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Monday, November 16, 2015

PSA Today: Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment Period starts Now Until Dec 15th 2015.

    This is a Public Service Message from Councilmember Pro-Tem George Cushingberry Jr.

    From now until December 16, 2015,  you are strongly encouraged to sigh up for health care coverage through the website.  Don’t believe the crap you hear in the news about  the Act because it works.  If you think we are trying to pull some bull on you, just ask the legendary Bass Master of Detroit and District 2 constituent  Edward “T-Money” Green who recently went to the hospital for a life threatening growth on his leg. From a simple scratch and by being a diabetic, his leg swelled up as big as the size of two footballs. After life saving surgery at Henry Ford Hospital, the bill was entirely covered. He sincerely thanks President Barack Obama for doing the right thing when he said that every American will have health insurance like other nations do for their people.  If you need assistance with enrolling into the plan, please call our office because we have a dedicated staff member, Sheree McLaughlin who is a navigator and has valuable information on how to get assistance in getting health insurance. To make an appointment with her please call our office at 313 224-4535. 

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