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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Take Back Detroit! - Stimulating Michigan from Washington

While we were watching Rick Santelli (click here to watch) on CNBC start a Chicago Tea Party style “financial riot” (click here) with investors, a thought occurred to me. These people are the same people who managed the banks that owned the mortgages and cars. They should be as upset as the homeowner who re-financed their house based on having a job and getting to work in their car. The unregulated practice of money management has allowed people in the banking industry to decimate neighborhoods by:

1. Holding the notes to the property
2. Setting the bidding and asking prices in the commodities market on precious metals and various supplies.

Precious metals like copper wires, pipes, and lumber were great investment tools because you had an unlimited supply of goods in your inventory and set the prices too. As your former neighbor’s home was stripped for their parts, the scrap yards and commodities market were buzzing while your property value was dropping. This was a great plan if you had a vibrant economy in Michigan building Department of Defense products. Now that we don’t have that going anymore, we need to manufacture the green in America.

Returning to our agricultural roots will help restore the revenue in Michigan and America. Michigan Democrats led by State Representative George Cushingberry Jr. will do just that. On the agenda of the House of appropriations committee is to develop, create, and implement programs that will treat urban farming as a health concern. This is part of his plan for Detroit and Michigan to reduce the level of Diabetes in our communities. This program will help people feed themselves and the raise property values in the neighborhood. We will support the concept of Eastern Market in Detroit and the various fresh and healthy foods that it provides to the people of the State.

On a Statewide basis restoring homes and financial stability in Michigan is a priority. By Manufacturing Green products using industrial hemp, celloustic ethanol, and other Bio-proper goods will restore the revenue to our state. For instance, by growing Hemp products like Hemp Crete (click here),a type of concrete made from Industrial Hemp, every home that is taken down in the neighborhood will be rebuilt using this product. Displaced residents of a city will have the right of first return to their homeland. By establishing this rule, a decimated neighborhood would have the ability to recover from the depression.

For empty lots, neighbors will be encouraged to grow allowable plant projects in a secured and locked manner. Security could range from a dog in the yard to paying kids in the neighborhood to grow and watch the lot. Police and Fire personnel can divert their legal and physical resources to maintain quality products and keep people safe and healthy.

Starting in the farmlands and urban areas of Michigan, this bio-revolution would be a substantial addition to the commodities market just like petroleum, food, clothing, and other products. With the change in leadership in Washington, Michigan will prosper again with help and development in various areas of agriculture and manufacturing. Rep. Cushingberry’s committee will look funding programs that will assist homeowners with the selection of an affordable home, if they cannot afford the one that they are in now.

For people who have a job and income, they will have the ability to petition the court to modify their mortgage so that their home payment does not exceed %31 percent of their income. For lifelong residents of Michigan, a graduated scale for property tax will be created so that if you own a home in Michigan for over 40 years, your property tax will be reduced by %60. If you own your home for 50 years or more your property tax is eliminated and you pay a $25.00 Proud Resident Fee to your county treasurer.

The investors that owned these properties have given the neighborhoods a low rate of return in the form of property devaluation through deflation and benign neglect. The Obama Administration must step in with a stimulus to repair these homes by creating carpentry, and other construction jobs staffed with people who live in the same community. The people will be swinging hammers instead of slinging bullets. If they want to keep their guns then they will be a part of a new Harriet Tubman Firearm Safety Corps in partnership with the NRA and Law Enforcement agencies at the State, County and Local Police Levels.

Teachers will have jobs because students will be attending schools and using City Services that are maintained by the residents who live there. Rep Cushingberry in a bi-partisan effort will be a soldier with a mission to help the community prosper and provide a Stimulus from Lansing. When this happens then and only until then, all of the people will profit from the loss.

I hope the President is listening and reading this too because we need the money…

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