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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Make Detroit Public Schools Great Again by Removing State Oversight with a Federal Court Order

By Friends of Cushingberry

     If you were a manager of a business that has over 8 years of losses and you keep going to the banks for more loan money, pretty soon the bank will want their money back. This is common in business to have banks repossess property to recover their assets.  In the case of the Detroit Public Schools and public education, the bank is being managed by people who are not acting in the best interests of the shareholders.
“Burger King Franchises are run better than DPS Emergency Managers from the State of Michigan" - A customer at the Burger King in District 2 on Livernois Ave and Florence Street 48221.
     The recent actions by legislators in Lansing regarding the creation of a debt free district and leaving the old one with a massive debt should inspire children to grow up to be auditors, accountants, lawyers, and Information Technology specialists. DPS math teachers are strongly encouraged to train their children how to use math to insure that justice will prevail when it comes to the legacy investment in our future.

       To allow the dumbing down of our students by hiring un-certified teachers, moving classes to buildings that are inaccessible to the local community, and using only test scores as a measuring standard to move money is detrimental to the learning environment.  Detroit taxpayers have given their hard earned money to consultants, closed buildings, and the wild, west of education in the name of charter schools.  There will be more charter schools than Medical Marijuana Caregiver Centers with NO accountability. There is more regulation on Marijuana related businesses than charter schools. The Detroit Education Commission is necessary and will serve as a watchdog for the people for questionable practices with taxpayer’s money.

       The looting of Detroiters through its school system is deplorable and in some cases prosecute-able by Federal law and it must stop. Make sure you vote in August and November for candidates who are committed to change and defending the children of Detroit from financial Ponzi Schemes that has brought results like the Flint Water Crisis, and the blatant sabotaging of public education by special interests.  The only difference is the head poisoning from Micihgan Department of  Education and the Lead Poison from Michigan Department of Environmental Quality with the same damaging effects.

Before President Obama leaves office, the children of Detroit are asking that organizations like the Security and Exchange Commission and, the FBI investigate where all the money went when Dr. Robert Bobb started his job as the Emergency Manager and, all of his successors. The children are asking where is the Court Order from a Federal Judge suspending the duties of all Emergency Managers in Michigan until a complete and forensic audit of the entire budget of Public Education has been thoroughly reviewed.  If criminal prosecution is warranted, then let it rip on Darnell Early and, anybody else who stole from the children for their own personal gain.

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Sbanicki said...

Stephen Henderson, with the Detroit Free Press, and Kevyn Orr, Detroit’s Emergency Manager and now a Partner with the law firm Jones Day,, were guest on a segment of OnPoint Radio. Here is the podcast if you wish to listen. Both Henderson and Orr stated the city's bankruptcy was a success and Detroit is much better off as a result. I agree the bankruptcy was needed but the way in which it was implemented was not the best alternative and therefore its success is questionable. Success should be measured by more than how quick the municipality was removed from bankruptcy.

Henderson stated, " the bankruptcy saved us from a financial disaster and left more money for us to provide services". Henderson went on to say that “Orr knows how to maximize the potential for his clients”.

Kevyn Orr stated the purpose of bankruptcy was to “preserve value, stabilize the patient and rationalize the balance sheet.”

Both Henderson and Orr are correct that putting Detroit into bankruptcy was the right thing to do. However, the route that was chosen was not the best alternative to “preserve value and rationalize the balance sheet.” Needlessly giving away billions of dollars of assets owned by the city for pennies on the dollar is tantamount to saving the present by surrendering the future. ... - Good Stuff on the Internet