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Monday, August 24, 2015

A Historic August Weekend in Detroit on 8 Mile Road

By Richard C. Clement

Like a fine bottle of Wine
Getting better with Age
The Office of District 2 Councilmember Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. wants to commend all of the participants of People for Palmer Park, The Annual 8 Mile Gathering Fellowship, Crusin in the D, and all the people at Peterson Park who partied in the Spirit of Detroit this August. I want to give a special shout out to the 40th year reunion of the Mumford Class of 1975.

Some of the Class of 1975

WMUM Radio Personalities
Gerald Mc Bride and Richard Clement
It was an extreme pleasure to see old friends, classmates, neighbors, and the reason that all of us became who we are now. It was good to know that some of us are still alive and well.  To those of my Mustang classmates who are resting in heaven, I was honored to be your friend, teammate and drinking partner.  It has been 40 years graduated from Mumford High School and, to all of you all may the Spirit of Detroit inside you live on.

More class of the Class of 1975

Clement and Lake
The Annual 8 Mile reunion on the grounds of an old civil war camp was an extremely awesome event of unity. Old and new neighbors get together and fellowship in the most awesome manner at this location. There are never any acts violence here and it is nothing but love and respect for each other.

Pasteur School in the House
It was an extreme pleasure to introduce some of my friends to current Detroit Fire Department employees of Engine 44, with a brand new door. We were glad to see the support from Wayne County Sheriff, Detroit Fire and Police Departments.  They should feel good about covering a District with a strong history and a great future for the children that live there. Everyone knows the Neighborhood Police Officer but very few know the Neighborhood Fire Fighter. Want to give a big shout out to Sheriff Benny Napolean for his support and he is a proud product of Pasteur School.

Stop The Violence
The Gathering at Peterson Park was a true blessing of the neighborhood again in the Spirit of Detroit. This large city park accommodated three different groups who all played together in harmony.  A Winship Junior High School reunion, a Stop the Violence Rally, and a church group all used the park to fellowship together.  A deputy sheriff from Wayne County came to Stop the Violence and speak about the importance of education and reading. 

Wayne County Sheriff & Cush
Most of the prisoners in Wayne County Jails have the same trait in common regarding their reading skills. They are the most repeat offenders and the deputy sheriff did a wonderful job in communicating with the audience about police and community relations. This is another shout out to Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napolean and the employees that work under his command.

Cush and the Church
Working Together in District 2

Cruisn the D at Palmer Park
The effort to make Woodward South of 8 Mile road a part of a Cruise weekend was a smashing success. The span of Woodward between 8 and Mc Nichols (6 Mile for Native Detroiters) was populated with by the Crusin the “D” event that went around Palmer Park, 7 Mile, Woodward, 8 Mile and back.  This area has its own uniqueness because there are few restaurants and a park with a lot of trees where people parked their cars, stayed cool and watched the other cars go by.  It was a pleasure to welcome cruisers to the area.  

Crusin at Palmer Park
Participants at Woodward and Golden Gate drank cool vegan lemonade at the Golden Gate Café and watched the cars go by. Our office wants to send a thank you to Jerry White, Ms. Litita White and LG Graphics for participating in the inaugural classic car show held on the parking lot at Woodward and Golden Gate.  This location is a prime property for watching cruisers, especially the motor bikers go up and down Woodward.

Thank you Mejiers 

In 2016 a cruise from Campus Martius and Back is very doable. In collaboration with bikers, cruisers, and track clubs, this annual event will morph into an international celebration of the automobile.  Is a Cruise weekend marathon with runners running from 26 miles out to a finish line located at Campus Martius possible? This would have to be done before the Saturday of the event maybe on a Friday morning. Otherwise, the bikers and automobile group can do the cruise from Campus Martius to Pontiac in 2016 with proper time, planning and, support.

Cruiser(Left) with Organizer/CEO
Gregory Reed(Right)

Detroit is coming back and we are helping to keep it on track to progress.

We thank you all for your participation in these events in the Spirit of Detroit.

Keep up the good work in Detroit!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2015 Woodward Cruise Success has Inspired Bigger Plans for 2016 from Campus Martius to Pontiac

by Richard C. Clement

A Corvette Cruiser(L) with
Gregory Reed (R)
The Office of Council Member Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. wants to send out a big thank you to the shop owners on Woodward and, Mr. Gregory Reed of Crusin the D for organizing and implementing the events in the City of Detroit.  The people of District 2 and, the City very much appreciate Mr. Reed's effort uplift the People in The Spirit of Detroit.  We also want to thank McDonald's in Highland Park and, Mejier’s who’s sponsorship and Super Stores on Grand River Avenue and  8 Mile that have become a smashing success.

Thank You Mejiers

Woodward and Goldengate
Crusin the "D"
We want to thank Businesses like; Vendors LT Graphics & Consulting and, Vegan Golden Gate Café at the intersection of Woodward and Golden Gate that fully participated in the event by having educational sessions on Urban Gardening and what specific plants do for ailments of the body. Cilantro, and Mint Tea that can be grown in your backyard are things that people need to know about. Plants like Industrial Hemp can make products better than  E-85 fuel at a much cheaper price. 

Cruisn in Detroit Supporters
Cruise Weekend gave Automobile enthusiasts and Motor Cycle riders a chance to ride up and down Woodward Avenue from Downtown to Pontiac to pay homage and respect to the City and Region that carried the World for a long time.  It was an honor to meet Biker Bob and his Motor Cycle friends who will be teaching me how to ride a Harley Davidson Bike before Fall 2015.  There were a lot of bikers out there also showing the love for Woodward and I may be one of them in 2016. I also want to give my condolences to the people who got their cars stolen north of 8 mile. This would be a time to advocate for review of uniform Statewide Auto Insurance rates for every Michigan resident.

1964 Mustang and Owner 
In 2016 we believe that the Cruise should go from Campus Martius to Pontiac, and back.  This Cruise will highlight the progress of the City along Woodward on the M1 rail line,  People driving Automobiles, riding Motor Bikes will ride by places like;  The District Detroit,  Detroit Historical Museum, Ford Model T plant in Highland Park, Palmer Park, Golden Gate Vegan Foods, The NEW Perfecting Church, State Fair Parking lot, and beyond.

Side View
In 2016 we want a collaboration of people to use the Old State Fairgrounds Parking Lot on Woodward to view classic cars, party, or even sell used cars on the property. The bottom line is that this event is in the true Spirit of Detroit and, this issue will be brought before the full body of the City Council before the end of the year.  All permits, leases, and other essentials to have Woodward Avenue ready for the 2016 cruise will be put on the table for review.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Good News in Detroit, Come and Cruise in Detroit! Classic Car Cruise Weekend / Aug 13-15th

by Friends of Cushingberry

Vendor Space Available

                The 1st annual Classic Car Park and Cruise Detroit event will be held on August 13,14 and 15th 2015 at the intersection of Woodward Avenue and W. Goldengate Street.   This is a prime location on Woodward Avenue because as a Cruiser, you can participate in the Dream Cruise north of 8 mile and Cruisn the “D” South of 8 mile.

Cars can park for free and Vendor space is being made available by the lot owners.   

Exhibit rates are as follows:

10x10 @ $125 per day or 10x10 @ $300 for ALL THREE DAYS

Set up time starts at 8am (Tents and Tables welcome)
For more information please contact:

Ms. Litita White - Director
Classic Car Park and Cruise Detroit
18461 W. McNichols
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 255-4300 or (313) 930-0318
Fax:  (313) 255-4301

Crusin the "D"  Cruise

Attorney Gregory Reed is sponsoring in District 2

Good Food While you Cruise:

While you are there, come and patronize one of Detroit’s best Vegan Restaurants the Golden Gate Café. This gem is serves some of the best holistic food on Woodward. The owner Dr. Bob is very friendly and a great chiropractor.  Wednesday night Drum Circles at the intersection brings the Woodward/Goldengate community together in peace and sacrament.

Sign a Petition to Legalize Marijuana in Michigan

While you are looking at cars and dining at the Golden Gate Café, please take the time to sign a petition to allow voters to decide in November 2016 to legalize the use of profits from Marijuana. Legal retail sales from the plant will fix the roads, fund the Schools, and finance public pensions at a local level.  People who are currently incarcerated for small amounts of Marijuana will be thrown out of jail, kicked off probation, and have their criminal records expunged if this becomes the law.
Signature gatherers will be at Golden Gate Café to collect signatures.  

This effort is sponsored by the MI Legalize, Activists and Democrats.  This law if passed will keep the current Marijuana Law intact and, allow for the sale of cannabis in the State of Michigan.  This is the only Marijuana petition that will truly benefit the people in regards to funding, revenue and fair treatment.  This petition DOES NOT allow use of Marijuana by under-age youth.  People who are promoting the Marijuana Responsibility Council request are telling this lie to get you to sign their petition.

Review Petition language at

Whereas the petition by the MRC is sponsored by a GOP based group in Oakland County with ties to New Jersey Gov. Chris Chrstie. Their petition attacks felons and removes growing rights of patients and caregivers. Their petition will fill the jails of Michigan with people and property being seized by law enforcement officials. On giving second chances to felons, if it is good for Martha Stewart, if it is good for elected leaders in Michigan, then any felon in Michigan deserves a second chance. 

It is time to curtail the felony hater aide laws in Lansing and get some common sense. The cement used for the jails belong in the roads filling potholes and fixing bridges in Wayne County instead of sitting at an uncompleted jail.   So stop by and make it your mission, to sign the petition.

Happy Cruise Weekend to all of you from District 2 in Detroit,
 and we hope to see you on the Avenue.

Be There!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

One Year Later: While Everyone Was Watching Ferguson MO - Marc Emery Got Deported for Seeds

by Richard C. Clement

On behalf of the American People,
we apologize for this act terror
inflicted upon
Mr.and Mrs Marc S. Emery
by a few of our Government Officials
August 12th 2014 marks a one year anniversary of the deportation of Canada’s Prince of Pot, Marc Scott Emery via the Detroit Windsor Tunnel.  In complete bondage and while everyone was watching the events in Ferguson Missouri, Mr. Emery a Canadian citizen, was unceremoniously dumped off at the Canadian border by US Marshall's after being flown from a Louisiana holding facility.  Emery served four years in a US Federal Prison for the crime of selling Marijuana seeds to Americans and other International Customers.

(CBC Canada Reports the Return the Marc Scott Emery back to Canada)

Jodie Emery
He was extradited to the United States by the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the request of the US Drug Enforcement Agency for the purposes of stopping the Marijuana Legalization movement.  During his time in Jail many states like Michigan made Marijuana legal or have it in their State Legislatures to be voted on. Industrial Hemp is the law in Michigan so that people can manufacture products from the plant.

Nikes Paid for by American Taxpayers
After further review by US Attorney General Eric Holder, Marc was kicked out of the United States of America like Dolomite from San Antonio TX with a brand new pair of Nikes, $200 dollars, and a damn good meal. He was told he could never return again to USA.  He was flown from Mississippi in chains by Con Air and kicked off the plane in Toledo. He was driven from Toledo to Windsor CA where he was welcomed by a huge crowd of Canadians welcoming him home. 

He was the ultimate example of forgiveness because he spoke very kindly of the American People and said "that there are a few bad apples among a very great people".  Marc Emery is now a felon in the USA and a registered voter in Canada. Mrs. Emery is an up and coming electable Woman in political office. Now and One year later, Canadian Citizens now have to power elect a Prime Minister to  change the direction of their government on October 19th, 2015.   Through a trade agreement with Michigan on Industrial Hemp Products, the loan from Canada to build the Gordie Howe Bridge will be paid off in weeks. We know that Riverside Park in Detroit would be finished long before any bridge goes up and become operational and that is why the City of Detroit went forward with the Moroun family.

Jodie Emery
The current Prime Minister Stephen Harper has engaged in a new Voter suppression method by banning all advertising regarding the national elections. Mr. Harper hates Cannabis with a passion. However and with the power of Social Media, this strategy will fail because there are 3.6 million Canadian Citizens that support the use of Cannabis.  This Voting Block has the opportunity to reshape the Office of the Prime Minister with people who listen to them.  We hope that they show up to elect leaders who are more tolerant toward things creating international jobs with Cannabis Products, instead of shipping dirty oil that does not create jobs.

Marc Emery Speaks on the Importance of Voting 
Good Info for both sides of the border

In 2016 American Citizens will have to pick the next president to succeed President Obama.  We hope that the young people line up and, vote like they stand in line waiting for the newest pair of Nike Shoes.  Electing the wrong person like Chris Christie may get you put in a line for brand new pair of Nikes, just like the ones Marc Emery got for free.

Finally, Marc Scott Emery has earned the right for a Pardon and Complete Clemency from President Barack Obama before he leaves office.  When this is done, Mr. and Mrs. Marc Scott Emery are more than welcome to come back to the USA via Detroit over the Ambassador Bridge and, visit us as a free people.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Cruise Woodward Avenue on the M1 in District 2 During Cruise Weekend Aug 12-Aug 16

by Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.

“Paying Homage to the Automobile from Highland Park to 8 Mile”

We are strongly encouraging all lovers of the Automobile to converge on Woodward Avenue from August 12th, 2015 until August 16th, 2015 on Cruise Week along Woodward in Detroit and Highland Park.  Highland Park will be paying homage to the Automobile at the Old Ford Plant Site on Woodward Avenue. This site was the home of the plant that build Ford’s first car, the Model-T coupe. In Detroit the main event will be the Crusin the “D” event around Palmer Park.

1965 Dodge Challenger
Owner Name: Diamond
In the Main event, cruisers and City Vehicles such as Fire Trucks, Police Cars, form a big D loop around the Park on Woodward between 8 Mile and McNichols.   Last year Chief Craig headlined the Parade and the Detroit Fire Department, especially Engine 44 represented very well. This year will be even better because locations along Woodward between 8 and 6 Mile are available with permission of the property owners in advance.  Vendors and tables located at the intersection of Woodward and Goldengate will be there to greet cruisers on the road.  While you watch the Crusin the "D" you can eat some of the best Vegan food at the Golden Gate Cafe. Under the leadership of Gregory Reed, the Crusin the D event is a highlight of the District.  Currently we are waiting on approval from MDOT/State of Michigan to use the vacant State Fair Parking Lot for Cruise purposes. Talented people who love to build cars from scratch are strongly encouraged to participate in this event that pays homage to the City and Region that built a nation. 

For more information on the Cruise go to

If you are going to have a real regional transportation, going East and West is a priority. The eventual crossroad for the M1 and M102 Rail System is ground zero for the redevelopment of the neighborhood, including the Old State Fairgrounds. Eventual plans for the property are a new neighborhood, retail shopping, theater complex, and transportation center.  The transportation center will include a new stop for AMTRAK trains heading to Chicago. This station will replace the station on Woodward making AMTRAK people friendly and easy to park. Detroiters will not have to drive to Dearborn to catch the AMTRAK train.  To view the complete site plan for the Michigan State Fair, please visit Councilmember Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr’s website by clicking here. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call Councilmember Pro Tem Cushingberry's office at (313) 224-4535                                                                                                                              

Thursday, July 30, 2015

A YES Vote for Riverside Park is a YES Vote for Detroit

by Richard Clement

"Mayor Duggan, Detroit City Council and The Moroun family push for peace on the Riverfront".

The vote to accept the land deal with the Morouns is a positive benefit to the Citizens of Detroit and Windsor Canada.  This investment trade off will give the City of Detroit an additional Boat Launch new playing field and a larger area to host neighborhood jazz concerts and other events.  The fishing is awesome at this location and to that effect investment in park infrastructure will increase opportunities for fishermen and fisherwomen.  This vote puts the Department of Natural Resources and the US National Park Service on notice that Detroit is ready to get to work right now instead of later. 

These two governmental agencies have known about the situation at the park for years. Both of them should not have any problem finding old paperwork to create an approval letter.  DNR’s objection to the vote is the kind of butt dragging bureaucracy that City of Detroit is eliminating from its vocabulary through; sound decision making and leadership by Mayor and City Council. The resulting development of the Park will create a new play field for Baseball and Soccer. On certain days, the river is full of people trying to catch fish and this will give the Michigan Department of Natural Resources opportunity to sell more fishing licenses

The Morouns have committed land and resources to make the park a viable park once again without the drama.  While the park issue is being resolved, the entrance ramp to the Bridge from W. Grand Boulevard and the Fisher Service Drive is suffering from poor road sign markings by the Michigan Department of Transportation. (View the Site)

Some of our American Citizens are forced to go across the Ambassador Bridge because they made a turn thinking that they were getting on the freeway.  No American leaving the park should be subjected to a full body strip search by the Canadian Border Security Agency and US Customs Agency for having “contraband” that is otherwise recognized as legal to have. To fix this situation we are strongly urging the Morouns to direct MDOT to place eye level signs at this Entrance with the Canadian Flag emphasizing that a driver will be leaving the Country if they turn, instead of the big green overhead sign that they have now. Some drivers have thought that this overhead sign is a part of the freeway and ignore it. Other driver's GPS units have told them to make a turn here to get on Interstate 75. This is a small fix from the State of Michigan that can easily resolved.

It is now time to get shovels into the ground and start getting to work on improving one of Detroit’s hidden assets on the Riverfront. The leadership of Detroit has clearly stated this is what we want for our citizens. All the Moroun haters out there will be happy once the Gordie Howe International Bridge is finally up and running. While truck traffic will decrease, personal car, bike and walking traffic will increase on the Ambassador Bridge.

Eventually, the old span has to be replaced by a new one. Before that new span is built, the old one has to stay open until the new one is completed. We anticipate that The Morouns will hire local labor because they want to come right to the City of Detroit after all of the conflict.  They have to live here like everyone else and we foresee a peaceful accord will be reached between the dissenters like Attorney Rashida Tilab and supporters like Malik Shabazz.  When this bridge of understanding is reached between the parties, there will be peace, profits, and prosperity on both sides of the Bridge for years to come.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Cushingberry Improves Neighborhoods by Approving NEZ Certificates

By the Friends of Cushingberry

       Councilmember  Pro-Tem George Cushingberry Jr. is committed to neighborhoods and, has approved NEZ Certificates for the following properties in Detroit.

July 2015.

# of Units
248 Mack Avenue
2658 Porter Street
3147 Woodward Ave
4335 Lakepointe
4119 and 4217 Aretha
4228 and 4240 Aretha
3926,3943,3955,4142 Aretha
11 units Woodward/Brush/Hendrie
81 Peterboro

What is a Neighborhood Enterprise Zone?

If you live in one of these areas, you may qualify for a tax abatement of up to %50 for 15 years. Since 2006, the City of Detroit began a program offering tax relief to specific geographic areas. Many residents have been interested in this program, but are unsure how to go about it. Here are some frequently asked questions:

1: Who is eligible?
If you purchased your home after January 1, 1997, it is your principal residence, and you have completed $500 of improvements to your home since its purchase, you are likely eligible for a tax cut. Two-family properties are also eligible if it is the owner's principal residence.

2: How much is the reduction?
The NEZ tax abatement adjusts the rate of the City and County operating mills by 50%.* this millage rate varies yearly - therefore the NEZ millage rate varies also. *Only the City and County operating mills are abated - all other homestead mills are applicable.

3: How long does the tax abatement last?
15 years.

4: How do I apply?                       
You must apply in person at the City Assessor's Office, which is located in the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Two Woodward Avenue, Room 804, Detroit, MI 48226.

5: Is there a deadline:
Yes. If you want to see tax relief for the next year, you must apply between the dates of April 1 – October 1. For example, if you recently purchased your home, you can apply between April 1 and October 1 of the current year to be eligible for the upcoming tax year. You do not have to reapply every year.

6: What documentation do I need to bring?
You will need to bring your driver's license and property deed.

7: My mortgage company pays my taxes through my escrow account. Do I have to inform them of this change?
It is a wise idea to notify your mortgage company of this program, once you have been approved, to transition the change of escrow more smoothly. The first year, and every eligible year thereafter, they will receive four tax bills: one for the land and one for the house (improvements), each summer and winter. This is due to the land on which your house sits is not eligible for this program, just the house itself. Under normal conditions, they would only receive two tax bills: winter and summer. If your mortgage company understand these bills, it may help avoid further mistakes later on.

8: How will I know when my taxes have been reduced?
You can log into the City of Detroit Assessment Department's Online Property Tax Payment and Information System: (Click Here for the tax on your Property Tax  as Assessed - BSA Software)

There is no charge for this system as long as you set up an account and verify only your own property. Changes will be noted after the next tax billing cycle. - Good Stuff on the Internet