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Monday, October 26, 2015

Notice of Public Meeting 11/10/2015 Michigan State Fairgrounds and The Magic Plan

by Richard C. Clement

This MEETING IS CANCELED as of 11/09/15

Meet the developers and view the plans for the new Michigan State Fairgrounds by Entrepreneur Earvin  “Magic” Johnson and the Magic Plus Group at this meeting that is open to the public. The development of this area will create jobs and opportunity for many Detroiters old and new. This area will have a movie theater, new homes, and a theater complex that will add to the revitalization of our neighborhood.

Site Plan - State Fairground
This area is in a strategic location in the region for a large transit hub that would handle east west transportation via M1 Rail or High speed bus. Directions from Grosse Point to Wixom, Detroit to Pontiac, and Nationwide Amtrak services with connections to New York, Toronto, Chicago, Ohio and other destinations that can be reached from this location.   Group Member Marvin Beatty is a lifelong Detroit resident that is fully committed to the city and is committed to the hiring dedicated Detroit residents who want a job.

 If you want to see positive change and have knowledge in the future of Detroit, please show your support and gratitude for plan by attending this meeting. There is room for public comment of up to 2:00 minutes.


Jim Casha said...

Michigan ranks last in laws on ethics, transparency - Like the Fairgrounds 'deal'???

Jim Casha said...

James Casha ·
University of Detroit

Wow. This explains why Snyder's Chief of Staff was able to 'steer' the 'proposed transfer' (it ain't a done deal yet!) of the 163 acre MI State Fairgrounds to his friend, Lansing developer (?) Joel Ferguson. You know, the guy who wasted $75 million of your money when 'someone' steered the contract for a new State Police Headquarters to him ...that the MSP are now moving out of. Maybe it's the same guy who steered the new Senate office building deal to Ron Boji for millions more than it's worth Could this be the real reason Snyder's Chief of Staff is 'resigning'?????

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Anonymous said...

Jim Casha is full of shit - Good Stuff on the Internet