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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Tribute to The Chairman from Michigan’s Medical Marijuana community raises voter awareness and cash on reform efforts in Lansing.

The Friends of Cushingberry
by Richard C. Clement
July 28, 2010

A tribute to our friend George for his support in Lansing of Michigan’s Medical Marijuana law was held at Mr. Mapp's Lounge at 1627 E. 7 Mile in Detroit Michigan. The event was sponsored by the Green Trees Detroit Compassion Club, Attorney Michael Kormon and the Midtown Detroit Compassion Club. The event was well attended by representatives from the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association, Michigan NORML, Cannibis Paitents United, and SaferMichigan.

Citizens under the age of 35 never realized it but our friend Cush has been pushing for over 30 years. When they see Mr. Cushingberry with his “I Push for Cush” t-shirt, it is like a walking history lesson in the neighborhoods of the City of Detroit. Neighbors and colleagues of George are familiar with his literature that has been Pushing Cushingberry since the 1970’s. It is a coincidence and divine intervention that the movement could not have a better friend in Lansing to push for Marijuana reform in Michigan than George Cushingberry Jr. He is 100% behind the movement and, is proudly representing the will of the people in the City of Detroit and State of Michigan.

The Marijuana Industry in Michigan is one of the fastest growing manufacturing sectors in the State creating jobs and new business opportunities for young and old venture capitalists. Given the financial condition of the state, we need the spirit of small business development and improved legal guidance at the Attorney General position in Lansing to improve the situation. The compassion clubs in Detroit and Michigan should be forever grateful for the efforts Mr. Cushingberry has put forth for them on their behalf, especially the ones in Senate District #4.

The Chairman gave an informative speech on the history of Marijuana from a legal perspective and how it has impacted on all of our citizens especially the people of color. He also expressed support of Industrial Hemp and the greening of Detroit by supporting agriculture programs again like Mayor Coleman Young did. Mayor Young encouraged urban farming in the city by having the Department of Parks and Recreation distribute seeds at recreation centers in the city. Mr. Cushingberry has been a true friend to the Marijuana reform movement since the 1970’s when he was a student at Wayne State University.

From the medical community Dr. Carl Fowler represented the City well as more medical professionals are starting to reap the benefits. Dr. Fowler is an avid supporter of the law and one of the first African American doctors who supported the law. He is one of a growing number of doctors in the City of Detroit that process Medical Marijuana registrations.

Guest speakers from other compassion clubs and political campaigns gave brief introductions. Hans Christopher Barbie candidate for the 2nd Senate District and Owner of the Phoenix Café 24918 John R. Hazel Park, Mi 48030 spoke on why people should elect him. He also talked about the benefits of having a storefront compassion club located in the heart of the community. His business location is refurbished building on John R and 10 mile and is a prototype for what can be done in the City of Detroit. View his website here at (

Rohn H. Mitchell a candidate for Judge of the 36 District Court gave an impassioned speech and the reason to vote for him. People who support the use of Medical Marijuana would be served well by Mr. Mitchell on the bench. Mr. Mitchell supports the law enacted by the people and would like to see it decriminalized. View his website here at

Mr. Cushingberry’s effort to support the will of the people is unmatched and unchallenged by his colleagues in Lansing. One of the major bottlenecks of the process is the time it takes to process an application for a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card. How is it that California can process their cards in 7 business days and the State of Michigan is taking 120 days? Mr. Cushingberry is aggressively pushing for a solution to this problem through the use of Information Technology from the private sector. Patient owned technology companies are encouraged to bid on the process once it becomes public. By electing our friend George to the State Senate on August 3rd, this illegal time delay will be eliminated by every means necessary.

The master of ceremonies MDCC owner Maurice Cheatam served us well as an ambassador to all of our visitors to Detroit and made them feel welcome to our city. He also helped raise over $3000 to donate to Mr. Cushingberry campaign for State Senate. Much gratitude and respect go to the owner of the Lounge Mr. Mapps, who provided the guests with a medication tent for people who needed to medicate. The employees of the lounge were very gracious, courteous, and served as hosts to our visitors who came from out of town.

Mr. Mapps has been in business in Detroit for over 30 years. Talking with Mr. Mapp you will find out that he is a very informative and a historian on the development of the City from 1950’s. Inspired by the leadership and influence of the Mayor Coleman Young, Mr. Mapp is a prime example of what is good about the City of Detroit. He is a true inspiration to young and upcoming business owners who want to work in the neighborhoods of the city. Club owners like Mr. Mapp and the owner of the Palms are African American businesses that are successful and committed to the continued health, history and legacy of the City. These men are the types of leaders and businesspeople that we all need to learn from in running a successful business.

Michigan’s Medical Marijuana community must go to the polls and elect candidates who support the Medical Marijuana Law. This issue is one of the best examples of bi-partisanship and got more votes than President Obama in the 2008 election. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, conservatives and liberals all came together and voted as one. The law could use some improvements and by electing our friend George to the State Senate, we know that he will have our backs in Lansing. We know that the current policy of letting individual county prosecutors arrest and harass patients and caregivers will change once Mr. Cushingberry gets to the Senate. With a new Attorney General in place and Judges on the bench like Rohn H. Mitchell, the State of Michigan will continue to turn the corner to greatness once again.

We don’t need to elect and send people to Lansing that will ignore the will and the votes of the people. We cannot go back to the ways of the previous leaders who currently endorse Law Enforcement tactics such as raiding homes, seizing property, and draining citizens for their money in expensive legal procedures. Some of these victims are senior citizens with no criminal record that uses Marijuana as a replacement for all of their medicine.

To speak for the weak we must participate in the voting process to prevent these bush-league rouges from taking office and, elect people who support Marijuana Reform and the rights of patients and caregivers in our Great Lake State.

Let your vote be heard,
on August 3rd,
get rid of the bush,
and PUSH for CUSH!

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