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Monday, February 9, 2009

Restoring the Revenue: Schoolbook Tax Credits for Michigan Residents with children in Public Schools.

One day a few friends of George called the office at 3:00am and left a message. This is the text of the message that was sent to his office and left this message:

“Hey Cush how come we can’t let the parents purchase the school books on Amazon or the Detroit Public School website and have it delivered to their home? This would guarantee that every child has a book. After the term is over, the parents can sell or donate the book to the school for a tax credit. “

The music was kind of loud behind the message too because the message was sent while we were in a different time zone having fun at the moment. However I thought that it deserved an answer because the question was so intriguing.

Parents should be given the option of purchasing books for their children. This would keep books in better condition longer because the parent would want to get the top dollar for the book when they want to sell it. The student would be responsible if they knew they were paying for the book themselves.

There will be a discount for dependents that are sending more than one child to a school district. This would be morally right to educate the children for the future. For each additional child enrolled in a school district, a taxpayer would get a %40 credit on the price on purchased books.

The concept of paperless e-Government would provide accountability and a record of books bought by a person in the school year. The accumulated list could be sent to your accountant and it would make it so simple to track expenses. Common software such as QuickBooks and Excel will allow the parents to download and keep a record for their files. If the book is donated to the school, the parent gets the credit for the entire amount of each book returned as a deduction on their tax return.

Education is so important to me that I may have an Appropriations Sub-Committee look at this concept at one of our meetings in the near future. The days of keeping books in warehouses are over and the children will not be denied. I would assist the Granholm Administration in creating and maintaining a viable accounting system that is user friendly to the residents of Detroit and the Citizens of Michigan. A key part of my committee is to ensure that the Department of Education has the full resources available to implement this plan. State residents will get accountability and measurable results in the area of education.

We were on our way to a meeting at General Motors at the “Ren-Cen”, I was sitting in the passenger seat of my ride. While Malik was driving, I sent a text message to them while we were on Lodge Freeway at 7 mile road. The message said “I will help whoever is elected to Mayor of the City of the Detroit to implement this Stimulus Program from Lansing in partnership with the State of Michigan, Department of Education”. Education is a bi-partisan issue with me and I will not shirk from that responsibility. At the Lodge Freeway and I-94, we sent them a voicemail message telling them to go to bed and get some sleep making all that noise on the other end.

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