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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Vote YES twice on November 7th 2017 for Sensible Marijuana Laws in the City of Detroit

By Richard C. Clement - Marijuana Policy Analyst

On Nov 7th, two proposals Chapters 24 and 61 are on the City of Detroit Ballot to allow the citizens of Detroit to decide to Opt-Into the State of Michigan Medical Marijuana Caregivers Act with their vote.  The highlights of the proposals are as follows:

  • Opts the City of Detroit ordinance into the State of Michigan Medical Marijuana Facilities and Licensing Act
  • Allows for new revenue to be reinvested into parks, recreation centers, retiree pensions, and fighting the war on poverty
  • Establishes standards to regulate caregiver centers through the city's Building, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department regarding issuance, renewal and revocation.
  • Amends the definition of a Drug-Free School Zone to correspond to federal and state law that requires dispensaries to be at least 1,000 feet from schools, colleges and public libraries
  • Dispensaries will be allowed to open within 500 feet of another dispensaries, 500 feet of exempt religious institutions where religious services are regularly conducted. 
  • Removes restrictions on liquor, beer/wine stores, child-care centers, arcades and parks.
  • Dispensaries would be allowed to stay open until 9 p.m.
  • The new ordinance will aid in preventing unscrupulous business owners from opening a Church, or Day Care Center for the sole purpose of preventing the opening of a MMCC business.
  • Adoption of this ordinance by the electorate will effectively stop Winfred Blackmon, Hazel Fludd, and their clown car full of neighborhood groups who come to EVERY Board of Zoning Hearing with frivolous claims, twisted reasoning, and false allegations. In some cases the opposition lives up to 9 miles away from a MMCC facility and talk about the places like they live next door to them.

The current City of Detroit Medical Marijuana ordinance violates tenants of the Federal Religious Use and Institutionalized Persons Act and, the US Constitution 1st Amendment on separation of church and state. Additionally crime data from the Detroit Police Department shows that crime has actually DECREASED around the addresses of the businesses and, that they are viable tax paying entities and, that the neighborhood groups are lying to a government entity for personal gain.

Richard C. Clement with the owners of the
House of Zen 
14501 Mack Ave, Detroit, MI 48215

Whereas current District 2 City Council Candidate Roy McAlister is a solid NO vote on both measures, Council President Pro Tempore George Cushingberry recommends a YES vote on amending Chapters 24 and 61. If elected to City Council, Roy McAlister wants to limit and continue the shutdown of MMCC facilities by retaining the current ordinance. George Cushingberry wants to bring Detroit into the 21st century from 80 years of prohibition policy based on racist thoughts and ideas from the 1930’s.
Website:  House Of Zen /

Adopting both measures will bring needed revenue to the city, create jobs, and revitalize some of the empty building in the neighborhoods. Another good thing is that it increases opportunities for Minority and Women owned businesses like the House of Zen on Mack Avenue who can employ people from the neighborhood, draw new business to the neighborhood and add to the quality of life. 

Vote YES on 24, Vote YES on 61, now is the time to get the job done.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Mayor Mike Duggan and Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry team up to Improve Detroit Neighborhoods - Starting with District 2

By Richard C. Clement

Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. will be leading a financial team review with Deputy Chief Finance Officer John Naglick and Council members of the Budget, Audit, and Finance committee to review Mayor Mike Duggan’s $125 million bond fund request to revitalize the city’s commercial business corridors. With the support of city and community partners, business districts will be more attractive and pedestrian friendly.

Upon implementation in 2018, the city aims to recapture some of the estimated $2.6 billion in retail spending Detroit residents do annually in surrounding communities, according to a study by the Detroit Economic Development Corporation. The McNichols corridor in District 2 will be the model for this citywide project and, we are strongly anticipating its approval by the entire 9 member Detroit City Council.

Website: Council President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. and District 2 Manager Kim Tandy make plans for the neighborhood.

President Pro Tem Cushingberry strongly expressed that Detroiters Quit Rapping and Start Mapping a plan for the future of Detroit’s neighborhoods. With his leadership in finance, Mayor Duggan and the bond fund managers will redirect road dollars into the neighborhoods for projects such as this.  One of the goals of this project is to reduce the speeding deaths along the McNichols, Puritan, and 7 Mile Corridors.  Drivers are travelling too fast on roads that were designed in the 1950 and are paying for it with their lives.

If you support the City of Detroit neighborhoods then, do the right thing this November 7th at the ballot box  and write in George Cushingberry Jr. name on your ballot.  We have come so far as a City to allow imitators and perpetrators to get elected and destroy the progress we have made as a City Council and Administration for the best interests of our Detroit Citizens.

In other news, the University District Community Association is sponsoring a petition drive to declare a Special Assessment District for their neighborhood. This is a request that is similar to the  request from neighbors who live in Sherwood Forest, Palmer Woods, and the Detroit Golf Club. With the special assessment, residents in the U.D.C.A. neighborhood are agreeing to asses themselves an additional $175 a year per home for enhanced services of mosquito control, extra security, and snow removal from streets and sidewalks. President Pro Tem Cushingberry has been very supportive of the efforts and was a driving force for the needs of our citizens to request better services through neighborhood management of assessment funds.

If you have any questions about the assessment petition, please do not hesitate to call (313) 447-0003.

Website: University District Community Association Website/Blog on Special Assessment District request from neighborhood residents.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Write In Voting Correction Instructions for Detroit City Council District 2

By Richard C. Clement

If you did not know that the incumbent George Cushingberry Jr. is running as a write in candidate and, you have already voted absentee, you can correct that mistake easily. 

Go to your Detroit City Clerk's office and ask for a replacement ballot then, follow the instructions below to write in George Cushingberry Jr's name in the non partisan section for City Council District 2.

If there are any questions on this simple procedure, then go to the City Clerks office at 2978 West Grand Boulevard or, satellite centers located on the campuses of Wayne County Community College District on 8200 W. Outer Drive 48219 or 5901 Conner 48213 and make that change.

Otherwise, you have until November 6th, to vote in person at any of the above locations in the City of Detroit hosted by the Elections Division.

If you show up on November 7th, to vote in person after receiving your absentee ballot, your absentee ballot  is destroyed.

Reference Website:  Michigan Secretary Of State / What If I make a mistake?

This is how to Write In The Name of George Cushingberry Jr.

Why you should Write In the name of George Cushingberry Jr.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Write-In Voting Instructions For George Cushingberry Jr on November 7th. The Man For You In District 2

By. Richard C. Clement

On August 9th, 2017 a lawsuit was filed by Anita E. Belle chair of the Voting Justice Committee regarding voting irregularities in the City of Detroit in the primary election on Tuesday August 8th 2017.  The organization performed research on voter registration and found that at least 1,175 voters registered for the August primary were vacant lots belonging to the Detroit Land Bank. 

There were other improprieties reported such as duplicate ballots and denial of challenging the voter list with the land bank properties. Some election inspectors were given bonuses of $30 for their poll book not being challenged. According to her signed affidavit, challenges to duplicate ballots were prevented by Elections staff members and Ms. Bell was forced to leave the room. Oral Arguments will be heard on October 13, 2017. If successful, there will be further investigation for Voter Irregularity (or Voter Fraud)

Website:  List of Vacant Homes with Voting Addresses for the City of Detroit
Case# 17-011933-AW Belle v City of Detroit Election Commission et al Janice Winfrey 

The race in District 2 was impacted by a judicial system who never considered that Virgil Smith would get ANY votes, let alone place in the top two. In the computer industry, this anomaly would have been addressed with a system test and the error would have been corrected. The legal system has left the issue up to the voters and after consulting with constituents and supporters, George Cushingberry Jr. was strongly advised to pursue a Write-In Campaign. On Friday September 15th George Cushingberry filed a Declaration of Intent to run as a Write-In candidate in the November 7th, general election 

 Write-In Instructions to vote for George Cushingberry Jr. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

On Nov 7th, 2017 Write In George Cushingberry Jr. Detroit City Council District 2

By The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.

On Friday September 15th at 3pm Eastern, George Cushingberry Jr. filed a Declaration of Intent with City Clerk Janice Winfrey to run as a Write in Candidate for the office Detroit City Council District 2.  He will be joining candidate Nguvu Tsare as a write in for the position who just recently moved into the District to run as a Write In. His constituents have encouraged George Cushingberry Jr.  to give them an alternative choice instead of a near fascist or a ward of the court and, to vindicate my name from the false accusations and outright lies being told.

Affordable Care Act Information

All of the work to get Davis Aerospace HS and commercial service to Detroit City Airport will be lost if you do not re-elect George Cushingberry Jr.  Along with finally straightening out the City Information Technology structure the work done to repair the financial damage done to city retirees will be lost also. George Cushingberry is reading to children at Thugood Marshall Elementary School in District 2  and others in the District raising their literacy levels by over 50% in two weeks. 

Mr. Cushingberry has learned his lesson on the new electorate of the City of Detroit.  The legal system has taken a position on Virgil Smith's candidacy by shirking their legal responsibilities to the electorate to dictate the final result with their vote.

It is not a total mystery of why a Northwest Detroit neighborhood association leader would support Roy McAlister and Virgil Smith at the same time. First of all, Roy McAlister has spent over $30,000 in running for City Council which is four times the amount all the other candidates spent for the August primary election. Comparing his administrative background to George Cushingberry's 30+ years of knowledge, experience, and education in politics is more than overwhelming.  

Who's interest is Roy serving and, who is paying him off besides the anti-marijuana lobby and vested interests who want to keep Detroit dumb. Although being a police officer is a noble profession, is not a prerequisite to being an effective councilman. However we really do appreciate your service to the Detroit Police Department and after the election we can work together to restore the damage to retired police officers and firefighters with their health care cost. Thank you Roy for your service to the City of Detroit as a Detroit Police Officer.

For marijuana supporters  Virgil Smith is a better choice than Roy Mc Alister. As a part of the plea deal from Judge Talon, Senator Smith was allowed to retain and use Cannabis for medical needs as a licensed Medical Marijuana patient. This was upheld by the by the Michigan Supreme Court. 

Do you really want to give a fourth and fifth chance to someone who has skillfully used the talents of legal system lawyers to evade felony charges over the years, only to repeat the behavior again and again? 

Virgil Smith has successfully put the myth of a Medical Marijuana patient and gun ownership. This was always a myth and another falsehood promoted by special interests supporting his campaign. Therefore if you are possessing a Medical  Marijuana patient card you can own a gun, rifle, etc, without penalty. 

Another example of this erratic behavior is that on September 7th, 2017  Candidate Virgil Smith went on the record opposing Sativa Detroit on the intersection of Santa Barbara and 8 Mile road over the objections of the community. At the same time he  supported an un-open Marijuana Business center on San Juan and 8 mile road.  Sativa Detroit has been operating and employing people to work at their provisioning center. 

Winfred Blackmon and Virgil Smith
Working together to shut down all Detroit Marijuana Businesses

As demonstrated by Mr. Smith, you could shoot up the neighborhood, mis-manage female relationships,  and still get elected like Donald Trump. Whereas George Cushingberry and a passenger in the car are handcuffed on the hood of a Detroit Police Car without gloves and made to stand outside in -20 degree Fahrenheit (-28 degrees Celsius) weather for a failure to signal on a cold and miserable January night. Who really deserves a second chance?

With all of the progress Detroit has made over the last four years, to elect a Virgil Smith with all of the legal baggage would be a complete disaster.

George Cushingberry Jr is a better choice of candidate between Roy McAlister and Virgil Smith because of three things Education, Experience, and Demonstrated ability. This is not fake news but cold hard facts. Besides guiding Detroit’s finances into solvency, George Cushingberry has:
  • Never been convicted of any crime
    • Abused by a legal system and stood up to the test of time by a jury of his peers.
  • Never accepted a bribes
    • Un-bought, Un-Bossed, with nothing but integrity!
  • Does not accept a City Car, Credit Card, or phone
  • Added committees on Ethics and Appropriations
  • Implementing a city tax on provisioning centers to help repair the financial damage to City of Detroit Retirees pension system.
  • Vigorous participation in the South East Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) for Organization for region-wide resource sharing
  • Elected by his peers as the President Pro-Tem of the Council 
  • Reads to Children in the Detroit Public Schools to increase their reading scores
  • 4 straight years of balanced budgets
  • Believes in regulation with fairness of Medical Marijuana facilities with sale proceeds to shore up Detroit City Retiree pensions
  • Has the option of restarting a lucrative law career again but chooses to finish the work started in turning around our city from the financial ashes of mismanagement, fraud, and deceit, to become a great city again for our young citizens to carry on.
    • Some jobs are done not for money but for the love of the City of Detroit
  • Has the record to demonstrate that the other candidates could not have accomplished what he has done in public service to the City of Detroit, County of Wayne, and the State of Michigan.
As soon as you get your absentee ballot, or show up in person on November 7th, take the time to write in George Cushingberry Jr., the man for you in District 2.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Restitution For City Retirees Under 65 are on the Horizon - Detroit Police get $3.8M in Drug Fighting Equipment - New Housing Projects for Homeless

By Richard C. Clement 

At the Detroit City Council Budget, Audit, and Finance committee meeting held on September 6, 2017 at the Coleman S. Young Municipal Center, the committee set in place the plan to help repair the financial damage to the retirees on health care costs. Committee members Gabe Leland, Janee Ayres, and Committee Chair George Cushingberry Jr  reviewed a possible solution. The proposal is to help all retirees under 65 because they are not eligible for Medicare. The committee discussed the best way to help with health care cost is to get group rate health insurance by adjusting the Voluntary Employee Benefit Agreement (VEBA) that was negotiated in the bankruptcy.  

City of Detroit Auditor General
Mark Lockridge
The end result would be lower health care costs for retirees and, that would be a major step in the road to financial recovery for Detroit.  On December 31st, the City of Detroit will exit all State of Michigan financial control and that will give city leadership the power to negotiate fees to sustain and elevate a better quality of life for Detroit residents.

City of Detroit Financial Team

This action was a result of a letter from Council President Brenda Jones on behalf of the Retirees to use the budget surplus as a funding source to restore the cuts suffered by them in the Bankruptcy Proceedings. The letter was sent to the Legislative Policy Division and sent to the BFA committee for their detailed review. Other funding sources are not off the table and will be brought up in committee meetings before November. On other news the Detroit Police Department’s Drug Enforcement Program was appropriated $3.8 million dollars to purchase police equipment or services that are eligible to use in Local Forfeiture funding. 

New and Livable Housing in Detroit

Finally homelessness and affordable housing issues were addressed by three projects authorized by the committee.  The first one was for Kamper and Stevens to rehabilitate the exiting Kamper building and Stevens building containing 165 units of senior housing with 145 one bedroom units and sixteen two bedroom units. The next project was by Norstar development USA to create the Gardenview estates on the former Herman Gardens Housing Projects. This project will create 97 one and two story townhomes units. The final project is by Detroit Central City CMH, Inc. to develop the Saint Rita Apartments. Project. This development will consist of 26 units of rehabbed living conditions.

For more information please contact the members of the Budget Audit and Finance committee and Stay tuned for more information. - Good Stuff on the Internet