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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Field Report - The Gordie Howe International Bridge Project Site Plan Review from District 2

By Richard C. Clement  - Friends of Cushingberry

In a meeting with Project Leader Timothy Miles of the DetroitEconomic Growth Corporation and Malik Goodwin of Goodwin Management Group, we discussed the progress being made on the construction and completion of the new Gordie Howe International Bridge in Southwest Detroit. The area will be forever changed and, money will be invested into restoring Historic FT Wayne as a National landmark. A Request for Quote for construction was issued by the Windsor Detroit Bridge Authority who are the primary owners of the Bridge. The project is scheduled to start in 2017 and, be completed by the year 2020.  The Canadian Government is footing the entire bill at the tune of $2.5 billion dollars.  This loan is scheduled to be paid for in tolls over a 90 year period in 30 year increments.

       Coming very soon the formal request for jurisdiction of the land (Right of Way) will come before the Detroit City Council. This will enable the start of condemnation and preparing the area needed to build the bridge with Customs and a Toll Plaza for Cars and Trucks. With projects like this coming into the city, there should be a lot of opportunity for contractors to apply for these jobs and, getting a new career in the skilled trades if someone desires to. Therefore, it is imperative to elect people who will fight for workers who need jobs, can perform the duties of the job, and has the community’s best interest at heart. It is also important to have oversight over the contracts being let for this project.  If it takes a real time, online financial display of a summary balance sheet for public viewing of the project then so be it.

Windsor/Detroit Bridge Authority Org Chart

With this investment we can have our children swinging hammers on nails instead of on each other and going to jail.  The construction trades are awesome if you like to work with your hands and build things.  If there is any leftover cement, a new line of the people mover could be extended from Downtown to places like Motor City Casino all the way up the Lodge Freeway to Farmington Hills, Novi, and Wixom. After viewing the construction of the current Detroit People Mover, the raised rail along the Lodge is the way to go because it is not that difficult to build a raised rail line that rides OVER the road. The people in the Train can look at everybody stuck in traffic while they take their ride home or have to drive to work in the same direction. Councilmember Pro Tem Cushingberry is demanding that Detroit Residents get a fair shot at working on these types of projects.

Site Plan for Gordie Howe International Bridge
Detroit Side.

If we want this bridge paid for within our lifetime, then additional funding sources need to be considered.  The election of Prime Minister Justin Tredeau has changed the ballgame on Marijuana because on April 20th, 2017 recreational Marijuana will no longer be a crime. This will give an opportunity for settlement to the Ambassador Bridge Company by allowing Duty Free Cannabis sales on both sides of their Bridge with an exclusive contract between both countries. This action will allow the bridge owners to invest into replacing the 80+ year old span with a new one and pay for Gordie Howe Bridge with a one time exclusive license fee. Products imported and exported across the border made from Industrial Hemp will pay for the $2.5 billion dollar loan in 30 days instead of 90 years.  This would take one signed agreement between the Canadian Prime Minister and the President of the United States to allow trade across the border.

Otherwise we are encouraging citizens to stay abreast and be aware of opportunities for economic growth and stability with the construction of the new Gordie Howe Bridge.

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