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Monday, July 12, 2010

What it takes to make a great city: Practicing Q.F.W.O.P.S. a formula for civic pride and respect of each other.

The Friends of Cushingberry
July 12, 2010
by Richard C. Clement TFOC

An important element of a good city is to respect other peoples properly and person. A visitor to our city should not have to worry about their car and property being in the same place when they come out of Motor City Soul Food restaurant one of the largest African American owned restaurants on 7 mile and Fenkel. A resident of our city should not have to worry about their property being there when they turn their back. A family from Virginia should be in good hands and not have to worry about being harmed in our city. What is Q.F.W.O.P.S? To find out TFOC Blogger Richard Clement asked the chairman about this while we were at Grandfathers Place on McNichols and Greenlawn talking to constituents.

TFOC: Mr. Chairman what is Q.F.W.O.P.S?

George: It is defined as Quit Fooling with Other People’s Stuff.

TFOC: What kind of message does that send to the children and the youth? Please Explain.

George: Visitors from other cities, states, and country should be able to come to Detroit without fear. By practicing respect for other people and their property, Detroit will prosper again. With a spirit of civic responsibility and a feeling of community, neighborhoods once blighted will prosper making the entire city a better place to live. Youth and small children will grow up respecting their elders and start to learn from them.

TFOC: Can you give us an example Mr. Chairman?

George: For instance, Visitors from around the world could search for Soul Food on 7 Mile in Detroit MI using Google and Bing and be directed to any fine facility in the neighborhood. There are two basic rules to follow

1.Respect other people’s property
2.Respect other peoples person (personal space)

Property and person are the two main categories for felonies and other crimes. Was it a crime against the person or their property? Some brazen hoodlum breaking into someone’s home on a bright sunshiny day during school hours is a crime against property. The same hoodlum that starts beating on you is committing a crime against person. A lot of times they cause just enough damage so that you have to come out of your pocket to cover expenses because you do not want your insurance rates to go any higher. This type of crime tends to destroy neighborhoods and is the ultimate form of urban decay.

TFOC: How can we assist each other especially citizens under 35 to carry on the path to civic pride.

George: Using Q.F.W.O.P.S. theory the depressing feelings tend to go away which is healthier in the long run. The greatness of Detroit is in the diverse activity of its residents. Walking down any street in Detroit and each home has a unique part of history to the city. Each resident participated in keeping up their property and looked out for the interests of the neighborhood. Before Facebook, they met in block clubs at recreation centers and shared ideas to make their individual block a viable part of the community. Neighborhoods that had block clubs seemed to be much cleaner and safer than those who did not. Now with the Internet entire neighborhoods can be connected virtually in addition to the traditional brick and mortar block club.

TFOC: Searching for Soul Food restaurants in our neighborhood would be an interesting thing to do for promoting Detroit small businesses. Do you know of any at the top of your head?

George: Well Richard I got to try out one of these I phones with Internet access and let’s do this now. However we have some wonderful restaurants in our district. This is an incomplete list due to me having to go meet a constituent, but here it goes. I have entered into a Google search engine these words “Soul Food Restaurant in Detroit MI 7 Mile Road” and this is what I came up with:

1.Motor City Soul Food 12700 W 7 Mile Rd. Detroit, MI 48235 (313) 863-7685
2.Tony's Soul Food 12944 E 7 Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48235
3.Binky's Soul Food 15137 W 7 Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48235 (313) 270-4260
4.Hamlin's Soul Food 17602 W 7 Mile Rd, Detroit, MI 48235 (313) 412-2475

Others include:
5.Miley and Miley Shrimp Shack 17171 Livernois Avenue, Detroit MI 48235
6.Lee's Texas Style Bar-B-Q 14001 Fenkell Street, Detroit, MI 48227-3212 (313) 836-0001

And many more businesses in the city that people should be able to come to and return to for more business. My district has some of the most viable small businesses and the owners work hard to maintain them without some person or persons trying to get something for nothing. By following these two rules and practicing them will make Detroit a much better city and will attract tourists who want Soul Food on 7 mile road. You, friends, and visitors should be able to come on any mile road in the City of Detroit (McNichols included, 6 mile for Detroit residents) and get the best cooking for their money.

TFOC: Gee Mr. Chairman that is a long list and it is making me hungry, I can’t wait to go to some of them and check them out!

George: Well Richard I hope that you do get some time and money and visit one of these fine establishments. We want visitors and residents to feel comfortable and welcome in the city limits and I am doing everything I can possible for them in Lansing. The people of the district are some of the most dynamic and talented individuals walking and I am so proud to represent them.

TFOC: Thank you for your time Mr. Chairman

George: Thank you Mr. Clement

If you would like to go on a neighborhood tour please let our office know so that we can make arrangements for you to visit. If you take the time to Google Detroit for more information on what type of businesses we have here you may be pleasantly surprised. Using search engines like, Google, Yahoo, and Bing may save you some money and time on businesses in the City of Detroit.

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