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Monday, May 23, 2016

An Afternoon Tribute To 33 Years of Public Service by Mr.George Cushingberry Jr.

by The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.

The Management of Riverside Marina invites you to join us to honor President Pro Tem George Cushingberry Jr. for 33 years of public service to the City of Detroit on Thursday May 26, 2016 at the Riverside Marina located at 11000 Freud St. Detroit MI, 48214 from 5 to 8pm EDT.

Your monetary donation is your ticket to attend.

Sponsor Level Donations 

From Lansing to Detroit Mr. Cushingberry has used his time, knowledge and, love for the wellbeing of a fellow human being to shape polices that have benefited many people. Youth programs like the Richard H. Austin essay contest challenges young people to write out their thoughts and ideas in a concentrated essay to bring out the best in our youth.

Mr. Cushingberry was a driving force in upgrading the technology use for the City of Detroit, especially the Detroit Fire Department.  Before he got there, City Departments were running Windows 3.1 and XP as a primary operating system. The fire department’s computer system was a piece of rented junk software. Now they are running of the latest operating systems and Engine 44 has brand new doors!

Mr. Cushingberry’s strong relationship with GOD has driven him to the ministry. Currently he is the associate pastor at The Northwest Unity Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit Michigan where he has helped the community since 1957.

Mr. Cushingberry’s knowledge in the legal arena is providing a watchful eye of the monetary practices and procedures of the City of Detroit. From forensic audits to sound financial planning is the only way to rebuild the city because, if you have any plans, you need to have your financials in order.

Your donations will continue the existence of programs like the Richard H. Austin Essay Contest and other community events with Mr. Cushingberry's support.

Sponsored by The Committee to Re-Elect George Cushingberry Jr.
13228 Mitchell
Detroit, MI 48212

Corporate Checks Payable To Northwest Detroit Leadership Campaign
Benjamin Drummer Treasurer   (313) 333-3444

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