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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What Does It Take to Make a Great City? 3D Home Printing

by Richard C. Clement

Currently, there are large tracts of land in the City that can support the development of neighborhoods ranging from moderate homes for homeless veterans, all the way to exclusive homes that would rival the ones in Palmer Woods in District 2. 

To help with re-purposing the land, 3D Printer technology may have to be implemented. Using a computer, all someone needs to do is to draw the house on the computer, and once everything is looking good on paper clicks on the OK button. The technology uses basic math with the X, Y, and Z coordinates, connected to a machine with a nozzle at the end.  The pumping mechanism pours the dimensions of the home in layers until completed.  To pour the plumbing, the mixing compound would be changed to make pipe and other parts.

Mixing materials composed from Industrial Hemp byproducts like concrete and other material will be able to create parts for a home like a plastic tube for water and hemp-Crete for sewer pipes. Entire tracts of land would be “reprinted” or, a custom made home printed to specification on a single lot in a neighborhood. Click Here to see a machine in China that can print up to 10 homes a day using 3D Technology.

We have the talent right here in the City as demonstrated by the 3D Musical Artists Onyx Ashanti ( who is rooted in the heart of Detroit. Mr. Ashanti is a prime example of the talent in our City of Detroit. An artist that prints his own musical instruments using 3D technology, he has soundly rejected the ideology of some in Corporate America that cannot find the talent in the urban cities, especially the Detroit Public Schools.


As long as you are outside the walls of a correctional institution and, have no intentions of going back if you have been there, opportunity is available to learn how to do something to add to the overall quality of life in the city. As long as you have an Android or IPhone and can figure out how to use 50% or more of the features on it, you can be trained to do any job in technology.

All it takes is a mentor and opportunity to contribute to the quality of life, entrepreneurship may be the way to go. You may have to work a few jobs to sustain yourself in the beginning, but when you reach your goal of success (as defined by you) your mind will be at peace.

So if you like to draw, a 3D home design may be a career for you to pursue. Work from anywhere at any time as long as you put in your hours at the agreed rate of pay, you will do fine.

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