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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Take Back Detroit Public Schools by Firing Uncle Ben And Bringing Back Dr. Crockett Again - Vote Aug and Nov 2016

by The Friends of Cushingberry

Dr. Ethlyene Jones Crockett - Vocational High School
Currently named Ben Carson HS
It is time to take back our Detroit Public Schools from State Mis-Management and, organizations like the Educational Achievement Authority. One step to take is removing Dr. Ben Carson's name from the high school and restoring the name of Dr. Ethylene J. Crockett. This repossession action is mandated by Dr. Carson’s support from people who do not have Our City of Detroit in its best interest. State oversight has been an abysmal failure and, we support District 8 State Representative Sherry Gay-Dagnogo (D) Detroit, and her efforts to rectify the wrongs of this proven failed policy from Lansing.

Currently, this school has removed programs like carpentry, electronics, and other classes that created independent contractors from at-risk and, children that did not want to go to a 4 year college. Dr. Carson's legacy is similar to US Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas, whose application and interpretation of law is an embarrassment to the legal profession.  His lone no vote (7 to 1 to exonerate) to execute an African American despite overwhelming evidence of racial discrimination by prosecutors supports actor George Takei's claim to refer to this man as a black-face clown.
"The Nerd has laid a Turd on the children's education in Detroit" -  A District 2 resident having a drink at the Penthouse Lounge
These two men highlight the diversity of the lack of common sense from some African Americans. Dr. Carson is a great brain surgeon that has no business in politics. Clarence Thomas practices law like he was awarded his law degree at Donald Trump University. This and other actions like disrespecting Harriett Tubman has created a groundswell in support to revoke all of his Detroit street credentials by removing his name from the school. This conduct has spearheaded D.P.S. supporters to ask their State Legislators to introduce a bill in Lansing to restore Dr. Crockett's name to the High School and, rename a special ed project after Dr. Carson in because he is a graduate of Detroit Southwestern High School. 

Michigan's policy on using test scores is a ploy to loot the hardworking people of Detroit from their hard earned wages.  The same people who want to limit the number of Medical Marijuana facilities in the City of Detroit want to create more charter schools in Detroit with no limits at all. With the help of a few church pastors, this shell game of moving bey-bey's kids from a public school to a charter school has become an art form of profiteering off the backs of children and their parents.

Handicapped and special needs children are completely ignored by the charter school system and, schools of choice are being used for athletic purposes or, to get money for count day. The day after count day, the child is sent back to their home district in Detroit.

Therefore we are strongly urging D.P.S. alumni members, Detroit parents, teachers, and children to support the removal of Dr. Ben Carson's name from the vocational school and restoring it with Dr. Crockett's.

By any means necessary...

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