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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Elections Canada 2015 - We Endorse Justin Tredeau for Canada's Next Prime Minister

By Richard Clement

Vote Canada Oct. 19th
On October 19th, our friends across the Detroit River will be selecting a  new Prime Minister and, we hope they select Justin Tredeau. Justin's father was Piere Elliot Tredeau one of Canada's most successful Prime Ministers(wiki definition Click Here). 

In 1969 he commissioned a study to decriminalize Marijuana so that people would not clog a corrections systems with small time drug offenders(click Here for Toronto Star News)

He also was a statesman because he could get along with everybody and treated people with respect. He is a change agent and, will be a good person for the Canadian people because of  his progressive stance on ending the War on Drugs against people.  He will spur better trade between the United States and, Canada through Detroit.  He will solve the differences with the Moroun's on the riverfront and, allow a creative repayment plan for the loan for the bridge by using Industrial Hemp as a commodity to retire the debt. (Click Here On Howe to Pay For A New Bridge)

We hope that the Canadian people  Elect Justin Tredeau, as Canada's next Prime Minister.

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