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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

CUSHingberry Pushes for Language Accesiblity Plan to Close The Translation Gap

by Richard C. Clement

The Legislative Policy Division (LPD) has been requested by Council President Pro-Tempore George Cushingberry, Jr. to provide a report on how the City of Detroit (City) might go about developing and financing a comprehensive Language Accessibility Plan (LAP) that could be employed by all City departments that must interface with a City population that is becoming more and more culturally diverse.

Given the changing dynamics and population of our city that does not speak English as their native language, communication between each other is quickly becoming quite complex. Therefore the ability to communicate with each other becomes a life or death matter in some cases.

Councilmember Pro-Tem Cushingberry Jr. is committed to bridge the language gap among Detroit residents. He is very excited about the possibilities of the City being able to communicate with each other, no matter what language you speak and understand.

Some of the possibilities are using software hosted on a cell phone that will hear and translate a spoken words to a selected language.  Other possibilities are using the resources of the Dominican Literacy Project to consult in the development of a cross language table to associate one word to another word in a different language and vice versa.

Pro Tem Cushingberry is confident in the Legislative Policy Division in that they will do an excellent job on gathering information and doing the research.

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