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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Save the Date Feb. 27th 2018 - Voter Education and Registration Drive

By George Cushingberry Jr. - Executive Director  NW. Detroit Leadership Council

Tribute to Autoworkers
Elks Club
50 Manchester
Highland Park MI 48203
Tuesday, February 27, 2018 @ 5:30pm

Quoting George Cushingberry 
"I am proud of my family, friends, and freedom fighters that have given our area great roots in manufacturing."

George Cushingberry Jr. Executive director of NORTHWEST DETROIT LEADERSHIP COUNCIL has announced a voter registration and education program  to honor Black pioneers in he Automobile industry.  Anyone who worked in the Highland Park Plant are especially welcome to attend.  Free dinner for senior citizens will be available 

Highland Park Michigan was the epicenter of the Automobile Industry and modern transportation.  The first paved road in America evolved because of work that was done here. Ford Motor Company  would  not exist today because of the Model-T manufacturing. George and friends will be there to film testimony for the record. The old Ford Building is a historical gem that must be preserved and re-purposed for 21st century use.

Voting is Power, Register AND Vote  

George Cushingberry Jr. and friends are reminding everyone to register and vote because when you have the right information, your vote is a decision on the direction of the quality of life, health, and pursuit of happiness in our community  

Sponsored by the Northwest Detroit Leadership Council    
16211 LaSalle   
Detroit MI 48221
Phone (313) 307-8733               

Donations welcome

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