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Friday, September 7, 2012

Voting Yes for Detroit’s Proposal M may help solve the bridge loan payment crisis on the Detroit River.

“Pay for the Bridge with Weed”

by  Richard “Weed Warrior” Clement

Detroit Election Commission at Work
This November, the voters in Michigan will decide how the people will pay for the new bridge that is supposed to upgrade the transportation between Windsor Canada and Detroit Michigan. In the City of Detroit, the people will decide to allow the possession of one ounce or less of Marijuana on their private property without civil or criminal penalty.  What do these two topics have in common?  The answer is that the loan for the bridge from Canada will be paid off with the revenue from Industrial Hemp. This will save the taxpayers a lot of money in interest costs and help with the maintenance and repairs.

A clause written into the bridge company’s contract will give a %20 property tax reduction for Detroit residents who own a home in the City for at least 30 years and, a %60 reduction for 50 years or more of home ownership. Employees hired by the bridge company will get charged for 6 months of property tax for owning a home in the City of Detroit 14 months. The old Ambassador Bridge will once again allow foot and bike traffic across the bridge. This would include the right for Ambassador Bridge management to sell duty free cannabis products at their stores on both ends of the bridge.

Matthew Abel and Tim Beck
Michigan agriculture forces are ready to design, test, and implement Hemp for the purpose of free and fair trade with world partners in Canada and Mexico. Groups like Michigan Hemp ( and faculty members at Michigan State University’s agriculture department are ready to do research into the 25,000 products that can be made from one single plant.  This will lead to the development of urban farming in the City and the use of federal highway real estate property for growing hemp.

Hemp and Medical Marijuana are two different types of plant.  Medical Marijuana is produced from the female plant.  She can be cloned in more than 100 ways to produce strains like, Blue Cheese, Granny’s Panties, Chernobyl, White Widow, and many others.  Industrial Hemp is the Male plant that can produce more than 25,000 products such as auto body parts, fuel, fiber and clothing.  To help remember the difference you want to say that the female plant makes you feel good and, the male plant works for a living.  Both of them do a good job for you.

Detroit Police at Work
The Friends of Cushingberry support Proposal M because it will ease the strain on the Men and Women of the Detroit Police Department and the Wayne County Sherriff Department. Being a public employee is a stressful job so much so that instead of calling it public service, it is similar to being served up to the public. For instance Police and Fire Department employees have a high probability of getting injured on the job.  Massive bouts of PTSD and other debilitating injuries are a part of the job while health care services are being cut back.  It has been long documented that Cannabis is a proven remedy for ailments associated with this type of work. Therefore, we support the discontinuation of testing for cannabis as a condition of employment with the City of Detroit.

Bud for Bing will Pay for Everything!
By doing this as a matter of policy, unemployment in Detroit will go down by %30. On a national level unemployment will go down at least 2 percentage points and 10 points in the communities of people of color.  This is why it is urgent that you send an email, call, and make a personal visit at the State House of Representative’s office in Lansing and their office in their home district.  When your elected official hears from you in person and you live in their district, they tend to listen to you a little more.  Eaton County Michigan cannabis users and supporters need to contact Senator Rick Jones at (Click Here For Senator Jones) and tell him to leave our law alone because you support the law. Otherwise, find your Senator (Find your Senator Link) or Representative (Find your Represenative Link) here and let them have it. - Good Stuff on the Internet