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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Screen Out The Elrick Blitz With Your Vote Today - Say NO to Adam Hollier

The Committee To Elect George Cushingberry Jr. State Senator District 2 
Press Release

There is good news for supporters of Marijuana reform this week. Signature collectors in Highland Park Michigan gathered 1343 signatures to allow the city to opt into State Marijuana law. Highland Park has 8553 registered voters and 10% or 853 valid signatures were needed to get the job done.  The City Council has two choices, either adapt the proposal as is on August 14th, or, let the people decide at the ballot box on November 6th.

If you need your grow wired right for you,
Just hire a member of the I.B.E.W!
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In Hamtramck city leaders met with entrepreneurs who want to open facilities in the city. At the time of this writing, citizens were receptive and very supportive but no action was taken. In order to be on the November ballot a citizen petition initiative would have needed to be turned in by July 31st, 4pm to the City Clerk.

As the Senate race in District 2 winds down, I am reviewing all of the mailings that I received from the candidates. It is very true that candidates are being sponsored by people who do not have our best interests at heart.  The most offensive one was from a paid progressive candidate from Hamtramck who told the voters to “Stop Reading” and “Start Changing” using news clips from mainstream media.  There is a difference between being progressive and being young and stupid. How dare a candidate tell people to stop reading with the massive low comprehension rate among our citizenry? Over 50% of applicants to jobs are rejected because they cannot read nor write. Shame on you Abrham Aiyash! 

This progressive aggressive campaign plan is fraught with people running who would rather read a tweet than a book for knowledge. Reality show politics does not cut it when you have to make and design policy that will benefit everyone.  

              List of Accomplishments / What Has Cush Done? / What Can Cush Do?

If you cast your vote for George Cushingberry,  on August 7th,  he promises that on the next day, he will introduce legislation declaring City Airport as a Historic District. This law will generate needed revenue with new and improved runways, commercial air service, and a flight training school. When it is all combined this project will bring more revenue than the current 75 marijuana provisioning centers in the City of Detroit.

What has George Cushingberry Jr. Done?
Detroit City Airport Historic District
Coleman S. Young International Airport
Mt. Elliot Employment District

The insurance industry auto rates are one of the main reasons people are leaving the scene of an accident, or not stopping for hit and run victims. Now they want to present a slate of candidates to cover their tracks if elected. Their policies in Lansing have contributed to the poverty of our citizens. People cannot get licenses and they drive without them and just forget about the insurance.  We are turning our police departments into insurance collection agents when people need to get back and forth to work. 

What has George Cushingberry Jr  Done for the people?
In 2014, Saved the city $20,000 month in costs by stopping the payments to a software company charging the Detroit Fire Department for software that did not work. Code Red was Code Wrong and a payoff for the Bing/Hollier administration

If you give George Cushingberry the chance to be your Senator, common sense insurance rates and regulation with a strong Attorney General fighting for the people will be the order of the day. George will stabilize inconsistent rates statewide. Red lines belong on Ice Hockey rinks instead of neighborhoods.

Given the rejection by Oakland and Macomb Counties on regional transit, one way to solve this problem is through a state and federal massive public works infrastructure project. This comprehensive project will  replace the sewers, water and, build a regional rail system that connects to Amtrak and VIA railroad in Canada.  This will create lots of jobs and money recirculating back into the community. A good example is the sewer separation in Lansing Michigan that created better roads after the new pipes were laid down. With the current occupant of the Office of the President of the United States, this will never happen.

Stop the game plan of the KKK,
Stop the plan of Hollea,
gitcho souls to the polls, and vote TODAY!

A vote for Adam Hollier is a quick return to the failed Educational Achievement Authority that operated as a criminal business enterprise upon the Detroit Public School System.

The victims of the crime are the Children and the integrity of public education. From the first chancellor to principals of schools, the supporters of Hollier’s candidacy are counting on people not reading to finish the job they started on looting public education.  Just look at the great work they did with our schools like Benjamin O. Davis Aviation academy and Palmer Park (aka Hampton JR High School). The financial damage inflicted upon the Detroit Public School District by these emergency managers is inexcusable and the violators should be prosecuted. Hopefully our next Attorney General Dana Nessel can work on the Detroit School Board to restore the integrity to education. 

Website: Educational Acheivement Authority Exposed - Bogus Software and lavish spending - Detroit Metro Times

As for voting for Brian Banks, c’mon man!  The 2nd coming of Virgil Smith is running an expensive campaign that if he got elected, we would be without representation again because he would have to resign again because of looming legal problems of a life in prison for being a habitual offender if convicted again. It is clear that the insurance industry lobby is sponsoring him to divide the vote like last time.

Don't Get Confused by Watching Fox News.

This is no time to experiment with another bunch young so called progressive rookies endorsed by endless money of television commercials, mailings, bulletin boards and dazzling websites, sponsored by groups that do not have the people’s best interest at heart. Voting for Hollier, is another vote for the plan of the KKK. They support Aiyash because he does not want you to read and, Banks is sponsored by people that know he will be legal trouble again forcing him to resign or go to jail for life. We do not need a repeat of the Virgil Smith fiasco and the sexual harassment blitz sponsored by alt-right Fox News network. The City of Detroit will protect the taxpayers from frivolous lawsuits. We don't need a make work program for lawyers, we need a make work program for our infrastructure.

Cleaning house in Lansing means is done by showing up to vote in person TODAY at your City Clerk's office or on Election Day at your polling place (Find your Polling Place HERE):

Wayne County Community College

If you want donate GREEN MONEY to the campaign of George Cushingberry Jr, please do so at our website

George Cushingberry Jr. Stands for:  
  • Promoting Reading Literacy Education Reform
    • Literacy will reduce poverty!
  • Common Sense Insurance Rates for Auto, Home, and Health Care Co-Pays for retirees
  • Removing the Retirement Tax on Pensions for Retirees, especially City of Detroit Employees
  • Marijuana Entrepreneurship with expungement of all criminal convictions.
On Tuesday August 7th, Elect George Cushingberry Jr. State Senator 
The man for you in District 2

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