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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What Does It Take to Make A Great City and State? A Working Coleman Young International Airport and Marijuana Reform

By Richard C. Clement 

What can 5 million dollars’ worth of weed do for neighborhood improvement?

Currently, the City of Detroit is in possession of $5 million dollars of Marijuana taken in a raid at Mound and 8 Mile Road on March 16th, 2018 by the Detroit Police Department.  This medicine will be destroyed along with the $5 million dollar opportunity for desperately needed revenue.  While no one has filed a claim as of yet to return the property, if this medicine is sold at a Detroit Police Auction, where do you want the money to go?

Mayor Mike Duggan
One asset of the City that has been maliciously neglected is the Historic Coleman S. Young International Detroit City Airport. Potential customers of the airport are 4.5 miles or 7 minutes from Downtown or live within 10 miles of the complex. Currently, the main runway at Detroit City Airport is in dire need of repair to the tune of 3.5 million dollars. This would allow newer and faster aircraft to use the facility for private and public purposes, increasing business and tax revenue for the City of Detroit. And there you go, one fixed runway with 1.5 million left for other needs.

The dismantling of the Benjamin O. Davis High School and neglect of City Airport was a criminal act that can be attributed to the work of Managers and Financial review boards appointed by State officials.  Just like the management job done in Flint MI, students were poisoned by the removal of equipment, teachers, and educational opportunities to support the Educational Achievement Authority which has turned out to be a criminal business enterprise that achieved lower test scores, empty school buildings, and a large financial debt.

Free KDET! - Call and Complain to Mayor Duggan Today!

The damage from these people is very correctable by electing and selecting people who have the best interests of the children at heart.  With new ordinances and State Laws, students in Public Education must have the opportunity to study aviation and auto mechanics careers if they are interested. The area around Detroit City Airport will allow the construction of a new runway and drag strip complex built for students gaining FAA/FCC and Auto Mechanic certifications that will help build careers.

If you want change to happen, then you must communicate to your elected officials to do the right thing. The way to do it is to call Mayor Mike Duggan and all nine council members and tell them to “Free the Weed for the Jobs We Need” by doing the following steps:

  • Re-Investing into the Airport as an Airport with a historical designation, commercial air service, and educational institution
  • Returning the medicine to their rightful owners or selling at auction with restricted funding for airport re-development.
  • Ending the moratorium by the City of Detroit on Marijuana Businesses and process applications for Marijuana related businesses.
  • Immediate Expungement of all prior and current Marijuana convictions in the City of Detroit by ordinance.

If the people’s wishes are carried out, then citizens will have regained the confidence of their government doing the right thing for them.

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Detroit City Councilmember Scott Benson On The Corner with Cush at 910AM Superstation

Press Release: Cushingberry's Corner  910 AM Superstation - March 19th, 2018 6pm

On Monday March 19th, Detroit City Council member Scott Benson District 3 is scheduled to stop into Cush’s Corner on the 910AM Suuuuperstation ( to talk about what's going on inside the City of Detroit.  

Scott Benson District 3

One of the questions for him is the latest status on the redevelopment and restoration of commercial air service at Detroit City Airport. What is his position on reinvesting into the grounds by building a new Benjamin O. Davis High School on Airport grounds through the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen?  

Would a new runway increase the land value in the neighborhoods through landing fees from users of the facility?  And as a show of faith, what is his take on the entire Detroit Delegation to fly out of City Airport to the Congressional Black Caucus event in Washington DC instead of driving to metro?

Question: Is there an African American owned Airline in America?

Runway Neighborhood Improvement Project 

Answer: YES.  Metropolitan Airways - Las Vegas Nevada


Other topics will be crime reduction, education and the Council's position on the 180 day moratorium on Marijuana businesses. A number of Marijuana Businesses like Sativa Detroit on Santa Barbara and 8 Mile moved to Ann Arbor. Other businesses have moved to other cities like Inkster Michigan, that have approved their ordinances by a vote of the people. 

The question is, what should the city do with the revenue once everything gets settled in Detroit? 

Website: Detroit City Councilmember Scott Benson

Given the City's willingness to open safe houses for Opioid use, why are we not licencing marijuana businesses instead of shutting them down? Is there a subtle hypocrisy in this policy with government providing drugs to citizens while demonizing other citizens using their medicine with criminal and civil punishment?

Is it a better financial investment for the City into Information Technology resources by taking online marijuana applications, instead of lawyers in Corporate Council allowing only paper applications?

Website: City Of Detroit Medical Marijuana Online Applications 

Finally what is the status of City finances because of sharing data with the State of Michigan, allowing City taxpayers to receive their State and City return at the same time?

Call in number (313) 778-7600.

Ask your questions in advance by using our comments section: - Good Stuff on the Internet