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Monday, November 9, 2015

Notice of Public Meeting 11/16/15 - Citizens for Sensible Cannabis Reform

by Richard C. Clement

An informational meeting regarding the City of Detroit’s new Marijuana laws will be held on November 16, 2015 at 7pm at the Northwest Activities Center. This meeting is sponsored by Citizens for Sensible Cannabis Reform to address the provisions of the new ordinance that are totally contrary to the will of people.   If no action is taken, this Ordinance will be implemented with immediate effect.  All owners will be served a notice to cease and desist from doing business and, be given 30 days to shut down. However, if a people inspired ballot initiative to repeal the objections in the ordinance is signed by 5000 people, the ordinance will be suspended until a vote of the citizens is taken in the next general election.  This process will also enable you to add things you want as a citizen with the ballot language.

We invite you to come to this meeting to be informed and enlightened about the many benefits of licensing and managing products from the Cannabis plant that will create jobs.  On WHCB1200AM Detroit, with Midred Gaddis, a caller said that Churches don’t create jobs.  This is not true because a lot of the Churches do a lot of excellent work in rebuilding homes.  With the removal of the 1000ft barrier, material like drywall, concrete and, an entire home can built with the plant.  This includes the buildings that are occupied by cannabis entrepreneurs who pay property taxes and pay utility bills.  

We want new business owners to respect the new neighbors by doing a community benefits agreements with the neighborhoods to UPGRADE the quality of life in the City of Detroit.  Urban gardening would benefit young and old alike because would learn how to grow food, medicine, and agriculture properly. Detroit Citizens are some of the best urban gardeners in the world who made the City much better because they take the time to do it right!

So if you want to have your voice truly heard regarding sensible Cannabis laws, please make plans to attend this meeting.

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