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Monday, October 26, 2015

Field Report: The Protest on Livernois and Outer Drive on Thursday October 22, 2015 @ 9PM

by Richard C. Clement

The protest by the New Era Detroit organization on Livernois and Outer Drive that blocked traffic was handled by the wisdom of the elders in the crowd and the presence of  officers from the Detroit Police 12th precinct. We are extremely glad that things turned out well.  Shout out to Keith Williams, and State Rep Latoya Garrett who appeared and listened to the protesters.  While the message of supporting black businesses  was valid, blocking the street preventing customers from getting to the businesses that the black people own hurt their cause. Places like Kuzzos and Baker Keyboard lost customers because of their street blockage and was counter to the message that they wanted to send. Order was restored when the protesters started to sit down and talk instead of cursing and aggressiveness. 

We hope that some of them changed their mind on the importance of voting and how to deal with the problem of gerrymandering.  It is the gerrymandering of districts that create the voter disenfranchisement and, gives the young an illusion that their vote does not count.  By selecting large tracts of land  a political party winning an election in a Census year can draw new district lines and shape policies for the next 10 years.  The result of this effect is a gridlock situation where nothing gets done and the neighborhoods are not represented fairly in Lansing and Washington. You get laws passed that will only benefit the few at the expense of the majority of the people.

Making a law referendum proof by preventing the voters from deciding what the people want is a form of voter fraud at the legislative level.  Legislative Voter Fraud takes your takes your voice away from making changes in the process against the majority of the people. To change that you have to register to vote, sign a petition, and vote the change into law.  Laws like a declaring a misdemeanor for making a  referendum proof law against the will of the people can be handled by a ballot initiative signed by registered voters asking for their voice with their vote.

In a football game ever play run does not go for an instant touchdown. Therefore this is going to be a ground game all the way to 2020 of voting in every election. You also have to support the ballot initiative for a non-partisan commission to pick the districts at the Congressional, State, Local, and County level to get a true representation of a community.  By voting this into law, you will end the gridlock that goes on in Lansing and Washington and get a true representation of your neighborhood at the State and US Capitol.

Change is coming but it takes time.  Vote anyway.

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