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Monday, March 14, 2016

State Reps Introduce Bill 5445 to Eliminate Local Marijuana Ordinances

By Richard C. Clement
      Marijuana Policy Analyst

        Today State Rep. Leslie Love(D), Wendel Byrd(D), and Latanya Garrett(D) introduced House Bill #5445 changing the Michigan Medical Marijuana Law to prevent citizens in Cities and Townships from enacting referendums and petitions to modify local marijuana ordinances.  This bill was introduced to stop the referendum that was filed by the Citizens for Sensible Cannabis Reform to place the two Marijuana Ordinances on the August 2nd, 2016 ballot in the City of Detroit.

        This bill will be a prototype for every City and Township in the State of Michigan regardless of the feelings of the citizens. Raids like the ones in Gaylord MI and the seizing of medibles will become the normal course of business for every city and township in Michigan.

         Rep. Love is hoping to fast-track this legislation with the help of Republicans for a coveted signature from Governor Rick Snyder in 90 days.  If this is signed into law, then all Cities and Townships will have their ordinances null and voided. A citizens rights to address your government and get redress of your grievances will be eliminated.  If you have any comments on this bill please click on the names to let them know how you feel.

Office Address  S-689 House Office Building
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 30014  
Lansing, MI 48909-7514

Phone: (517) 373-0857   Toll-Free: (855) 568-3010


Anonymous said...

All 100+ Michigan State House of Representatives are up for re-election this August 2nd, 2016.

Anonymous said...

Remember in November. You represent the people of this state and when you stop representing what the people want, they WILL vote you out.

Anonymous said...

The people want weed

Anonymous said...

One term Leslie Love.

Friends of George Cushingberry said...

Hazel Fludd
President of Garden Homes Community Organization

Dear Ms. Fludd,
Thank you for your concerns, we always love to hear from our constituents. I am confident that our information is right and we have NO INTENTION of retracting my analysis of this bill. The language in this bill takes the constitutional voting rights of a medical marijuana patient as a citizen away in a court of law by directing a judge to deny damages to Medical Marijuana patients regardless if they were found innocent by a jury of their peers.

HB 5445 and the Detroit Marijuana Ordinance forces patients to ditch their medible marijuana and smoke it, even though they have medical conditions that will not allow them to inhale smoke. (COPD/Autism, etc). This is as bad as forcing people to drink poison water like Gov. Snyder did.

This is extremely dangerous precedent and the petitions submitted by the Citizens for Sensible Cannabis Reform are there to address the injustice of this bill. It is quite insulting that this ordinance was designed by people who do not use or like Marijuana without ANY input from people who do use it.

Some of your pastors should be ashamed of themselves disrespecting the plant from GOD (Genesis 1:29). According to Chief Craig, the Detroit Police Crime Statistics shows that there is very little crime at these places of business and, all of your information is incorrect. Some of your information is being manufactured to create a problem that does not exist. I am challenging you Ms. Flood to go to ten of these places of business and ask them how many Children have been molested at a Marijuana Facility vs a Church or a School?

To allow Pastor Marvin Winans and friends to conduct a Weed Jihad to run off the millions dollars of investments into in Detroit is an act of insanity. In 12 years on Woodward Avenue, 4 Marijuana places of business have risen from the ashes while an empty church sits on the corner of Woodward and Seven Mile gathering dust. Across the street, an empty golf course lies while investors like Tribute Detroit, Miles Green Acers, the Green Cure, and Elite Compassion Center has people coming in and out of their doors. Maybe our good Pastor friend should hire some of those Marijuana people to finish and open up his Church instead of trying to close down other businesses.

We are strongly encouraging our elected officials in Lansing to kill HB 5445 because it was designed to shut down businesses owned by native Detroit residents and, allow a very few to make all the money who do not live in Detroit or Michigan. Racism has no place in the City of Detroit and while we have a number of African American entrepreneurs in the Marijuana business, this bill will do the exact opposite by shutting down ALL businesses. This attitude is the one that drove the Pistons to Auburn Hills and the Detroit Lions to Pontiac before they wised up and came back home to Downtown Detroit.

We hope that Rep. Love does the right thing and never let this bill see the light of a hearing in the judiciary committee.

Finally Ms. Flood you are out of your damn mind if you want Cush to resign.

Richard C. Clement
Legislative Aide to Councilman George Cushingberry Jr.
City of Detroit / Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
13th Floor Suite 1340
2 Woodward Ave
Detroit, MI 48226
Voice (313) 224-4535 Fax: (313) 224-1524 fax - Good Stuff on the Internet