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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Why #WeToo are Voting For George Cushingberry as State Senator

The Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr. State Senator District 2. Press Release.

The Man For You In District 2

The August Primary election is a very important election to participate in. As in all elections the direction of your community and the quality of life is at stake. We are experiencing now the game plan of the opposition as we pursue your vote and trust to send us to Lansing to get the job done. The insurance companies have contributed to the downfall of Michigan through outrageous rates and price fixing. This is the main reason people are running from accidents to avoid prosecution. We have City of Detroit leadership wanting to build more buildings on the grounds of Detroit City Airport shutting it down while there are massive amounts of buildings available to do what he wants.  We have people endorsing candidates who have aided and abetted in the creation of the Educational Achievement authority that was raided by the Federal Government for fraud.

When George Cushingberry Jr. gets to Lansing MI, this is what he will do.

  • Implement Common Sense Insurance Rates
  • Restoring Accountability in Public Education with caps on the creation of charter schools
  • Re-Investing in the Mt. Elliot Development Project that includes a working Detroit City Airport for General, Educational, and Commercial use.
  • Taxation, Regulation of Marijuana including expunging ALL convictions in Michigan.

For example, as a State Representative, George Cushingberry sponsored a bill for good times credit for non violent offenders. As a Detroit City Council member, he was responsible for the upgrade of Livernois Avenue through implementing grants for streetlights, sidewalks, and supporting local businesses on the Avenue of Fashion.

The Sexual Harassment and the manipulation of the #MeToo movement is the new strategy to sabotage political campaigns. Just like the Ebola crisis that disappeared after the 2014 election, the sexual harassment and other negative "news", we are fully expecting this play call from the opposition. Sexual Harassment is gender neutral and all legitimate claims should be investigated. We feel that the timing of the filing was to get maximum damage from the City of Detroit and to derail the Cushingberry campaign.  When you examine the record of the other candidates, George Cushngberry has the documented proof of getting the job done.

Bear Bryant was quoted once as saying "In order to catch a fast negro running the ball, you have to hire another one to catch them" because he finally acknowledged the fact that you needed to include the black players he did not want on his team.  Distraction politics is only going to carry you so far and blitzing the campaign with charges and innuendo will not work. 

Therefore do not be confused by watching Fox News, just screen out their blitz with your vote for George Cushingberry Jr.


  • George Cushingberry Jr. still has his law license
  • The traffic stop was deemed to be unprofessionally handled by two patrol officers who wisely deleted the tape of their misconduct. 
    • We chose not to press charges against filing a false police report because we respect the men and women of the Detroit Police Department, especially the retirees. 
    • We want an apology written to Sgt. Smith by media reporters for promoting insubordination because of race.
  • The City's finances are no longer under the control of a State Appointed Manager under the direction of George Cushingberry Jr as the chairman of the Budget Audit Finance Committee.
  • George Cushingberry Jr. is the ONLY candidate on the ballot who has supported the legalization of marijuana and has history and evidence to prove it.
  • Will take on President Trump and Bill Schuette and scold them on their brand of exclusionary racist politics.

Don't get blinded by the blitz of bad news coming from media outlets like Fox and other haters.  Screen them out with your vote!

From now until, Tuesday August 7th, and again in November 6th, Elect George Cushingberry Jr, the man for you in District 2.

Save your home and apartment complex
from fires caused by faulty wiring
by hiring a PRO!
If you need a grow wired right for you,
just hire a Member of the I.B.E.W.!

George Cushingberry Jr.  Supports Electricians and loves their work!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Sexual Harassment Is Gender Neutral Hyper-Political Warfare In 2018

Press Release: 
The Committee To Elect George Cushingberry Jr State Senator District 2

The charges made by Ms. Wiley are an attempt to use the Sexual Harassment / #MeToo movement to shake down the Citizens of Detroit and, to derail the efforts of George Cushingberry Jr to become the next State Senator in District 2. As she has done before with the City Council primary election of August 2017, she is working as a political operative for other candidates on the ballot. Her only purpose now is to distract the voters enough to elect a candidate, who will maintain the status quo and, forced to resign, leaving the residents of District 2 without any representation again. 

Cleo W. Hale and Former City Council President Pro Tempore George Cushingberry Jr.

We believe wholeheartedly that the accusations are false and misleading for individual financial gain. We also agree with the City law department regarding Ms. Wiley's employment because before during and after the Florida trip, she has continually contacted potential suitors developing a close relationship with some of them within the state. 

Employees who have worked for George Cushingberry know that he is un-bought, un-bossed and, not for sale. Given the scrutiny of working for the public, transparency is a moral tenant and, a rule of doing business in public and private.

Kanye Was Right!  Don't matter if you are Black or White

While serving as the Council President Pro Tempore and, chairman of the Budget, Finance, and Audit committee, one of the things that was put in place was a law department to protect the people from frivolous lawsuits. Frequent lawsuit filers are a drain on budgets public and private and, divert precious resources away from needs such as employee health care costs and, creating jobs. 

It is our strong opinion that after all of the facts are examined, the best interests of the taxpayers in the City of Detroit will be upheld by the US District Court and, the case dismissed.

Sending George Cushingberry back to Lansing as a State Senator guarantees that when he gets there, he will work on:
  • Getting Michiganders common sense auto insurance rates
  • Public Education revitalization through a policy of stressing literacy and training opportunities for youth in aviation careers and skilled trades.
  • A revitalized Detroit City Airport with general and commercial air service bringing needed revenue to the City.
  • Re-balancing the State Budget to increase funding of Mental Health facilities, public education, and decreasing the Corrections budget through the expunging of low level drug crimes 
  • Curtailing abuse of Opioids, prescription drugs and other mood altering medicine sold by pharmacies for profit.

Show up and Vote all Summer Long from now until August 7th, and again on November 6th, 2018 and lets get it right this time!!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Bro Wayne Hicks - Black Bill Gates Makes His Transition 1959-2018

By Richard C. Clement

Pioneer in Technology in the Community - An African American Bill Gates Indeed.

For those who don't know, Wayne Hicks was a pioneer in Technology in America, especially the African American Community. He was one of many Hidden Figures that gave back to his community without question.  Brother Wayne was uploaded by his maker to the cloud of our ancestors. He will be truly missed by all.  

"Some of our heros came in ones and zeros!"  - Richard C. Clement.

From Facebook Post of Wayne Hicks:

Memorial Announcement for Richard Wayne Hicks, Jr

It is with enormous sadness that we announce that Richard Wayne Hicks, Jr. passed peacefully at home on June 7, 2018.

For more than thirty years, Wayne was a tireless champion of the Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA) and promoting diversity in technology and expanding STEM experiences for youth in under-served communities. 

For the last twelve years, Wayne was the Executive Director of the Black Data Processing Associates Education and Technology Foundation. He also held various leadership positions within the IT professional organization, Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA), including President of the National BDPA, 2004-2005.

Wayne started his career with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), starting as a summer intern and progressing to a member of the Senior Executive Service. Later, Wayne led the Cincinnati Business Incubator as president (2003-2008).

Wayne is survived by his daughters Laura Hicks and Nailah McCloud, son Khalis Hicks, granddaughter Amara McCloud, his mother Elizabeth Hicks, sister Kyra, and a host of aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, other family, friends and colleagues.

The memorial service, with viewing, will be held Saturday, June 23, 2018, 1pm, at Thompson, Hall & Jordan Funeral Home, 11400 Winton Road, Forest Park, OH 45240, (513) 742-3600.
 — with Wayne Hicks.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Why Elect George Cushingberry Jr. for State Senate in District 2

By the Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr.

George Cushingberry Jr. has a documented record success as a Government Finance Specialist. He successfully guided the City of Detroit out of financial ruin and, out of State of Michigan control from the Financial Review Board.  Despite being harassed by people who turned out to be gold diggers and, friends who were not friends in the long run, Dr. Cushingberry persevered to get the job done.   Known for his tenacious reading and research methods from being a lawyer,  teacher, preacher, and politician.  Dr. Cushingberry is openly questioning how many times do you grant second, third, forth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eight and, upcoming nine chances for felony convictions.

Dr. George Cushingberry Jr.

The other candidate, Bryan Banks is unfit for serving as a Senator or, as a public official. He is one politician who isn’t running on his criminal record.  He is one step closer to getting indicted by Federal officials for bid rigging contracts at the Michigan Department of Transportation. Facts are that Macomb County Michigan has the worst roads in the State of Michigan with failing concrete and massive potholes. MDOT has a history of questionable business practices towards people of color and quality of road work.

The Democratic candidate for Michigan’s Second Senate District has been convicted eight times for felonies involving bad checks and credit card fraud from 1998 to 2004, the Detroit Free Press reports. He has also misrepresented endorsements from Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon.

As reported by Wikapedia.

"In February 2017, Brian Banks reached a plea agreement with the Attorney General's office in which all felony counts against were dropped in exchange for his immediate resignation from the Michigan House of Representatives and pleading guilty to one misdemeanor.Banks announced his formal resignation in Wayne County Circuit Court on February 6, 2017.[15]

"In December 2017, the Detroit Free Press obtained FBI wiretap transcripts that were unsealed in U.S. District Court. The investigation is linked to a corruption case against Gasper Fiore, the owner of Boulevard & Trumbull Towing, a large City of Detroit contractor. In December 2017, Fiore entered into a plea agreement with the U.S. Attorney's Office, in which he agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit federal program bribery. According to court documents, the government had probable cause that Fiore and 17 other targets were involved in several crimes, including: extortion, wire fraud, bribery. Fiore was so politically connected that in 2016, his daughter helped write an amendment to the Michigan Department of Transportation budget that ensured his company would win a multi-million dollar contract, federal documents show."

"Along the way, Fiore appeared to have gotten help from Banks. "Fiore is involved in bid-rigging with legislator Brian Banks," Special FBI Agent Robert Beeckman wrote in 2016 affidavit, which included intercepted text messages and phone calls between Fiore and Banks. "

To make that mistake again by electing Bryan Banks as a Senator, will be the same mistake people made with Senator Virgil Smith.  We need our leaders to serve out their full term(s) instead of being forced to quit for maliciously breaking the law. Dr. George Cushingberry Jr will not tolerate authoritative brutality like the one that was inflicted upon the people of Flint Michigan. 

George Cushingberry will push for the re-investment into Detroit City Airport as a viable airport serving the entire community. From his efforts, he has increased the use of the facility by 60%.   Dr. Cushingberry will not tolerate the dismantling of education and will be a drum major for literacy and reading, especially to the children.

State Rep. George Cushingberry Jr.

Finally Dr. Cushingberry does not support changing the people's vote on the Detroit Marijuana Ordinances.  The issue was negotiated on November 7th, 2017 by the voters with no exceptions.  To place moratoriums for the purpose of re-inserting rules that were rejected by the people is another punch in the face to Mrs. Boynton-Robinson on the Edmund Pettis Bridge in Selma Alabama because she had the audacity to demand the right to vote. 

Amelia Boynton Robinson - Selma Alabama

How Dare you come on this bridge and talk about voting Mrs. Robinson?

Therefore starting Saturday, June 23, 2018 until Tuesday November 6th, 2018 at 8:00pm, vote to Elect George Cushingberry Jr. State Senator in District 2 every place you see his name on the ballot!  Because a vote for Cush is a stand against voter suppression, voter fraud and, protecting the young people from the lies being told and sold by forces who do not want them to vote.
Show up and Vote!  Or Else!.   

Cushingberry Gets Things Done

Monday, June 4, 2018

Do Not Reward the Educational Achievement Authority With Your Vote

Press Release:

Education Sub Committee of 
the Committee To Elect George Cushingberry Jr.
State Senator District 2

A Vote for Adam Hollier is a Vote to return to the EAA

Electing Adam Hollier as a State Senator would be a reward and a pat on the back for supervising the dismantling of Detroit’s public schools, especially workers’ rights and health care. State Employees do not need any more abuse from the failed polices of financial mismanagement and fraud. With the assistance of Emergency Managers, the biggest Ponzi scheme ever was inflicted upon the people of Flint, Benton Harbor, Hamtramck and, retirees from public service.  

In Detroit and under the leadership of former Mayor Dave Bing, Adam Hollier supported the implementation of the Educational Achievement Authority, an organization that made the Detroit Public School System woefully inept.  During his tenure schools buildings were raffled off to the highest bidder and assets like computers and aircraft were sold to charter schools in Grand Rapids.  Student test scores were unchanged while chancellors, principals, and un-qualified teachers were forced upon students for financial gain.

Aviation Careers Lost at Benjamin O. Davis will now be Found.
and students will have job opportunities.

Despite the vociferous complaints from teachers and students, Bing and Adam Hollier managed to persuade two Detroit Democrats (Harvey Santana and John Olumba) to agree to expand the EAA by adding 50 more schools.  The result of this action is what you have now, Schools like Palmer Park Academy (The old Hampton Jr. High School) with ceilings falling in because of neglect. Cass Tech High school football scoreboard missing lights, new buildings being constructed when they were not needed and other atrocities committed against the children’s education.

George Cushingberry Jr. is responsible for the new development at Riverside Park

There is no coincidence that some of the same people and organizations endorsing Mr. Hollier’s candidacy were willing participants in the destruction of the Detroit Public Schools. Some of them are still under investigation by Federal Authorities for the damage done to young minds through financial neglect. By voting for Adam Hollier, this will be like putting Bing back in charge so that the complete destruction of Benjamin O. Davis High School for Aviation careers will be complete and, the guilty in Flint MI will be granted pardons by the Governor in the lame duck session.

We helped Sativa Detroit on 8 Mile and Santa Barbara shut down and move to Ann Arbor
10 jobs lost and a drop in sales at the Coney Island..

There is no coincidence that some of the anti-marijuana clergy in the community is endorsing Hollier’s candidacy. Their only job was to help businesses open up in the suburbs.  Business entities outside of Detroit used these people, fake news of crime and, the 80 year old myth on marijuana to create jobs at the expense of City residents.  Combined with the poor transit system that is currently in place and, the missing revenue from payroll, rent, and taxes, cost Detroit $3 million dollars and counting, by seconds.

To fix this mess, on June 22, 2018 until Nov 6th, 2018 mark your absentee ballot for George Cushingberry Jr. State Senator District 2 TWICE!  One vote to fill the partial term and, one vote to fill the 4 year term.

When you complete your vote, you will know that on August 8th, the people in District 2 will have a voice in Lansing. George stands for jobs, justice, and equal opportunity for all who want and desire to improve the quality of life. We must finish the job of creating a new aviation education complex with firefighter training facilities by a new aviation division of the Detroit Fire Department. The concept of a statewide flat rate auto insurance will be an action plan on the day he accepts the job.  You should not have to park your car in Ohio to get a better insurance rate.

George Cushingberry Jr feels that we must remain committed to improving literacy in our community. This commitment must include the restoration of the cuts to education at all levels. Support Teachers Everyday!!!

The time is now, register and vote, all day long.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Where's George? At The Public Library Promoting Literacy in the Community and, Receives Awards as an Internet Pioneer

By The Friends of George. 

“ In order to succeed, you must learn how to read” – George Cushingberry Jr.

Congratulations is in order for Dr. George Cushingberry Jr being selected for the Ambassador Award by the Michigan Virutal organization for his 20 years of support for education. Cushingberry was recently recognized for his work in shaping the work of this organization and his commitment to literacy in the community.

Creating Solar Panels in Detroit Public Schools
Fredrick Douglass Academy  - 2015 

“Michigan Virtual™, formerly known as Michigan Virtual University® & Michigan Virtual School®, has been working hard to provide a path to the future for students and educators since 1998. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation focused on education, we believe that brilliance resides in all of us, ready to change the world with next big idea. We’re dedicated to helping each student shine their brightest by enhancing their opportunities to learn and working to strengthen the teachers that will show them the way. Here we strive to place each student’s potential within reach. By discovering new ways to grow, we’re taking K-12 education to the next level and working to leverage face-to-face, blended and online learning innovations that facilitate the advancement of education.

Michigan Virtual is governed by an independent Board of Directors comprised of individuals representing business, industry, higher education, K-12 education and state government. Our partners and governing board share our goals and aspirations for each student as we come together to assist those in the pursuit of higher learning.”

Michigan Virtual is proud to present the Ambassador Award to Dr. Cushingberry for his work with literacy.

Cush at the Harper Woods Public Library.
On April 30th, 2018, Dr. Cushingberry received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Harper Woods Library. George has been an active participant in the Prime Family Reading Time program because it is a commitment to pass on the power of literacy to our community.  Literacy sparks interest and creates a career for youth and adults in need of a change. If you want to go to a nice place and chill, the Public Library is a place to go if you want to follow your dreams or just learn something new.

Young Engineers in Training at Detroit Public Schools.

Starting Friday June 22nd 2018, until November 6, 2018, mark your ballot twice for George Cushingberry Jr for State Senate in District 2, so that he can continue the work of upgrading the reading literacy in our community.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Forgive The Lame Duck! Vote in the August 2018 Primary Election

By Richard C. Clement 
Precinct Delegate 92 - Democrat

If you support change in Lansing and, want to protect your vote from being ripped off, you must  show up and vote in the August 7th,  primary election starting June 22nd, 2018, at the Detroit Elections Bureau on 2978 Grand Boulevard Detroit MI 48202.  When you vote in the Michigan August Primary, you are voting to prevent a Lame Duck from changing the Laws in Lansing this December after you vote in November.  From the illegally enacted Marijuana moratorium in the City of Detroit, to the announced intent of Michigan State Senator Rick Jones and his friends to undo all Marijuana legalization in the December lame duck session, you must show up and vote!

The Chairman
House Appropriations Committiee 2008-2010

Vote for candidates who have your best interests at heart and share your values. Don’t be confused by watching Fox News or any other troll outfit that manufactures news from false statements and innuendo.  Voters, please take the time to look at each candidate’s history on issues like, improving reading literacy, crime reduction, Marijuana reform, financial justice for state employees, and where they want to invest your tax money.  This includes the oversight and management of the funds against measured goals specified by law. 

By voting in the primary election, you will prevent the establishment of another Emergency Manager policy that has done so well for the State of Michigan these last 8 years. Just look at the examples of their fine work statewide, especially in Flint and the Detroit Public Schools. 

Reverse the Criminal Neglect to our Youth and City

By electing a warrior like George Cushingberry Jr as your State Senator in District 2, Emergency Managers like Roy Roberts and others will brought before hearings to explain why he shut down Benjamin O. Davis High School to transfer the FCC and FAA certification programs to the West Michigan Aviation academy in Grand Rapids Michigan injuring the educational opportunities for Muslim, Black and Latino children to study aviation as a career. 

Allowing vultures for profit to pick winners and losers out of our children’s education is an in-excusable, criminal act upon our youth. We want and demand restitution from the spot of the oppression by re-investing into teachers and students.

Elect Dana Nessel - Michigan Attorney General

Furthermore, when you vote for Dana Nessel as your next Michigan Attorney General, you will allow her office to file criminal charges against all of these Emergency Managers so that the healing can begin. Healing will include the immediate transfer of state employee defined contributions to employee defined benefits. By doing this for current employees in state and local governments, monies are protected from the unpredictability of the stock markets going up and down. Restoration and respect for the State Constitution will allow a revamped Attorney General’s office to expunge all marijuana crimes for all Michigan citizens.

Vote early and get it done before you go on vacation for the summer, going away to school, or other reasons you have for not being in town.  Do not let anyone tell you that your vote does not count because they are wrong! Your vote in the August primary will help stop voter suppression in advance. Therefore please take the time to vote because your future depends on it.

From June 22nd until November 6th, 2018 7:59:59pm.

Forgive the Lame Duck in Advance! Vote Now!


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