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Monday, March 28, 2016

Message to Detroit Marijuana Business Owners for April 1st, 2016 and Beyond.

by Richard  C. Clement
     Marijuana Policy Analyst

                The City of Detroit’s Medical Marijuana Ordinance goes into effect April 1st, 2016. If you are interested in owning a Marijuana based property in the city we strongly encourage you to apply ASAP by April 1st,  2016 (click here to apply for a marijuana license today!) on the City of Detroit Website. Make sure to upload site plans and if you do not have them, make sure you apply anyway to preserve your right to appeal or sue in a court of law.

If you are open after this date, you can remain open until you get a Court Order from 36th District Court, from a Court Bailiff, signed by a Judge, compelling you to cease and desist operations. At that time your legal counsel will file an objection and go to court to prove you are not a public nuisance. The possession of medible Marijuana in Wayne County Michigan will not be prosecuted by any employee of the Wayne County Prosecutors Office under the excellent leadership of Ms. Kym Worthy who has limited resources and  overworked staff.

A team from Building Safety Engineering (BSEED), Detroit Police Department, and Fire Department will inspect your property to determine the eligibility of your location. If you feel that these ordinances do not meet your needs, or you feel that this ordinance was written to benefit a few select owners, you are strongly encouraged to write one on your own. 

You should work with organizations that have Detroit residents’ interests at heart and, are determined to make the marijuana business a viable business option for persons who are interested in pursuing a career in the growing Marijuana Industry.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the office.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

CUSHingberry Pushes for Language Accesiblity Plan to Close The Translation Gap

by Richard C. Clement

The Legislative Policy Division (LPD) has been requested by Council President Pro-Tempore George Cushingberry, Jr. to provide a report on how the City of Detroit (City) might go about developing and financing a comprehensive Language Accessibility Plan (LAP) that could be employed by all City departments that must interface with a City population that is becoming more and more culturally diverse.

Given the changing dynamics and population of our city that does not speak English as their native language, communication between each other is quickly becoming quite complex. Therefore the ability to communicate with each other becomes a life or death matter in some cases.

Councilmember Pro-Tem Cushingberry Jr. is committed to bridge the language gap among Detroit residents. He is very excited about the possibilities of the City being able to communicate with each other, no matter what language you speak and understand.

Some of the possibilities are using software hosted on a cell phone that will hear and translate a spoken words to a selected language.  Other possibilities are using the resources of the Dominican Literacy Project to consult in the development of a cross language table to associate one word to another word in a different language and vice versa.

Pro Tem Cushingberry is confident in the Legislative Policy Division in that they will do an excellent job on gathering information and doing the research.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pushing with CUSHingberry to Provide Afforable Water to Detroit Residents

by Friends of Cushingberry

The Water Residential Assistance Program (WRAP) launching March 1, will provide qualifying customers at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty threshold, with help in paying current and past-due water bills. WRAP is a Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) regional program offered in several counties including Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb. The program will be administered through the Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency in Detroit.

Eligible DWSD customers will receive a $25 monthly bill credit with any arrearages frozen for 12 months. Customers who successfully make their monthly payments for one year will receive an additional credit of up to $700 applied toward their arrears.

In addition, qualifying residents with water usage exceeding 20 percent of the average household water consumption in the city, are eligible for a free home water conservation audit. Based on the audit, customers may receive up to an additional $1,000 for minor household plumbing repairs. 
Participants may continue in the program for up to 24 months but must reapply annually.

The terms of the program which were recently approved by the GLWA board, will provide Detroit residents with approximately $1.5 million of the $4.5 million allocated for 126 municipalities in seven southeast Michigan counties. Approximately 44,000 of Detroit’s 175,000 residential water accounts are on a payment plan, up from 9,000 a year ago. Residents on the plan are not subject to shutoff.

To apply for the WRAP, residents may call Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency (on or after March 1) at 313.386.WRAP (9727) or visit the website at

Monday, March 14, 2016

State Reps Introduce Bill 5445 to Eliminate Local Marijuana Ordinances

By Richard C. Clement
      Marijuana Policy Analyst

        Today State Rep. Leslie Love(D), Wendel Byrd(D), and Latanya Garrett(D) introduced House Bill #5445 changing the Michigan Medical Marijuana Law to prevent citizens in Cities and Townships from enacting referendums and petitions to modify local marijuana ordinances.  This bill was introduced to stop the referendum that was filed by the Citizens for Sensible Cannabis Reform to place the two Marijuana Ordinances on the August 2nd, 2016 ballot in the City of Detroit.

        This bill will be a prototype for every City and Township in the State of Michigan regardless of the feelings of the citizens. Raids like the ones in Gaylord MI and the seizing of medibles will become the normal course of business for every city and township in Michigan.

         Rep. Love is hoping to fast-track this legislation with the help of Republicans for a coveted signature from Governor Rick Snyder in 90 days.  If this is signed into law, then all Cities and Townships will have their ordinances null and voided. A citizens rights to address your government and get redress of your grievances will be eliminated.  If you have any comments on this bill please click on the names to let them know how you feel.

Office Address  S-689 House Office Building
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 30014  
Lansing, MI 48909-7514

Phone: (517) 373-0857   Toll-Free: (855) 568-3010

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Detroit Marijuana Ordinance Placed Under Suspension by Citizens Group

By Richard C. Clement
      Marijuana Policy Analyst

A group by the name of Citizens for Sensible Cannabis Reform (CSCR) has informed the Detroit City Council that they will file a lawsuit to suspend the full implementation of the Detroit Marijuana Zoning and License Ordinance until August 2nd, 2016 or, until the Ordinance is re-written in a fair and equitable manner. The group has already filed date stamped petitions with the Detroit City Clerk before the implementation date and time of March 1st, 2016 at 9:00am EST.

Woodward Ave
Cana-Business Owners Assn.
If the ordinance stands as is, 95% of all available business parcels will be made unavailable for use as a Marijuana Caregiver Center. This will adversely affect businesses owned by Detroit residents that want to give back to the neighborhoods.  Other organizations such as The Sons of Hemp, an African American Cannabis Chamber Commerce group, have chimed in their support because 100% of their businesses will be closed down. CSCR wants to develop and ordinance that is fair and equitable to everyone regardless of someone’s ethnic background or felony convictions.  If we are truly a society that believes in giving people second chances, then it is time to put it into practice.

If you still have an interest in becoming a marijuana business owner, we strongly recommend that you apply for the license online using the City of Detroit website (click here to apply) and, apply for your license today. Go directly to the application and enter your information for the official record. Ignore the radial search feature and just enter your information in the required fields on the application.  Everyone who applies has the right to a hearing and, you are welcome to bring representation.   The fees have been disabled and we are welcoming comment from the public to make the system even better.

We want to acknowledge the fine work that our Department of Innovation Technology(DoIT) has put in to allow people to apply for a license using the City of Detroit’s Website. A great big shout out goes out to the Information Technology Staff lead by Chief Information Officer Beth Niblock and, DoIT Director Charles Dodd for their leadership in developing a true Marijuana Information System for the City of Detroit.

City Attorney Butch Hollowell will argue for the Council that the filings were not in a timely manner and the ordinance is in full effect. Legal representatives of CSCR produce evidence and, will argue that the filing was timely. During this time period the law prevents the ordinance from being enforced until a vote is taken of the people on August 2nd, 2016.  There will be NO penalty for remaining open and applying for a license during this time period.  This includes the edibles, medibles, concentrates and other products made from the plant. 

For example, at Eastern Market in Shed #2, toasted hemp is available for sale to the public. They taste just like sunflower seeds and I highly recommend that you try it.  Until then carry on with your normal course of business and, make sure you show up in August to let your voice be your vote, instead of wearing out your throat. - Good Stuff on the Internet