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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Public Meeting with the Regional Transit Authority and Magic Plus Reps. June 23, 2016 @ 6pm

by The Friends of Cushingberry  

The Regional Transit Authority meetings will be holding public meetings on the master plan at various locations in the City. One of them will be on Thursday June 23rd, 2016 at the Northwest Activities Center 18100 Meyers Detroit, MI 48235 starting at 6pm. This project will create opportunity for jobs and new housing in Northwest Detroit. It is very important for Detroit residents to take notice and be a part of the solution for the future of the city.  Developers are already planning for the future now by redesigning neighborhoods and empty land like the old Michigan State Fairgrounds property. If you miss this meeting, this is the RTA Community Meetings Schedule Website Link: 

This development includes the Amtrak Rail Station as proposed by the Magic Plus/Redico LLC Development Group. This station will replace the facility on Milwaukee and Woodward which is handicapped unfriendly, and has poor access to trains.  Detroit residents should not have to travel to Dearborn to catch a long distance train to Ann Arbor, Chicago, or anywhere else. There will be state of the art Movie Theater with plush seating and reclining chairs to watch your movie.  The adjoining entertainment complex along with other major retailers and affordable housing will make this the hot spot of the City. 

Citizens will have easier access to rapid bus and light rail transportation. Southeastern Michigan along with the rest of the state is light years behind with regional and statewide transportation.  Large companies and corporations will be able to build the train cars, the rails, and build the system and employ lots of people doing new things.  One of the Big Three Automakers like Ford or GM will have to add an extra line in their plants to build rail cars.  Something like GM Bus and Rail Division with workers travelling back and forth from Detroit to Lansing, Grand Rapids and back.

Currently, The City of Detroit has over 11,000 vacant office buildings that were built for businesses that come and go frequently.  Therefore we do not need any more additional office space at the State Fairgrounds location. Dan Gilbert is doing very well in that area of office building construction. We need to build up the neighborhoods by fixing the one that we live in now in Northwest Detroit. The area of John R, Woodward from 8 mile to 6 mile, has a varying quality of life from elegant homes to squatters and heroin addicts roaming the street.  It is also a critical hub for omni-directional transportation at Woodward and 7 mile in Detroit.

The benefit to the community of this Regional Transit project is that it will provide for omni-directional transportation in Southeastern Michigan.  Detroit to Ann Arbor, Metro Airport, and back is very possible. This project must include an investment into educational institutions like Detroit Public Schools holding training programs.  Certified and qualified teachers will train students with help from Trade Union Apprentice programs that will construct homes, fix roads, and other building jobs when the project is finished. Co-Partners Earvin Johnson and Marvin Beatty has committed to hire and educate Detroit Public Schools young men and women to participate in this project.

Councilmember Pro-Tem Cushingberry and Magic Plus/Redico members are strongly recommending that you attend and find out what is going on.  

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