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Monday, September 28, 2009

Notice of Hearing Dept. of Corrections Sentencing Reform - October 6th 2009 in Lansing Michigan

Press Release From the Chairman of the
House of Representatives Appropriations Committee

Event Date:
October 6th - 10:30am
State Capitol Bldg
Lansing, MI 48933
House Appropriations Room #352

HB4497, HB 4498, and HB 4499 Good Time Credits Bills
For Department of Corrections.

Introduced by State Rep. George Cushingberry Jr. (D-08) Detroit

Rep. Cushingberry is inviting all interested citizens and organizations to appear in person at this important hearing to show support for these bills. These bills are all “tied together” meaning that they all dependent upon each other to be approved to become law. Adoption of this legislation will remove non-violent criminals from the Correction’s system and will give an incentive for prisoners to reform their ways to become productive citizens. Additionally, young offenders will not be mixed into the general population of adult prisoners who will totally abuse the youthful offenders.

Oral and written testimony will be heard and documented for the record. Many of you have called about this matter and now that time has come. Now is the time to either show up or shut up if you are truly interested. The time to speak up or send written comments for the record is NOW. Mr. Cushingberry is term limited and, if you want these bills to get out of the appropriations committee and come to a full vote on the House floor, please show up and testify on October 6th 2009 @ 10:30am.

A brief summary of each bill is listed below. A full text reading can be viewed by clicking on the bill number:

HB4497 Establishes a youth correctional facility which shall house only prisoners committed to the jurisdiction of the department who are 19 years of age or less.

HB4498 A record of all major misconduct charges for which a prisoner has been found guilty shall be maintained and given to the parole board as part of the parole eligibility report. This record will allow parole board members apply time reduction for good behavior and redemption while in the Corrections System.

HB4499 If a person has been convicted of any combination of 3 or more felonies or attempts to commit felonies, whether the convictions occurred in this state or would have been for felonies or attempts to commit felonies in this state if obtained in this state, and that person commits a subsequent felony within this state, the person shall be punished upon conviction of the subsequent felony and sentencing under section 13 of this chapter

For contact information please contact Representative Cushingberry at the number or e-mail address below. If you would like to leave a written comment for the record please send your correspondence by October 5th @ 5:00pm to:

State Rep. George Cushingberry Jr.
Call 517 373-2276

Please include your name, organization, and other contact information in your correspondence.
Thank you.

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