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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Starting A Marijuana Business in the City Of Detroit - Green Jobs and Opportunity for All

By  Richard C. Clement  - Marijuana Policy Consultant  - CSystems

With a loud voice from the community, the City of Detroit will begin taking applications from the City Marijuana Facilities Website as soon as possible.  Under the leadership of Chief Information Officer Beth Niblock, the task will be accomplished promptly. Until then potential applicants shall immediately file with the State of Michigan for a License to Operate.  For a $6000 filing fee, you will be assured a spot in line for the City of Detroit Opt-In process.

Until then, concerned citizens and potential business owners are cordially encouraged to contact the Office of Mayor Mike Duggan and, the nine members of the Detroit City Council to support their Information Technology department staff to get it done much earlier than June 15th.

The City law department does not have any legal grounds to impede this process because, Judge Robert Colombo vacated the restraining order from VK Holdings LLC on January 4th, 2018. This lawsuit is a failed attempt to wait on the announcement from Attorney General Jeff Sessions to restart the war on weed. The old ordinance was created by a few special interest groups who want to squeeze other applicants out by outrageous rules and regulations. 
To save the taxpayers of Detroit time and money in legal fees and, re-direct some of the funding for technology support,  the Board Of Zoning Appeals and BSEED will go through the list of addresses that were rejected under the new ordinance and provide leave of appeal to affected business owners under the new ordinance.

Detroit City Clerk Janice Winfrey will work for weed.

If you are desiring to get into the Marijuana business in Detroit this is what you need to do:

We want to thank Attorney Michael D. Stein (Website for his due diligence on the legal side of this effort and, if you have an attorney now,  they need to get to work on your behalf. As of this writing, at least 15 current and potential owners have filed a lawsuit against the City of Detroit Law and Information Technology department in Wayne County Circuit Court for insubordination.  One hour of time spent by a computer programmer analyst on the website will save the taxpayers lots of money and help generate jobs.

Call the City of Detroit Today!

Contact Website of Information:

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