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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Forgive The Lame Duck! Vote in the August 2018 Primary Election

By Richard C. Clement 
Precinct Delegate 92 - Democrat

If you support change in Lansing and, want to protect your vote from being ripped off, you must  show up and vote in the August 7th,  primary election starting June 22nd, 2018, at the Detroit Elections Bureau on 2978 Grand Boulevard Detroit MI 48202.  When you vote in the Michigan August Primary, you are voting to prevent a Lame Duck from changing the Laws in Lansing this December after you vote in November.  From the illegally enacted Marijuana moratorium in the City of Detroit, to the announced intent of Michigan State Senator Rick Jones and his friends to undo all Marijuana legalization in the December lame duck session, you must show up and vote!

The Chairman
House Appropriations Committiee 2008-2010

Vote for candidates who have your best interests at heart and share your values. Don’t be confused by watching Fox News or any other troll outfit that manufactures news from false statements and innuendo.  Voters, please take the time to look at each candidate’s history on issues like, improving reading literacy, crime reduction, Marijuana reform, financial justice for state employees, and where they want to invest your tax money.  This includes the oversight and management of the funds against measured goals specified by law. 

By voting in the primary election, you will prevent the establishment of another Emergency Manager policy that has done so well for the State of Michigan these last 8 years. Just look at the examples of their fine work statewide, especially in Flint and the Detroit Public Schools. 

Reverse the Criminal Neglect to our Youth and City

By electing a warrior like George Cushingberry Jr as your State Senator in District 2, Emergency Managers like Roy Roberts and others will brought before hearings to explain why he shut down Benjamin O. Davis High School to transfer the FCC and FAA certification programs to the West Michigan Aviation academy in Grand Rapids Michigan injuring the educational opportunities for Muslim, Black and Latino children to study aviation as a career. 

Allowing vultures for profit to pick winners and losers out of our children’s education is an in-excusable, criminal act upon our youth. We want and demand restitution from the spot of the oppression by re-investing into teachers and students.

Elect Dana Nessel - Michigan Attorney General

Furthermore, when you vote for Dana Nessel as your next Michigan Attorney General, you will allow her office to file criminal charges against all of these Emergency Managers so that the healing can begin. Healing will include the immediate transfer of state employee defined contributions to employee defined benefits. By doing this for current employees in state and local governments, monies are protected from the unpredictability of the stock markets going up and down. Restoration and respect for the State Constitution will allow a revamped Attorney General’s office to expunge all marijuana crimes for all Michigan citizens.

Vote early and get it done before you go on vacation for the summer, going away to school, or other reasons you have for not being in town.  Do not let anyone tell you that your vote does not count because they are wrong! Your vote in the August primary will help stop voter suppression in advance. Therefore please take the time to vote because your future depends on it.

From June 22nd to August 7th, 2018, Forgive the Lame Duck in Advance!
Vote Now!



Monday, May 7, 2018

Make It Nice, Vote For Cush TWICE! State Senate District 2

Declaration of Intent to Run for State Senate District 2,  
by The Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr.

He’s keeping it brief,
He’s keeping it short.
He cannot represent anyone in court.
As a working attorney he is a sight unseen,
From a one year suspension in 2015.

So he chose a mission to keep minds free,
By being an advocate for reading literacy.
Working with teachers and, part time preaching,
George has expanded the minds of the children he is reaching.

Keep the Mind Free With Reading Literacy!

George will not steal,
George will not rob.
George will encourage anyone to get education, training, and a job.

George serves to love and, serves to inspire.
ALL public employees, especially Teachers, Police and Fire.

To all haters past, present, and future, please take this hint.
There will be change in Lansing for the people, especially in Flint!

Starting June 22nd 2018, I need all of you.
To Elect George Cushingberry Jr. State Senator.
For the people in District 2.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Building Bridges of Unity Between Michigan and Ontario With Cannabis

By Richard C. Clement - Marijuana Policy Analyst 

          April 2018 has truly been an appreciation celebration for everyone who has been involved in changing the horrible policy toward Cannabis.  On this month people tore down a wall and, are starting to build a bridge of peace, prosperity, green jobs, and health care reform.  Candidates running for office in August and November 2018 were put on notice that if you don’t support marijuana decriminalization, save your campaign money and withdraw your application. Congratulations to Attorney Dana Nessel for winning the Democratic nomination with the help of the Michigan Educational Association Teacher’s union and the Medial Marijuana community. Her position on Pot helped to upset Pat Miles who was hypocrite by prosecuting legal Medical Marijuana patients with Federal Law disrespecting the states rights of Michigan citizens.

From Both Sides of the Detroit River,  One Love 

This was the last illegal event Marijuana event in North America and it could not come fast enough. On July 1st , Canada will formally enact recreational marijuana laws that will allow their citizens to safely use Marijuana without penalty of law.  To mark the occasion, I went on a fact finding tour of Windsor Canada and participated in the Epic 420/421 event with the proceeds going toward ending hunger in Windsor.  This event was located in front of Windsor City Hall and Police Station in front of Caesars Casino Windsor.

Just Say Know!  -  Reading is essential

In the mist of a worker strike at the Casino, union members and Canadian citizens fully supported and participated in this event. Featured speakers include Sam Mellace, a medical marijuana user and rights advocate, John Turmel, a long-time fighter for legalization and Paul Hartman, a cannabis user and the brother of late comedian Phil Hartman. Paul Hartman was deported from America for “Weed crimes against America". Hartman gave a compelling speech on how Cannabis helped him beat Colon Cancer. I was also pleased to find out that the Laborers International Union of North America covers their members Medical Marijuana costs.

George Cushingberry speaking to Canadian Press about the
sea change in the attitude towards Marijuana in America.
Building Bridges Instead of Walls.

The people were excited to see and hear guest speakers Richard Clement and Ex-Detroit City Councilmember Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr describe the situation  in Detroit, and the fight to end the war on weed in America. The war can only be won through voting and demanding legislation by politicians to support the will of their employers. Or Else!

Building Bridges Instead of Walls 

The theme from us was to build a bridge or two of unity instead of walls of division. No one will ever get deported again from either country for the “crime” of marijuana possession. People like Marc Emery and Paul Hartman will be able to travel freely between Detroit and Windsor because, people have made a commitment to show up and vote in all elections in 2018.   The first date of early voting starts June 22nd   for the August 7th,  2018 Michigan Primary and September 22nd, 2018 for the November 6th General Election. 

Richard Clement and American Deportee Paul Hartman 

If you will be 18 years of age on August 7th, or November 6th, 2018 register to vote NOW or face the consequences. Vote for candidates who support legalization and, the decriminalization of Marijuana. Check candidate prior records for flip-flopping or obstructing a marijuana business while in elected office.  Be on guard for candidates and their supporters who lie about supporting marijuana business on the one hand. While the other hand is materially participating in shutting them down via zoning hearings, court orders, and enacting local ordinances.

Festival Vendors in Attendance

Otherwise the Epic 420/421 event was a huge success. Charles Clarke Square is behind Caesars Casino Windsor, right in front of Windsor City Hall and the Windsor Police Department. Participants at the fest were able to purchase cannabis products without a card after paying the admission fee. There were no arrests or police incidents reported.

Charles Clarke Square - Windsor Ontario Canada

Epic 420/421 Festival

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Working Together As One To Get The Job Done - Reverend Dr. George Cushingberry

The Word Of the Day from Rev Dr. George Cushingberry Jr.

Philippians 4:11 – Chapter 4
Peace with the Brethren, Appealing for Steadfastness and Unity
Therefore, my brothers and sisters, you whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, stand firm in the Lord in this way, dear friends!
1.   I plead with Euodia and I plead with Syntyche to be of the same mind in the Lord. 
2.   Yes, and I ask you, my true companion, help these women since they have contended at my side in the cause of the gospel, along with Clement and the rest of my co-workers, whose names are in the book of life.

Everyone must be on the same team with the Lord. Success begins by, sharing the same dream and, agreeing to synchronize efforts to achieve the desired result.

Rev. Dr. George Cushingberry Jr. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

What Does It Take to Make A Great City and State? A Working Coleman Young International Airport and Marijuana Reform

By Richard C. Clement 

What can 5 million dollars’ worth of weed do for neighborhood improvement?

Currently, the City of Detroit is in possession of $5 million dollars of Marijuana taken in a raid at Mound and 8 Mile Road on March 16th, 2018 by the Detroit Police Department.  This medicine will be destroyed along with the $5 million dollar opportunity for desperately needed revenue.  While no one has filed a claim as of yet to return the property, if this medicine is sold at a Detroit Police Auction, where do you want the money to go?

Mayor Mike Duggan
One asset of the City that has been maliciously neglected is the Historic Coleman S. Young International Detroit City Airport. Potential customers of the airport are 4.5 miles or 7 minutes from Downtown or live within 10 miles of the complex. Currently, the main runway at Detroit City Airport is in dire need of repair to the tune of 3.5 million dollars. This would allow newer and faster aircraft to use the facility for private and public purposes, increasing business and tax revenue for the City of Detroit. And there you go, one fixed runway with 1.5 million left for other needs.

The dismantling of the Benjamin O. Davis High School and neglect of City Airport was a criminal act that can be attributed to the work of Managers and Financial review boards appointed by State officials.  Just like the management job done in Flint MI, students were poisoned by the removal of equipment, teachers, and educational opportunities to support the Educational Achievement Authority which has turned out to be a criminal business enterprise that achieved lower test scores, empty school buildings, and a large financial debt.

Free KDET! - Call and Complain to Mayor Duggan Today!

The damage from these people is very correctable by electing and selecting people who have the best interests of the children at heart.  With new ordinances and State Laws, students in Public Education must have the opportunity to study aviation and auto mechanics careers if they are interested. The area around Detroit City Airport will allow the construction of a new runway and drag strip complex built for students gaining FAA/FCC and Auto Mechanic certifications that will help build careers.

If you want change to happen, then you must communicate to your elected officials to do the right thing. The way to do it is to call Mayor Mike Duggan and all nine council members and tell them to “Free the Weed for the Jobs We Need” by doing the following steps:

  • Re-Investing into the Airport as an Airport with a historical designation, commercial air service, and educational institution
  • Returning the medicine to their rightful owners or selling at auction with restricted funding for airport re-development.
  • Ending the moratorium by the City of Detroit on Marijuana Businesses and process applications for Marijuana related businesses.
  • Immediate Expungement of all prior and current Marijuana convictions in the City of Detroit by ordinance.

If the people’s wishes are carried out, then citizens will have regained the confidence of their government doing the right thing for them.

Contact Information - Fire Them Up TODAY!
Phone Number
Email Address

(313) 224-3400

(313) 224-1245  

(313) 224-4505   

(313) 224-4248   

(313) 224-1027   

(313) 224-4535

(313) 224-1198   

(313) 224-4841  

(313) 224-2450   

(313) 224-2151   

(313) 224-3260

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Detroit City Councilmember Scott Benson On The Corner with Cush at 910AM Superstation

Press Release: Cushingberry's Corner  910 AM Superstation - March 19th, 2018 6pm

On Monday March 19th, Detroit City Council member Scott Benson District 3 is scheduled to stop into Cush’s Corner on the 910AM Suuuuperstation ( to talk about what's going on inside the City of Detroit.  

Scott Benson District 3

One of the questions for him is the latest status on the redevelopment and restoration of commercial air service at Detroit City Airport. What is his position on reinvesting into the grounds by building a new Benjamin O. Davis High School on Airport grounds through the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen?  

Would a new runway increase the land value in the neighborhoods through landing fees from users of the facility?  And as a show of faith, what is his take on the entire Detroit Delegation to fly out of City Airport to the Congressional Black Caucus event in Washington DC instead of driving to metro?

Question: Is there an African American owned Airline in America?

Runway Neighborhood Improvement Project 

Answer: YES.  Metropolitan Airways - Las Vegas Nevada


Other topics will be crime reduction, education and the Council's position on the 180 day moratorium on Marijuana businesses. A number of Marijuana Businesses like Sativa Detroit on Santa Barbara and 8 Mile moved to Ann Arbor. Other businesses have moved to other cities like Inkster Michigan, that have approved their ordinances by a vote of the people. 

The question is, what should the city do with the revenue once everything gets settled in Detroit? 

Website: Detroit City Councilmember Scott Benson

Given the City's willingness to open safe houses for Opioid use, why are we not licencing marijuana businesses instead of shutting them down? Is there a subtle hypocrisy in this policy with government providing drugs to citizens while demonizing other citizens using their medicine with criminal and civil punishment?

Is it a better financial investment for the City into Information Technology resources by taking online marijuana applications, instead of lawyers in Corporate Council allowing only paper applications?

Website: City Of Detroit Medical Marijuana Online Applications 

Finally what is the status of City finances because of sharing data with the State of Michigan, allowing City taxpayers to receive their State and City return at the same time?

Call in number (313) 778-7600.

Ask your questions in advance by using our comments section: 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Reasoning On Why The City Must Abandon The Anti-Marijuana Reform Lawsuit

By Richard Clement - Marijuana Policy Consultant

After further review of Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Robert Colombo's decision to overturn the voter approved Proposals A and B,  a further analysis of the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act was undertaken by interested parties like me.  The question becomes:

Is a ballot initiative similar to a protest petition as specified in the Mi Zoning Enabling Act?  (MCL 125.3403 - Amending a zoning ordinance) 

Did the people speak clearly to the issue of amending the zoning ordinance?  It was clear that the original ordinance was not a choice of the people but, administratively enacted by a majority vote of the City Council.   The owners/voters of the land objected and, responded clearly with their vote, exceeding the 20% threshold required in Section 403 of the Zoning Enabling Act.

Why Can't Weed Be Friends

The ultimate decision maker of laws are the people who have to live by them.  Therefore the petitions were filed according the law and, the case should be dismissed by the Michigan Supreme Court.  To review the opposition's argument that the neighborhoods do not want them, a tight review of the voting results show that a very large majority of the opposition is located in 10 distinct neighborhoods or voting precincts within City Council Districts 1, and 2.  The City of Detroit has 490 neighborhood precincts and 480 of them voted yes on both proposals (98% Yes / 2% no)

The resources spent with the Law Department must be redirected to Information Technology development, hiring Marijuana compliance inspectors to make sure that quality products are being sold and, customer service are being provided as requested by the majority of the citizens of the City.

To make this happen, you must call or email Mayor Duggan and all nine Detroit City Council members asking them to  Cease and Desist with the lawsuit and, allow Information Technology professionals the ability to do their jobs for the people who have hired them in the City of Detroit.

City of Detroit Website (City Council)

City of Detroit (Mayor)

Michigan Zoning Enabling ACT  Section (125.3403)

125.3403 Amendment to zoning ordinance; filing of protest petition; vote. Sec. 403. 
(1) An amendment to a zoning ordinance by a city or village is subject to a protest petition as required by this subsection. If a protest petition is filed, approval of the amendment to the zoning ordinance shall require a 2/3 vote of the legislative body, unless a larger vote, not to exceed a 3/4 vote, is required by ordinance or charter. The protest petition shall be presented to the legislative body of the city or village before final legislative action on the amendment and shall be signed by 1 or more of the following: 
  • (a) The owners of at least 20% of the area of land included in the proposed change. 
  • (b) The owners of at least 20% of the area of land included within an area extending outward 100 feet from any point on the boundary of the land included in the proposed change. 

(2) Publicly owned land shall be excluded in calculating the 20% land area requirement under subsection (1). 2006, Act 110, Eff. July 1, 2006 - Good Stuff on the Internet