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Sunday, August 5, 2018

City of Detroit Supports George Cushingberry Jr! He is Going On Offense With Endorsements!

By The Committee to Elect George Cushingberry Jr.

#WeToo are Voting For George Cushingberry Jr.
We support the Detroit City Airport Historical District Plan..  #FreeKDET

It is with great pleasure to report that the City of Detroit is standing behind former Detroit City Councilmember President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. He will not need to hire a private lawyer to defend himself against frivolous charges. After further review of all evidence, Corporation Council Lawrence Garcia filed a response brief with the Court in late July, dismissing the claims of the accuser Cleo Wiley Hale as an abuse of the sexual harassment #MeToo movement. 

Endorsed and supported by the Cannabis Community  #VoteForCush

Strong evidence shows that she maliciously worked to sabotage the re-election campaign of George Cushingberry on behalf of other candidates and, is actively doing it again. She was responsible for the election of Virgil Smith,Roy McCalister and is currently working on the behalf of Adam Hollier. All for personal gain off the backs of Detroit taxpayers, former spouses and, others that are closely involved with her.

Adam and Scott are totally against pot!
Especially in Highland Park and Hamtramck
 Vote for George Cushingberry Tuesday Aug 7th and November 6th.

We are fully expecting representatives from the female Sexual Harassment Golddiggers Union sponsored by "Progressives" PAC money to step up and attack our city in the next few hours in the information warfare world.  Just don't let them date any of your brothers, uncles, or any other male in your family. Just let Uncle Pookie,  Cousin Mike, your son or, brother come home all dinged up behind some drama, then it is a different ballgame.

The best defense of the people's money is to go on offense and cast your vote for George Cushingberry as your next State Senator.  It is your job to fight back in the information war by showing up and voting for candidates who have the best interests of the people at heart.

We endorse the use of green energy like Hemp to combat climate change
Push With Cushingberry for the Environment
Thank you Sierra Club!!!
To find out what he has done for the City of Detroit perform the following tasks.

1.  Go to the website
2.  At the top of the page enter Cushingberry
3.  Click the magnifying glass and Read to get the information you need.
4.  If you are satisfied, then go to step 6 otherwise go to step 5.
5. Go to Step 2
6. End process.

Holistic Medicine Dr. Margret Betts is Pushing for Cushingberry

Just like he did before, during, and after any crisis George Cushingberry Jr will guide us through the storms of controversy.  Red lines belong on a hockey rink instead of a city for insurance rates and, the way to change that is to:

1.   Elect George Cushingberry as State Senator
2.   Elect Dana Nessel as your Attorney General
3.   Elect Gretchen Whitmer as your Governor


If you give George Cushingberry the opportunity to work for you with your vote, the following things will happen the next day. He will introduce legislation to:

1.  Restore educational integrity by promoting literacy, virtual education with strict oversight
2.  Authorize the Attorney General to investigate the insurance industry for their damage to our economy with outrageous insurance rates. Statewide flat rate reform NOW!!!!!
3.  Restore losses to retirees by removing the pension tax, and use collective bargaining to allow unions to cover Medical Marijuana as a treatment to lower health care costs.
4.  Declare the Detroit City Airport as a Historical District and re-investment into airport upgrades with increased landing fees, new runways and a drag strip for the automobile buffs.
5.  Prosecution of all responsible for the Flint Water massacre to save a few bucks on the backs of the citizens of Flint MI.

George Cushingberry Jr, has clear proposals to Improve Michigan. 
On Tuesday August 7th, Elect George Cushingberry Jr  the man for you in District 2.

Thank you...

Local 625 -  Supports Holistic Medicine

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