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Friday, June 27, 2014

Councilman Cushingberry Supports The Re-Development of the Old Michigan State Fairgrounds.

By Richard C. Clement

Conceptual Design from the Magic Plus Group
Councilman Cushingberry supports the efforts of Mr. Beatty, Mr. Ferguson and, Mr. Johnson to create jobs and revitalize Detroit through the development of the State Fair Property.  Community Input Regarding the State Fair Project by the Magic Plus Group was taken on June 26th, 2014 at the Northwest Activities Center.  Suggestions from the community were collected on cards for review by everyone involved to be incorporated into the final plan.  The Magic plus group has an Amtrak station in the plans that will be a vast improvement over the current AMTRAK station in Midtown Detroit. Currently, the AMTRAK station in Midtown has NO parking available and is a total embarrassment to the City of Detroit.

Preliminary Design Plan

The meeting gave everyone time to present their ideas, like preserving something that was the old State Fair like the Band Shell.  The meeting allowed the leadership to decide what type of housing will be placed there.  The City of Detroit has lots of land and empty homes right now that need to be redeveloped and rehabilitated.  The REDICO/Magic Plus Group is responsible for only 157 acres of the City.

There is no monetary commitment from Michigan Department of Transportation and, the Regional Transportation Authority to enhance the current Transportation situation. This attitude will change when the AMTRAK part of the property is re-designed. This will force the enhancement and upgrade of the current bus and rail situation at the Fairgrounds.

A monetary commitment from the US Department of Transportation will foster the development of a regional transportation hub.  A rail system similar to the City of Miami Florida would tie in Amtrak, DDOT, SMART,  M1, M2, M8, M102, M3, and M5 on a regional rail system funded with Transportation revenue from creating and growing alternative fuel energy.  Solar Panels, Wind Turbines and, growing fuel like Industrial Hemp and other plants will redefine the energy needs for a region and a nation. 

The Obama Administration has two years left to serve and can leave a lasting legacy at the old State Fair property with a construction project to assist in the re-development.  This is possible if the people vote at the ballot box to re-direct the leadership this August and November 2014 in Lansing, Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb Counties. The RTA is an organization with NO funding or public financial support.  The alternate proposal by the META Tech Expo Group is based on the area being bigger than the size of Downtown Royal Oak Michigan.  Detroit is much larger than Royal Oak and, the size issue is a totally insignificant fact. The need for regional rail is clearly demonstrated when you drive the Lodge Northbound at 5:30pm Monday through Friday.  This is an issue that has to be addressed at a State and Federal level.

The next meeting regarding the State Fair Project will be posted in the near future. 

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