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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Congratulations to Adam Hollier and Kicking Some Schuette Booty in November

By Richard Clement - The Committee To Elect George Cushingberry Jr.

After all is said and done, we want to thank everyone who voted for George Cushingberry Jr, in the Democratic race for Senate in District 2.  Although the result we wanted did not come out in our favor, it will be up to George Cushingberry Jr to determine the next move in politics. 

We also want to congratulate Adam Hollier on his victory and we hope the young man does well.  We wish him success in lowering insurance rates, reinvesting into Detroit City Airport, and stopping the attacks on the Detroit Public Schools.  This includes fixing the damn roads and legalizing marijuana.

When you come in 7th place, if anybody showed up that supported marijuana in this August election did not vote for us. That was a loud and clear message to the campaign. We are glad that our program to turn up the turnout was a success. More people than ever came out to vote in the August primary in a long time and that is a great thing. This election cycle shows that organization beats money sometimes.  This election was a well organized a** whupping of poli-tricks and mudslinging. 

The result of all the tactics used such as a well-timed filing of a lawsuit was a dismissal by a Federal Judge of all sexual harassment charges against the City of Detroit days before the election. After further review of all the evidence presented by both sides, the City of Detroit was protected from a frivolous lawsuit. The facts reveal that after being terminated in January of 2017 for cause, the suit was filed in 2018 with the full intent of thwarting George Cushingberry’s campaign to the Michigan Senate. The mutually assured destruction game plan was a success because both George Cushingberry and accuser Cleo Wiley lost.

Mission accomplished. 

Zero Sum Game

Make sure you show up to vote in the November General Election starting September 25th, until Tuesday November 6th, 7:59pm.  A vote for Gretchen Whitmer is a vote against racial profiling and a rejection of Bill Schuette’s divide and conquer politics. All white females are not the same and Gretchen Whitmer is not Jennifer Granholm!  We need to build more bridges of unity instead of walls of separation.

Elect Dana Nessel - Attorney General 

Transparency in State Government is non-existent and, a massive open government task force must be assembled to right the wrongs of the past. Electing Dana Nessel as the next  Attorney General will give her the opportunity to investigate the insurance industry and, the bankruptcy filings for financial fraud.

I am glad that this is over with and will take some time (not much) to figure out the next moves. At this time options are being considered for the future by George Cushingberry Jr in politics and business.

Thank you for your support.
Sincerely, Richard C. Clement – The Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr.

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