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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2016 Residential Street Repair in District 2 by Street Name and Boundaries

by The Friends of George Cushingberry Jr.

       To request any of the listed services below, please call (313) 224-0033.

  • Maintenance / Repair Operations
  • Snow & Ice Operations
  • Street Sweeping
  • Resurfacing Operations
The following list is for the City of Detroit construction projects on the streets and major roads in District 2 for 2016. If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact the Department of Public Works at (313) 224-0033

Residential Streets:

Street NameBoundaries
Birwood Dead End/Pembroke
Birwood Eight Mile/Dead End (N)
Cambridge (Conc) Livernois/San Juan
Cherrylawn (Conc) W. Outer Dr./Dead End (N)
Clarita James Couzens/Schaefer
Curtis Southfield/Grandville
Ferguson Puritan/Fenkell
Harlow Puritan/McNichols
Indiana Marygrove/Florence
Indiana Seven Mile/W. Outer Dr.
Kentucky Margareta/Clarita
Lesure Curtis/James Couzens
Lesure (Conc) James Couzens/W. Seven Mile
Manor (Asp) Cambridge/St. Martins
Norfolk Lichfield/Briarcliff
Norfolk Livernoise/Monica
Norfolk Prairie/San Juan
Norfolk Renfrew/Dead End (W. of Stratford)
Northlawn (Conc) Eight Mile/Pembroke
Northlawn (Conc) W. Outer Dr./Dead End (N)
Northlawn (Conc) St. Martins (N)/St. Martins (S)
Parkside Seven Mile/Cambridge
Picadilly Eight Mile/Chippewa
Pickford Prairie/Wyoming
Pickford Santa Rosa/Monica
Pinehurst (Wpa/Asp) Pembroke/W. Outer Dr.
Prairie (Conc) . Pembroke/W. Outer Dr
San Juan (Conc) . Pembroke/W. Outer Dr
Santa Barbara Pembroke/W. Outer Dr.
Sorrento (Conc) Pembroke/W. Outer Dr.
Sorrento (Wpa) Seven Mile/W. Outer Dr.
Stansbury Vassar/Seven Mile
Steel (Wpa) Seven Mile/W. Outer Dr.
Stoepel (Conc) W. Outer Dr./Cambridge
Stoepel (Conc) Pembroke/W. Outer Dr.
Stratford Pembroke/Canterbury
Tracey (Conc) Pickford/W. Outer Dr.
Ward Pembroke/W. Outer Dr.
Wildemere McNichols/Florence
Winthrop Seven Mile/Dead End (S)
Wisconsin McNichols/Curtis
Woodingham Pembroke/W. Outer Dr.

Major Streets

Street NameBoundaries
John R  7 Mile/8Mile
Curtis Wyoming/Meyers

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