who championed this ruling that was recently tossed by this court in another case. The winner's last name was Derror.. - Good Stuff on the Internet