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Monday, October 5, 2015

Statement on the Flint Michigan Water Crisis

by Friends of  Councilmember Pro-Tem George Cushingberry Jr.

We strongly encouraging US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, US Attorney Barbara McQuade, and Attorney General Bill Schuette to intervene on behalf of the Citizens of Flint Michigan with, a court order to immediately switch the water supply back to the Detroit Water and Sewer Department (DWSD). 

This conduct is an extreme threat to the health and quality of life for the citizens, especially the children.  

The switch to pump water from the Flint River is an act of negligence and, will cost the State of Michigan millions in lawsuit settlements for health reasons. Therefore we are strongly encouraging State and Federal officials to investigate, repair the water quality, and prosecute possible wrongdoing on the people of Flint Michigan.

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Anonymous said...

The Emergency Manager concept is a complete failure and, persons involved should be serving time with Kwame Kilpatrick in the same Correctional facility. Save the Children in the Detroit Public Schools and Flint! - Good Stuff on the Internet